WHAB’s 1924 Brick Schoolhouse RDWC

I’ve been pondering this since I found this site again.

How to do it to incorporate what I have started over on MPG - my home for a very long time. I thoroughly enjoy that site - regardless the relative absence of many of its members.

And, no offense to the fine folks here - I’d really rather not duplicate my work here that I’ve done there.

To start out, I will link to what I started there - but after this point I will put new - update - post new things here and there.


This is the where (indoors and out) grows will be. I live in a 1924 Brick Schoolhouse on my Brother’s property. The first time I saw this place I envisioned it a Woodworking Woodshop had I the opportunity. I did not have that opportunity. It was offered to my niece. She and my SIL and her sister’s husband did most of the work making it a inhabitable space. It was in really bad shape as the pictures will show. These pictures are from the first time and the second time I saw the building.

This painting was done by the Aunt of a neighbor a very long time ago. Wonderfully executed except the date on the painting. They painted 1923. Not sure why.

The well head (hand pump) is still on the property (my SIL and I recently returned it to its home, but just temporarily), the concrete pad is larger than what is in the painting. The big ol’ tree in the background is still there.

The painting was giving to my niece after the neighbor saw that she was rehabilitating the place.

Edit: something happened below. five or so exterior images aren’t showing. I tried to redo it and they’re still not showing. I completely redid the work and they’re still not showing

Edit: 3 tries and they still won’t post. I see them in the preview window but not here. I even reformatting them thinking that ‘might’ have been the problem. It wasn’t, I guess. Also, these are the ones I mentioned below as not have to format manually. Except now I’ve done it to them, too. And they still won’t post

these 4 images don’t like your “Grid Gallery” or your Grid Gallery don’t like the images. I’m posting them without use it and it’s working

This is what it looked liked…the North wall, then moving clockwise…

Schoolhouse Exterior 0001 02172021 Schoolhouse Exterior 0002 02172021 Schoolhouse Exterior 0003 02172021 Schoolhouse Exterior 0004 02172021

Those five windows are 5 feet tall (on the interior, not including the arch on the exterior).

Then the first interior images starting at the vestibule (just behind the double door entry in the previous images)…This first image is the 4 foot with pocket door original to the schoolhouse. Second image is the original tin ceiling in the vestibule…it exists in the vestibule and the now bathroom (likely the Cloakroom, behind the two windows in the front view). In the image of the North wall on the interior you can see the remnants of what remained of the original 1924 tin ceiling - some of which was repurposed in what my niece did, along with what remained of the original tongue & groove flooring. included is what I refer to as the Alamo Wall, for obvious reasons winky that picture also shows the other 4 foot wide pocket door which was not salvageable but which I have plans to replicate.

image image image image image image

Then inside the cloakroom (now the bathroom)…that is all original built-in shelving AND the original tin ceiling.



My niece moved out and to the East Coast. This is my first day as the occupant (HUGE thanks to my brother and is awesome wife, my SIL!) note the painting on the partition wall, that is combined repurposed tongue & groove flooring and tin ceiling. Refrigerator went to my brother’s place. but note the Alamo wall

That was the residential starting point. Now the Grow starting point. As background. I always intended to grow but likely not publicly because I had no intention of becoming a “legal patient” in this state I personally fought to establish the recognition. I didn’t, and still don’t, like that the State thinks they have a right to come into my residence. They do not. BUT, I also didn’t like the fact that I could spend all the effort and cost to get it started and IF I got stopped for a driving infraction, say, they could confiscate all of my work and money involved. I applied and was approved by a physician as a “legal patient and cultivator”. I’m just waiting on the State to issue the paperwork. I’ve been waiting 15 days now. It should be any time now. A family member in the program told me it took 2 weeks (14 days) for them to get processed.

Tentative plans are that I’ll be growing in the loft (seedling, cloning, vegging) and flowering in a space I still need to build in the vast attic.

First though, I need to be able to more easily get access to the loft (this was also before I decided to grow up there). In the above picture showing the refrigerator you’ll see the electrical service panel. To the left of that is a tree-house style “ladder”, even though the rung are spaced way too far apart as to be practical. So, I had to come up with some way to get up there. There isn’t enough space for a full set of stairs, and I didn’t want to build a better “ladder”. I finally decided on what I am calling a Modified Ship’s Ladder. They aren’t full on stairs and neither are the a full on ladder. It is a mix of the two.

