Welcome to the Jungle

I’ll start at 25% AB and work up from there, thanks for info. Am trying to work my way more organic anyways. I only feed every other dry cycle as it is. I didn’t water the rest because they were still full wet in cups. Letting the two soils mesh before I water.

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Oh nice! I have seen some sativa’s do that red blood looking sap. Pretty sure I saw it from Sam’s ohaze line but not 100% positive.


Day 30: Everyone looks to have survived the re-pot and toPping and are back praying to the gods of light. That is except for one mystery (indica?)? Have her a watering til drain them wronged it out, we’ll see how she does today with a little more light and a whole lot of LITFA.
Have some of Diddys pollen on the way, thinking maybe crossing with the “purple bleeding” Beldia.

They did not have all my normal ingredients for my mix at the grow store so I opted for COCO-LOCO, has anyone run this? Premix and triple washed. Has bat guano and worm castings along with a host of microbes. As Pres. Dump says.” I dunno, I think it might work, were just gonna have to wait and see.!’:;()$&@“ it was actually a bit cheaper and I loaded up since I am only getting out every 10 days or so, guess you know where my stimulant check went…lol

Ok so here’s the plan , run these grunts through some wet to dry cycles to get some aggressive growth going. Would like to have 20” going to flower by end of month for flip. Goal is for consistency in watching development of multiple strains. Training for thick stalks to main manifold. (And fill some jars with top shelf stash for meds)…ok here’s the morning photo dump, I’ll check back later and see how the patient respond to some premium Flint Michigan water. JK


Actually I made a mistake… obviously the bleeding trait is attributed to the DRAGONS BLOOD side of the cross :neutral_face:


Guess who’s perking up, Mystery plant started taking in some premium H2O , little weak fish emulsion foliar this morning snapped it out of the weep. Also the runt Red has decide to be the comeback kid. Been playing with a bottom feed Shaker from cups and look what I found… that small and the tap is already reaching bottom. Two weeks to make a run for it. Have a feeling it will get held back a grade, gets an A for persistence…always liked an under dog.lstrong text


*Day 31,day 2 veg: Here we Grow, School Picture day all the plants are taking to the new soil well, gonna let them go until almost dry before starting them on water only. Beldia are shooting their tops already. Blood pheno has a dark scab where it was topped still. Has a much closer node spacing and darker color. Other is stretching more hoping for M/F with 2 seeds. Two mystery seeds are impressing me, one indica leaning the other looks Sativa x, we’ll se if anyone can guess them as they mature?

The stalk training seems to have taken well, should be very title stress froM here on out with me bunching pot and tops all together. Let’s see what they do in 2 weeks and maybe a few will gain entrance to The Jungle.


Day 33: I’ve been acquiring and dropping beans for runs two and three. Having germ problems with a whole tray, found some whispy mold on the soil. :frowning:
Good news out of the 14 the only important ones were 3 bangi haze, dropped 2 more. Keeping one for later. Have 9 sprouts going with one bangi , 4 Alaska kush x BP, 3 BP x Skunk#1, 1 GG4. Going to let other tray dry a bit and see if I get any action. Been starting the wife’s outdoor grows also 100% on those …lol.

The first run is vegging in 24/0 and stretching out, 3”s the last week. Looks like first for will get into the jungle on a low shelf next weekend at 12/12.
2-Morrocan beldia
2-mystery seeds ( keeping pace)
Guessing they should be near 20” by then. Holding the Panama reds back for a few weeks to get a bit bigger. We lost our underdog had 4” of roots but never took off above ground.,.”playing Taps”.

As for the 7 gorillas, checked in on them this morning and the next harvest of 3 is bending those big stalks as the buds start to stack and close up in between nodes. If they finish well the main colas could be 10-12“. Been ramping up the P&K every other feeding opposite of my nutes. Have been cutting back on nutes a bit. Been practicing wet to dry cycles to make sure the coir is drying out Every time. I water slowly to weep from all drain holes. Then check and dry trays after an hour. With the raised beds I push a lot of air under the plants too and tend to take foliage off the middles to form a chimney . it also helps dry pots a bit from bottom. another thing I have been doing after water is wringing my pots to create air pockets between soil and sides of pit’s . I Have a clear 1 gallon test pot ( slipped into a 1 1/2 black) on the Thai plant and have been observing root structure to test the theory/fact a friend has passed on. Has me convinced thru 50 days flower. Ok here’s the bud porn a and the traffic jamb in the “green room”.


