Though it is nice to be at this point

In life…anyone else just get that o so overwhelmed feeling? :joy:. Rebuilding our house, building the grow area, plants flowering, beans a Poppin, clones a clonin, and plants vegging away. All the while building our house around it, working my 50 hours a week, and farming a bit (cows and pigs and chickens oh my).
Ah yes…life is good :+1:


It is what ya make it for sure.

You sound as if you got alot on the ball.
Quite a few of us do on here.
Burn one and relax it’ll all come together.


Gave myself 7 years to rebuild this falling down dump. I am now 2 years in, and believe me…I am not complaining. We are very fortunate to have worked a deal so nice👍
It’s all the rebuilding :joy::rofl: Only thing we are reusing is the cement slab…so I just do one sections at a time. :grin: And almost 5000 square feet is a pretty damn big house, especially when you moved from a 1976 Holly park trailer. :rofl::joy:. I do absolutely love it though, even with all the challenges and set backs, I would do it all over again in a heart beat. :+1:
And one HUGE plus, custom built, hidden grow rooms. :grin::grin::grin:


as long as you’ve got perspective on the original goals, it’s OK.

my dad tore up a little 1920s house in '95 because my sister & i were teenagers & needed more than a sliding partition. :unamused:

we moved in with mom & he rented an apartment for 15 yrs for an add’l 1k+ a month. wtf. genius.

Fast forward through 25 years of crazy & typical shit(deaths in family, heartattack, retirement), & it’s … STILL in progress. :astonished: Town council threatened a public nuisance abatement & forced sale of his “3rd child”(the favorite) in 2009, leading to a hurry-up & finish. So it looks finished from the street but there’s plenty left inside, particularly a kitchen. (smh)

so. as long as you’re ACTUALLY fixing something that will result in UTILITY, then cool. :slight_smile:

i could regale you with tales of wonder & woe & sawdust for brains…for days.

it’s some kind of clinical problem(s).



Oh no, I make progress everyday. Some more than others :rofl:. And it will result/already has resulted in a place for us to call home, and grow roots at. It’s a homestead we are building on 10 acres.


The building I am rebuilding piece by piece, and turning into our house…was a falling down chicken coop :grin:
But had a damn nice cement slab still hahahaha


Lately my ptsd is running rampant again had it under control forever, anyways I am overwhelmed about 20 times a day…


I’m only coping with reality by planning an escape to Hawaii in mid-winter. My sympathies sympathizes.



I’ve got severe PTSD and a few other neurological issues and am on permanent disability, but I also count my blessings every day and am happy to be alive, even through all of the pain and lack of sleep etc… I am not handy with building things like houses myself, but I have helped a few friends when they needed a hand putting on a roof and I worked for years as a rigger putting stages together at big festivals, so I understand basic building principles and methods for the most part. I am not mechanically inept or unwilling to learn new skills as my physical (and mental) condition allows. I respect anyone who is willing to get their hands dirty or give something a good try, because if you aren’t willing to at least try doing new things you will become stagnant and petrify and putrify lol.


It’s kitchen build day :+1:


@monkeyman I feel for you brother. After 12 years in the military, I am very fortunate not to have any issues…except a hurt a bit where shrapnel tore me up a couple times. I have few physical scars and a limp, but I thank the good Lord everyday my mental state is like the day I left highschool (atleast according to my wife…haha)


oh is that all? pfft :monkey_face: just kidding - thanks for your service!


Thanks for your service for sure. Our military folks are certainly brave heroes, and I greatly appreciate your sacrifice, sir.


Guys, though I do appreciate the thanks, honestly I chose to do it, as a gungho testosterone filled 17 year old who wanted to fight. And I would not trade it for the world, some of the best times of my life was there. Also some of the scariest and worse. But, that’s what I signed up for. I knew that even back then :+1: And it has made me a far stronger person, and fiercely independent.


@monkeyman the funny thing is…I truly believe and think, Yepper that IS all. :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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One kitchen coming together :muscle:


Almost looks professional :rofl::joy:


Frank Lloyd Wright influenced midwestern architecture and was all about the horizontal linearity, and afaik he is the main one that popularized the use of sideways-oriented plugs. Some argue that the orientation should always be vertical with the ground pin on top, so if the plug ever pulls halfway out, anything falling onto the exposed conductors will hit the ground and not live current, however the most common method is ground down of course - in some places that is needed to pass code.


that’s some great work, I am sure it is very satisfying to do all of that yourself, and you can take the time to customize it exactly how you want. I see an area behind the dishwasher that would make a great hidden clone area :monkey_face:


Haha ya, lots of dead space behind the dish washer. Not sure what to do with it yet. Hopefully get all the wiring and plumbing hooked up today, then onto the flooring.