More difficult than you’d expect, btw wink

The tree-house ladder side…then the opposite end where the Modified Ship’s Ladder will go. The electrical had to be moved, otherwise it would have been unavailable for use as the stringer would block it in. The handrail in the loft are made from repurposed flooring joists, this is showing the section I had to remove to allow the modified ship’s ladder access. Then the mock-up of the modified ship’s ladder. I tried using a “stair calculator” but it didn’t work here because of how it had to approach the loft and how it had to land on the landing. The math didn’t work with the calculator. You can see there that the outlet (behind that diagonal piece). Then after the electrical was moved freeing the outlet and the beginning of the landing. Then the finished product. The rungs are dadoed into the stringers, the face of the landing there was made from a cutoff section of an antique door here that was used as a partition under the loft. I wasn’t going to paint it - I was going to leave it bare wood - but I have since changed my mind because of dirt showing on the wood. I’ll probably paint it white like the rest of the trim in the place. Then the loft were I’ll start seedlings/clones. Before I decided to grow it was my storage. Once I start on the attic space I’ll put those things in the attic (I think. subject to changewinky )

Now the attic as it is right now. I’m planning a 8x12 foot grow space up there. First I have to get there, of course! biggrin There are no provisions for access to the attic. Right now I use a too short step-stool. I bought a attic ladder and will put it in shortly. After I cut the opening for it I’ll start moving larger building supplies up there. With the help of my amazing SIL we got the attic stairs up on the loft. I tried to do it myself but I just couldn’t get under it enough to push it over the tipping point. These next images show the space standing on the North end looking to the South end. The horizontal piece of wood what just getting an idea on ceiling heights IF. You’ll also see that the insulation is lacking (16 inch batts in 24 inch bays facepalm A for effort, though), also showing that I had electrical ran up there for lighting including a switch (that will now have to be moved) long before I decided to grow up there. I always knew that I’d use that space for something and it should have had lights in it. Then the Gable End, the North end, which will be incorporated into the usable space.

I have a Cloning Machine someone made for me and shipped to me out of pocket I really wish I could remember the person’s name but it is lost in time. whoever you are please know that I am putting it back into service. AND, I could not be more thankful to you even after all this time It took some doing but I got it cleaned up. I bought cloning machine supplies.

Over the past couple of days we’ve been subjected to the Deep Freeze everyone else has been subjected to. Even though where I live has historically mild Winters. But, in the schoolhouse, with an undersized propane fireplace and the gaps in the ceiling panels and the almost waste of time undersized batt insulation it’s been rough in the schoolhouse. Water froze last Friday or Saturday even though I took measures to prevent that from happening. Then the electric company put us in a rolling blackout while I was asleep and using my aCPAP machine and turning off the electric heaters I’m using to supplement the propane heat. It got down to 53°F where I am typing, before the power came back on - along with messages saying more blackouts were likely frown

So, I’ll be lighting the Cloning Machine with a triple T5 system (I have to build the hanger frame to mount them on - that’s where the Woodworking Woodshop comes into play).

Then, I only just last night fully recognized what parts and pieces I had last night.

I was getting my timerS ready. I tried to test a 400W HPS High Bay someone not in the “Community” gave me, although they knew I grew. I realized the only 400W HPS bulb I had was N/G (no good), which was plainly marked on the box it came in.

It was only then that I realized the 1000W system I have is a MH system but that I have a MH to HPS Conversion Bulb.

That means, as of right now, if nothing changes, I’ll be vegging under 1000W. But that presents another problem regarding my plans before this recognition. I planned the 1000W’s to go in the attic and seedling/cloning and vegging in the loft. The attic isn’t ready to grow in.

Btw, I have no problem vegging under 1000W’s, in fact, from memory it worked GREAT. It’s just I had not remembered that information when planning it now! ROFLMAO

Except for the fact that I’ve already overspent this month it wouldn’t have been a problem. I can’t start on the attic without funds. I can’t buy a Veg light - even though I was shopping for one - without funds.

I can and will start on framing out the loft space as I did buy some supplies for that already, after I build the T5 hanger frame.

I’ll be able to go forward on all of those things after the 1st.

Now, the Woodworking Woodshop of this thread.

I have a “maker” background. I’ve been in one type of Fab shop or another my entire life. I was making things out of wood when I was a preteen. I took shop classes starting in Junior High through High School. Wood, Carpentry, Metal and Automotive Shops.