And a few more …20 characters


Day 40 : big gorillas like to live in the light hoods, every time I drop them down they jump right back up and chase the bulb. Tied all the tops up to a Bamboo May pole, dense and chunky buds, most Cola stalks are near 1/4” and luckily pliable. According to calendar the first harvest should be May 15 for the first 2 then 10 days between the next two harvests of 3 ea. Got a bit hot last week 88F had a few calix get light burn, snipped them back after watering.

My purple Thai is scheduled for end of May. It’s supposed to go 60 I’ll check then but I’m thinking 70

First 7 plants of the mixed strains should start going in end of next week. Have two sets of seeds dropped staggered a week apart. I might hold the two Panama Red back, but they are really fighting for a spot the last last few days.
All in all the whole batch is growing as they started
Beldia - stretching Purple bleeder is a lot darker tighter nodes, more branch growth, much stouter in a breeze. Other is lighter with darker variegated veins.

Panama Red - the runt passed this week so we have 2 left, must have been high when I topped, did a FIM so it’s gonna have a few extra cola’s.

Been watching the Thia to see if I can drop down to gallon pots and not get root bound near the end. Looks good. Roots are hungry for water with the soil being aerated every feeding and not lett any run off accumulate in the pan or pot.


Pulling up a chair better late than never


Fun is just beginning Homie, going perpetual 3 week flips with various old school strains, just clearing the shelves of my medicine. Welcome.


Lol…ended up smoking that purple diesel a few months later…


Mmmmm roll me a joint of those red hairs Tappy…nice color buds, do you flush for. Color?

A few pics week and a half after re- pot watered once with weak fish emulsion. Also some foliar spray with same. Mainly a lot of LITFA.
Here’s the next run, reds are catching up. Battle between the 2 Beldia and the two mystery seeds.


A few more for first run 20 characters


Day 43: strapping up buds on the Gorillas. Calendar says they have 20 days left…:open_mouth:. Snipped a quarter ounce of the mid buds to scope and for a few testers in a few days. Converted the old fridge into a drying closet, need to go tear apart the old desk top and steal the cooling fan from it for a little air flow. All the Landrace run is on cruise control. Finally finding the sweet spot with the new Coir, incorporated 1/4 Pot happy frog to it. Have about 15 sprouts lining up behind the first group of 6. Decided to transplant the single MTF outside of its a female, should be able to finish by october. It has a huge stalk bulb but It is growing real stocky. The Thai plant thinks its fall, half the fan leafs turned yellow during days and back to green at night


Day 44: 6 for 6 overnight on the Jamaican and Durban drop. Got my confirmation from GLG on my Monkey Paw and. Dirty Margarita order. They are mid state so I hope it gets in soon. The Purple Thai has been a joy to grow. Left it in a 2 gallon clear pot So I could get up to speed with Sativa leaning plant before I ruin all these nice seeds I collected. Started out like a cabbage, thought it was an indica. Started to stretch her legs in flower, with topping and lights I was able to keep her around 4’ tall and manageable. With my back and hip injuries I can’t be moving 8’ plants in 80 lb pot anymore. For some reason she thinks it’s fall since last drink of water only. All old growth damn leafs have gone bright yellow, pistils are still standing tall on mid buds and starting to pull back with about 10% orange on apical tops. From what I can find it should finish around 56 days. That should put it about 20 out. Cut a few lower buds and the leafs have turned nearly black with bright orange hairs. Probably give her nutes and PK boost once more then water only til finish to see if I can pull a nice color show out of her…:sunglasses:


Day 46: more seeds dropped including Jamaican , Durban Poison (@lefthandseeds ) and supposedly original cut of Monkey Paw ( old Michigan strain) x Brutal Kush ( Katsu Bubba Kush x Tom Hill’s Deep Chunk. Can’t wait to get a taste it’s been over 30 years since I had the real deal.

Curing cabinets working like a charm bumping the fresh buds down to 60RU before I store in jars. I like That i won’t have to hang “dry” it first and think it will get it there in under 2 weeks with all the terps sealed in.

Thai plant is starting to stack and build bulk. Hair getting swallowed up by the fat cones. Fan leafs turning gold. The samples I clipped turned almost black and the hairs Bright orange. Gonna give her a good flush next two feedings to bring out the purple.


Day 47: Time to make room for the morrocans and Panama Red, along with a few mystery seeds. When I pulled the pipe cleaner belts off they tipped their roots from the pot

from weight.

Chopped three of the 7 remaining Gorillas. First full run for the curing cabinet. The Thai girl looks like she will go another week or so. The other Gorillas are two weeks apart and two weeks out. Next two should give me as much as these three did, both are bigger and thicker stalks.


A few more and the cabinet…full, less than a oz. of larf and great bud to leaf ratio, easy peasy trim job.


Nice man. ,those gorillas look tastey. Awesome I’ll be following along.