Vivosun Perpetual Grow Tent

Oops - sorry, I didn’t realize you already made the purchase.

So I plugged that duct fan into a dimmer outlet like this one:


While it allowed me to reduce the power/noise a modest amount, the fan cuts off if the power is reduced by more than 10-15%.

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I’ve got the same tent. I had to customize the separator to work for me, but it seems alright. Except for light leaks at the zippers


@Grease_Monkey im considering cutting a vent hole in mine so i can use my hood vent properly wich is sadly just barely too big for this tent. i like the divider. takes a bit or work to get it in place but leaves a lot of options open.


Welcome aboard nice set up
Good luck just need some seeds and a little dirt and your set


I had to bend mine over and use the shelf as a ceiling so I could have my fan and filter inside lol. If I’m ever not lazy I’m going to get rid of the divider and use thin plywood or somthing to make it more secure

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Hey grease monkey how did you fix the light leaks on your zipper on that tent cuz my tent has light leaks on the zipper too and I haven’t really thought of a good to fix it yet

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@Papalag seeds broke thru soil today!

@Grease_Monkey yea im worried i might have to put somthing for smell later… but i smoke in here all day and like the smell of weed.

@Zman682 I think i got lucky with my tent all good stitching only light leaks i can see so far is on some of the vent hole covers, but doesnt bother me.

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Lol I didnt… they arnt “horrible” just s glow around the zipper. It was good when I got it. Now not so much. But I’m too big to fit in the tent and see if light comes in so screw it…

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That’s the first step treat those babies with care

A carbon filter is a must for order control
There’s nothing stinkier then weed in flower

My first grow the whole neighborhood smelled you could follow it to my front door

There usually last a 18 months but I Chang’s them once a year I keep the old ones around just in case

There’s some great dyi filter project if that’s your thing

Also I’ve tried to re fill the old filters it’s a pain in the ass and the carbon is almost as expensive lol


That sounds awesome!
my current plan is to pump the smell into the attic… your thoughts?

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The smell still can get out through the attic vent
I’ve dried weed in my attic thoughts that the hight of the house and the smell vented out above the roof line would distribute the smell way above the house and the wind will carry it away lol :joy: the smell was blocks away

A cheap inline 6 in fan on amazon 30$ US dollars
A 60 $ filter is well worth the peace of mind


I have the same exact tent. I love it. I gave up on the divider though, just use the shelf for storage and seed starting. It is now my flowering tent. How did you get the divider to not leak light? The velcro drove me crazy haha!


Lots and lots and lots of duct tape lol… that’s why I want to replace it with plexi or plywood… then you’re not relying on velcro/tape to hold it up and keep it light proof


You have more patience than me haha! I just bought another small tent for veg. I am super pumped you got it to work though. It seems like the ideal setup!

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“A cheap inline 6 in fan on amazon 30$ US dollars
A 60 $ filter is well worth the peace of mind”

ok so i ordered a filter gonna try it outside the tent first

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That’s were mine lives outside the tent I run 3 small tents that way


Hold on bro, you still got a factor in your soil mix and pots. And any additional amendments. Oh and if you’re going to do a compost tea.

My recommendations:
Roots organics - original blend
Nature’s living soil amendment
Diatomaceous earth- natural pesticide especially fungus gnats
Biothrive as foliar spray
Hydrogen peroxide for seedlings

Boogie brew compost tea (plus air pump)
Watering can

Temperature controlled space heater
Smart plugs if you have a home system
A germination mat- seedlings prefer warmer
Pruning scissors


@Potsy holy crap!

ive already spent so much money on this setup. i probly cant afford all that fancy stuff just yet… maybe for my next strain if this one works.

Roots organics stuff looks great but its 45$ shipping. i simply cant afford to drop 100$ on dirt right now.

my seedlings are in this

i ordered this dirt cuz it was the only one with free shipping

my last grow in this room i brought a plant in from outside he was ravaged by spider mites… so ill keep htat diatomaceous earth in mind.

that biothrive stuff looks dank ill definatly get some of that soon.

wtf does rubbing alcohol have to do with seedlings???

whats molasses for again?

“boogie brew” so misting tea on ur dope helps now? plz explain more.
ima have to bite the bullet on a watering can sooner or later but this is all still coming at me very fast
u can put a space heater in a grow tent? sounds like a fire hazard.
i live in an extremely dry place i doubt i will need a dehumidifier
is there actually a germination mat u can buy? i saw a guy use a pencil case on this site with amazing results altho my girls popped fine on a dinner plate.
i have 1 shitty pair of scissors i use for everything. when im rich ill grab some cool plant shears.

thankyou for giving me a lot to think about potsy. ill have to check out some of your grows later.


Bro over the years I’ve accumulated a shit ton of stuff for this hobby take it slow add things as you need you can do this on the cheap

A good compost tea recipe

1 gallon of your potting mix
1 tablespoon of Un sulfurated molasses
1 tablespoon of Epson salts

This is a great base as well as a tea by itself

For instance add blood meal it’s a good veg tea
Add bone meal it’s a good bloom tea

Room dust is also good to use

I also like to add bat poop lol :joy:

Add 3 or so gallons of water add a air stone and air pump Let Brew at least 24 to 48 hours

I would strain clean add 2 gallon of clean water and you got the good stuff


Bro I gave you the cheaper version lol. Soil it’s something you don’t want to underestimate. I know it’s a lot of money.

Do you have any Lowe’s or garden centers near you? Or what about hydroponic shops?

You can use other shit. It’s just my preferred. A regular size bag you can pick up at the hydroponic shop for about 20 bucks. Alternatively you also have other soils you can use as well. The one that you are using… Let me shut up and actually take a look at it.

I would probably recommend just doing a straight compost tea as a bare minimum. You can also make your own shit to add into it as well. Like drying out banana peels.

If you do go full on into this, you’ll want to mix your super soil/ livingsoil ahead of time. Like at least a month. Otherwise it’s too hot.

All right let me slow down… I will get back to you in a moment.

The nature’s living soil- that is something you can add to your soil mix to bump it up into the super soil/living soil category. But I also don’t know how big your pots are and there’s a bunch of other stupid variables to think about. It’s a link to their site. Same thing with the boogie Brew.

I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass but it’s not just all gadgets and gizmos. If that’s the route you want to take, then you want to do more of hydroponics. Soil is a different form of art.

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