I spent more than 25 years building this or that - mostly in aviation (mostly working government programs as a civilian). I took Ground School in High School intending to become a pilot in the military- but that was before the military allowed for corrective lenses and before I knew I had a need for them! biggrin

My life-long aviation hero is Clarence Leonard Johnson. More commonly known as “Kelly” Johnson. He was Lockheed’s designer from the P-38 through the F-117. He was the director of the renowned Skunk Works. Amazing fellow.

More on that later.

Here’s what’s going on in the woodworking arena.

I bought a used Powermatic 63 Artisan table saw, a used Grizzly G0452 6" Jointer, a used Delta 22-650 13" Thickness Planer, a used Single Stage Delta Delta 50-850 1.5HP Dust Collector along with an Oneida Super Dust Deputy and Collection Barrel that I converted into a 2 Stage Dust Collector with assorted dust collection hoses and shop made Dust Gates…etc., a used Bosch Combination Fixed and Plunge 2-1/3HP Router, and a new Hitachi 10" Miter Saw (btw, it was this purchase that rekindled my desire to get back to woodworking) before I moved to the schoolhouse - except for the Hitachi, all purchased off of Craigslist. But, that was when my shop space was a shop space and not also a residence biggrin

When I first moved here, long before I knew I’d by moving into the schoolhouse, I intended to buy one of those pre-made “sheds” and drop it on a very nice piece of my brother’s property, and use half as a residence (maybe less than half) and the other half as a woodshop (probably more than half rockon )

Even after moving into the schoolhouse I still intended on dropping a Shed-to-Shop here. Two things have prevented that. Funds. And, where I want to drop it is where there is now an RV. My nieces RV. It is where all the services enter the schoolhouse - the water, the electrical…etc.) and where the sewer service is as well.

When I realized none of that was going to happen any time soon I had to develop other plans. So I fell back on my original envisioning of the space with the exception that I’ll be sharing space with the machines winky.

Now I had to come up with a way to do both. Live here AND work wood.

That required a very different game plan. My table saw had no dust collection. My miter saw had no dust collection (incredible source of saw dust and a horrible machine to try to control it).

After much research I hit on Festool. Their tools are well known for having the best dust collection in the industry.

I traded my Powermatic 63 Artisan table saw as I knew I couldn’t use it here and live here. With a few exceptions it is just very difficult to control saw dust that comes off a Contractor Table Saw, especially one of that vintage.

I bought the Festool Plunge Cut Track Saw TS 75 EQ-F-Plus. The TS75 replaces most of those machines listed above. It replaces the table saw, the miter saw, and the Jointer up to 3 inches WITH the best dust collection in the industry. It is also well known as being incredibly accurate.

Then to properly use a TS75 it is best to have a MFT/3 Multi-Function Table. However, those are terribly expensive for what they are AND for some reason Festool dropped the ball on this one. It is inherently inaccurate. And the most wobbly table your expected to produce good work on that you’ve ever seen (they do offer a diagonal brace that you can buy extra $$$).

The MFT/3 Multi-Function Table with all of its faults goes for $720+usd. I wasn’t going to do that.

Again, after much research I found THISisCarpentry www.thisiscarpentry.com/2015/04/03/multi-function-work-bench.

THISisCarpentry designed and developed what they call the Festool-ish Multi-Function Slab.

The CAD/CAM program was like $20. I bought it.

I then had a local lumber shop that also had a woodshop with CNC capabilities in the back make one for me. They charged me $100 for the 1 inch 4x8 HDF (not a typo winky) they used and $100 to do the CNC work, for a total of $200.

Then I found Bench Dogs UK Bench Dogs – Benchdogs. They make the most accurate fence system to use ANY track saw on on any dog holed multi-function table. A well priced system, too. I bough their 47" Fence System - MK2 which include the 39" Fence and their 7.3/4" Under Rail Support with support Dog with Fence Dogs and 1 Flag Stop. I bought an additional Flag Stop. Then I also bought a set of their Guide Rail Dogs & B-Collars Set Grooved and their Bench Top Protectors.

All told $380 instead of $720 for a much better and more accurate cutting system… not counting the TS75 - Plus. That was $820+ (I think), but came with a 75 inch Guide Rail (track). I also bought a 55 inch Guide Rail along with it.

