What do you guys think of this light!?!

So I went ahead and already bought this light for my 3x3 and I love it already the power cord allows for me to set the driver outside of the tent . And it’s just down right nice af!!!FC3000_PPFD_480x480


I have one also, I wasn’t overly impressed with it to begin with but I’m starting to change my mind I think

Hang it high and keep it up there unless you notice your plants stretching too much, otherwise I found my plants grow with almost no spacing between nodes, nice bushy plants but makes them harder to train imo


Well being able to post the driver outside of the tent and also the dimmer is nice

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That’s true, I am still outside in an unheated shed so I’ll take any extra heat my lights can give, which is very little. I was going to go back to my 315 cmh for some extra heat but it died on me :frowning:

As far as the dimmer function goes, I personally rarely use it and just go with the height of the light. It would be really handy if some tech savvy person figured out how to program it to have a sunrise/sunset function using the dimmer. That’s not me though, I can plug it in :+1:


There are many aquarium lights with programming like that, I’m not sure if any grow lights have that function.

The higher end Optic Led lights all have the ability to use the sunrise/sunset feature but it requires a separate control unit worth roughly 125 or so, if a person were to buy a few at a time I’ve heard of them tossing it in for free but likely only on big orders, $2k and up I would think

With any dimmable light though it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, say from 30% up to 100% over the first hour then the opposite for the final hour

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