Water question....tap water...in organics

Sup og fam, I have a question for the super soil/just add water soil growers. Does any one use plain ol tap. And if so are there any set backs from chloramine in the water supply, I’ve tried researching the topic with mixed results, saying it ok and it’s not ok.


Always let your tap water sit for at least 24 hrs to let any chlorine, fluoride, etc evaporate off.


@StillSmoking has a good point on letting it set for dissipating chlorine but from my understanding of chloramine in water sources letting it set doesn’t remove it , IIRCC adding those drops for fish tank water conditioning helps in removing chloramine. Maybe some fish tank owners will pop in to help verify this info. I try and use rain water as much as I can but when the barrels run dry I just turn on the hose it more than likely will decrease microbes but after some time they will just build up their populations again.


Yeah, I know if chlorine is present to let it sit 24/48hrs…but I think most tap use chloramine nowadays. Trying to keep organics around instead of going back to the bottle. Unroll I can get a better water source. Basically save some coins for a filter.


Not sure on your scale but back in the day the Brita filter did a great job with my local tap water.


A Zero water filter works better.

Its set up like a Britta but removes everything, you even get a ppm meter to check your water when it comes out, mine is always 0 until the filter needs replacing. Cartridges are 17$ a bit more expensive than a britta but last longer.


I’ve used straight from the tap water and I’ve been fine. If the ph is bad and has a high ppm like mine. 8.2 ph and 500 ppm. I use citric acid to ph and knock some bicarbonate out. Also gypsum and sulfur in soil mix.


If you don’t use tap you have to use extra calmag. Never seen the cost effectiveness. Just making filtered water wastes it too.

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Oops. Gotta watch the zombies

Ever get the rain water tested? Or what ppm/ph is it usually?

Im just curious as Im pretty sure not all rain water is the same. IE. acid rain

I live around so many chemical plants that Id rather take my chances w tap than rain water.

Now if I had a steady supply of Great Lakes water from 100ft down in the middle of Lake Huron id go for that over anything. But again, even that is probably contaminated in todays world.

Hmmm find a natural spring/aquifer??

Ya im just spiraling as i go here hahah

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I haven’t ever tested it before my hunch is that it’s pretty neutral along with it being low in minerals if any at all I do believe it accumulates N when it falls though everything just seems to green up instant when it does rain though!