Then to top it all off I bought the Festool CT36 Dust Extractor WITH the Festool-ish Oneida Dust Deputy. (around $1000 total)

None of my Dust Collection concerns would be addressed without a proper way to collect it…hence the DIY 2 Stage Dust Collector with Super Dust Deputy and the Festool CT36.

So, starting out before I had any of those things here at the schoolhouse except my old Black&Decker Quatum Circular Saw (which actually prompted me to buy a accurate circular saw - it kept falling out of square) and a borrowed old Stanley Miter Box, the first thing I built was a pair of saw horses to replace these well used and abused and borrowed saw horses then to build a mailbox post, making all the cuts on the 4x4 with it…all before the Modified Ship’s Ladder. Then when I had the Festool-ish Multi-Function Slab I needed a place to use it. A surface on which to use it. It was intended to be used on top of some saw horses. But, they don’t make those saw horses any more - at least I was unable to find them. So I slapped it on top of the new, awesome saw horses and simulated the Festool-ish Storage Shelf (which was included in the above CNC run and CAD/CAM program I forgot to mention). That didn’t work out so well. While it is a great height to work off of generally - in fact, I built the saw horses 4 inches taller than the plan called for because I have a horrible back - but it made it almost impossible to complete a cut with the track saw. Now, with a lack of shop space I thought I’d find some way of having some temporary work surfaces that I can store away when not in use. Again, more research - I found the BORA Centipede 2’x4’ Workbench Height Workstand. Never intending it for the TS75 Track Saw I found that it nearly served that purpose perfectly. I wasn’t sure what I’d be getting in such a product. I couldn’t tell, and I found no description of , what the angle supports are made of. In the pictures I thought they might be plastic. They’re not plastic. They’re steel. This thing thing is exceptionally strong. It won’t be the permanent home of the Festool-ish Multi-Function Slab or the TS75 but as a stand in it is nearly perfect!

Man, this is WAY longer than I ever intended! crazy

I wound up duplicating a lot of the work I said I didn’t want to duplicate. BUT, there is more over there that isn’t here AND there is stuff here that isn’t over there.

Anyway, I am hoping to do both things, work wood and grow Cannabis AND live here, too! smokeit2

I’m hoping to learn and to teach as best is my abilities.

You’re all invited.

IF you have any suggestions - they’re welcomed. IF you have any questions - they’re welcomed. IF you have any comments or quips, they’re welcomed, too!

Now to start (later today, actually) on the T5 hanger frame - Red Oak, I’m thinking. Then the Cloning Machine (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) stand, also out of Red Oak, I’m seriously leaning towards.

All the very best to you all!

P.S. OverGrow admin and staff - I ‘think’ I did the Image Grid Thingy okay…I’m not really sure as this is the first time I’ve tried it. Btw, I had to manually change image format for nearly every picture posted. I guess they were too large for your conversion function. They’re taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (Bronze) - 108MP camera.



Very cool!!! Special place!

Beautiful restoration, I’m breaking up houses to make mine, the wood used in the past is more resistant …

Lucky for you not having termites in your area, they are terrible …

I plant outside, but winter is coming and I’m getting ready for the house …

I will accompany you to learn … And I will continue reading your story …



Greetings, friends.

Not much going on in regards the 1924 Schoolhouse’s Grow or Woodworking Woodshop (save cleaning up, straightening up after setting up the Dust Collector


Except that I have been working with my timers and checking out that 400W HPS High Bay. The only 400W HPS bulb I have I know it is bad, non-working. And, I have decided to make the hanger for the T5s I’m throwing into service. (which, btw, delivery of the HO T5 bulbs, and other items I ordered for the grow, has been postponed twice due to weather)

I have mentioned the frigid temps and how they’re affecting the goings on here.

Well, we had a bit of a “heat wave” today, it was 22°F here! ROFLMAO

We had a “Rolling Blackout” yesterday. That shut off my aCPAP machine (while I was using it frown ), and my electric heaters (indoors and out fo doors DURING a FUCKING FREEZE!)…that’s crazy It got down to 53°F where I am sitting, next to the propane fire crazy . crazy FUCKS!!! I spent the better part of the last two days under covers, abed.

You don’t cut back service, you increase supply - provable, guaranteed supply!!!

I am a Conservative, as in Conservationist…not to the exclusion of human life.

Anyway, I’ve been without running water since Friday or Saturday.

Let it be known I was prepared. I instituted preventative measures to ensure against losing water to Winter.

Winter outdid my earnest efforts.

Last year the water froze once. I put a reliable electric space heater oot there on the service and ran it every day until the thaw (the sure end of Winter). Not a inexpensive effort.

So, after doing exhaustive research I finally found what I thought was a solution. Since the enclosure still isn’t sealed in I knew I had to protect TWO systems; the service itself (where the supply exits the ground (from the well) and enters the Schoolhouse) AND the water softener in there.

I bought the only dual outlet (dual thermostat controller) out there since I had to run two directed heat sources; I bought a Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller 2-Stage Outlet Thermostat Heating and Cooling that Homebrewers use.

Besides the dual outlet it is also wireless (another feature I was looking for in the device I would need). I could see what the controller was doing from where ever I was, according to my settings. I could tell it what to do or what it was doing from the ‘relative’ comfort of the schoolhouse.

Well, when I switched ISP’s I lost contact with it. I knew what was wrong but I couldn’t find the solution to that dilemma easily. For the last month I had to trust it was working. I could trust it because I closely monitored what it was doing last Winter.

Regardless my efforts, the service froze.

Today I once again went in search of a resolution to the communications problem. I finally figured it out.

Figuring it out required an extended period out doors in 21°F temperatures. A EVA (extravehicular activity) of sorts crazy . Leaving the relative protections of this domicile for the relative dangers of being outdoors in a cold snap of this type.

Here’s the setup, pictorially.

In summary, regardless the inherent difficulties regarding setting up or resetting any device from a foreign manufacturer, and therefore troubleshooting said device, I would highly recommend this solution IF you’re of similar circumstances.

You’ll note from the images that I didn’t avail myself of the second outlet that was a feature I sought out, and that I used a split pigtail extension cord. This Inkbird ITC-308 is used for heating when heat is required and cooling when cooling is required in the brewing process.

I have not taken the time to learn how to set up the “Cooling” side to run a HEATER. I will. I just haven’t yet.

My efforts with the space heater this season has not thawed the water service, even though it is in direct physical contact at the point where it exits the ground. It likely won’t thaw out until at least Friday (it’s forecasted to be 33°F) but more likely Saturday, when temps will be above freezing during the day for an extended period.

With that done, I will continue to straighten things out here in the 1924 Schoolhouse Woodworking Woodshop so I can get to Jointing (S4S) some Red Oak for the T5 hanger, then the Cloning Machine stand.

Also, Winter is not nearly done with us here in Southwest MO. The “Average Last Frost Date” for my area is - May 1 - May 10.

Oh, the Inkbird ITC-308 is auto-restart capable, the space heater is not. Every time we lose electricity, or they fucking shut it off again, I have to perform another EVA to push the start button facepalm .

Stay warm out there, folks!



Thank you for the kind words, @Gugumelo ! tup

Yeah, those floor joists repurposed as hand rails are extremely heavy. The piece I cut out for the Modified Ship’s Ladder (a 24 inch section) was 40lbs. I think it’s Oak. Not sure about that, but I am sure it’s damned heavy!

I’d be keen to see what you’re up to…the house and the grow…if you show them anywhere.

We have termites here. There is active infestation. Although, I don’t see any flying termites, I do see their dropping in a few places (2 window frames and the “new” click flooring). Much of this place was exposed to weather for a very long time. A lot of the wood was exposed to rain and moisture in general. Termites LOVE wet wood. It makes their job way more easier! biggrin

And, the places where they aren’t right now they have been there. A lot of this trim work is termite damaged. It’s on the to-do list.

I am lucky that most of the structure, the primary building materials, is brick. The rest is just some cost in lumber. I can do the work myself.

My niece had a structure engineer out here to assess the sturdiness of the structure and they said it’s all good. They even said she could put on a second story (the details of which I am unsure).

Luckily, I have found a great source of some lumber. An Amish Sawmill. I bought some Red Oak for $0.60bf. They had a pile of it after the person that ordered it didn’t buy it. At that price I’m thinking about Red Oak flooring. Way, way down the line.

Thanks for stopping buy, friend! You’re welcomed any time!



Here’s the Red Oak I mentioned and meant to include in the OP.

The Red Oak I have stacked vertically in the shop - 110+bf - has just waiting on the machines and projects to use it on. The machines are here now, the Grizzly G0452 6" Jointer and the Delta 22-650 13" Thickness Planer (I need 220V for the thickness planer - in the works).

I bought an antique hand plane a few months ago (the wooden bodied one) just because I like the engineering/mechanics of it. It’s a Gage “Self-Setting” Jointing Plane. Pretty neat tool!

It needs some tuning (maybe serious tuning) to get it working properly but it did create this finished surface, along with the No.7.

The other is a Stanley No.7 Jointing plane. I bought it on Craigslist. This was before I had any way of jointing anything. It was described as being in “excellent” condition (or some such similar verbiage). It had a broker mouth. :frowning_face:

I won’t be hand jointing or thickness planing hardly any of the 119+bf of Red Oak crazy winky

smoke ,


I also demolished a smoke kiln, to take advantage of the bricks and a sugar mill and manioc flour.

I am building now … We are raising the walls …

The day here is starting, I will post some pictures and later we will follow the conversation …

I have a topic here with my plants, search for the agroecological guerrilla …

Satisfaction in meeting you …


Rafters and battens for the roof, ripe black cinnamon…

Lamppost crosspieces, just the crumb, or black cinnamon (canela preta) heartwood.

Right feet of peroba wood, sorry for mess…

bricks from a greenhouse to dry tobacco, seeds came along, so the smoke stalk beside it …

Doors and windows…

Peroba and black cinnamon floors.

edition: comments were included below the images …


Wow WHAB what an interesting project. I really love the building, that’s a whole lot of charm. I’ll be pulling up a chair for this one. I’m currently working on finishing a new house so I’m in a similar situation to you… a lot to do. Be safe and be well my friend.

Gugumelo… an ambitious project indeed


That’s awesome, @Gugumelo ! That’s a TON of work!

I look forward to seeing your work!

Great pictures, too. I just love photography in general. The subject is secondary for me…maybe it’s just having eyes to see them.

I will search for your grow!

Most excellent to make your acquaintance as well, friend!

Make it a great day! tup



Hey there old friend! So glad to see you! I mean it. You’re one of the old friends I was hoping to hear from! AWESOME! tup

I hope all is well with you and all those you love, my friend!

Yeah, I fell for the building the first time I saw it. It still needs a lot of work but I’m here for the long-term and aim to give it my best efforts! Luckily I know someone with a woodworking woodshop! winky

I am very glad to read I’ll be seeing more of you, sincerely. That’s awesome, man!

Make it a great day, my old friend! tup

And, for you a smokejust won’t do!

It’s a rollitupfor you! winky



Wow! Amazing project. Going to be fascinating watching your project take shape. :smiley:


Virgin ground, so much room to build stuff, its going to be amazing.


Verry beautiful place. I have alot of appreciation for people that reperpose old buildings. They dont build stuff like they used to. At least not everything to digree that they used to. Everything now days is all about it just being functional. In Baltimore I see beautiful old buildings that are just fiading away. Its a shame and depressing.
Can’t wait to see you start your grow. Thank you for alowing me to admire your work.
I’m out of likes. I’m sorry. I would have filled it up.


You got me at mo. Now I’m intrigued to see this come together! Good stuff


Excellent project WHAB!
I’ll pull up a chair for this one! :sunglasses: :+1:



Quite the project RHAB!!! I’ll be watching this one!


Thanks Floyd (Mr. Numb :wink:)!

Happy to have ya aboard!

I hope you’re having a great day!


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Very nice comments. Thank you so much!

While my niece did get the place livable, there is still a lot of work to do.

In fact, nothing against my niece, she did a great job…BUT, I’ve had to redo a few things that either wasn’t done, or wasn’t done exactly right.

For instance, when I moved in there wasn’t any lighting except for the pendent lights above the OVERSIZED island (that I have plans to reduce to gain some shop space), above the washer/dryer and an undersized light in the bathroom, also no outdoor lighting (like a porch like). So there were costs and time involved correcting that issue. I had an electrician do the work as a side hustle. Great guy but he has a real job and had to fit my work into his work schedule.

Again, happy to have you aboard! tup



Hey there MO!wink




Hello @Hydrlizrwavy

Welcome aboard! Happy to have ya!

A lot of work ahead!


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Thank you, @Gpaw !

You’re welcome! Happy to have ya! tup

beercheer, G!