What facilities etc are nice to have if you plan to do community seed runs?

Short generic question:
What extras does a grow space that is able to do preservation seed runs with ease need or keep in mind? (I.e. Pollen management, longer harvest times for seed ripening, mother and father plant space (#?), etc.)

Long Individualized version:
I have an old neglected pony barn that I’m converting to a grow space. Right now it is being used to grow moss and ferns on top of the rotting roof, but in my head I’ve pictured a thousand different grow configurations. I just found you guys and never thought about doing seed runs for myself, but what you built here is beautiful. I can grow for my own needs in a 4x4 tent and I live 2 miles from a great pot store, so I’m growing for love of the plant and I really would love to be able to give back in this tangible way.

I have 2 9x9 rooms, 1 9x12 room and a 5x7 room, I can’t imagine using all of that space, but even I know not to believe that. I started buying things to set up a hydro system with my old lights, but halted that when I realized I didn’t feel good about upsizing with a bottled system and so I’m swapping to organic living soil. So, I’m kind of in a weird 1/2 planed out and 1/2 all plans scrapped phase and this is the time to change the whole flow if I need to.

Thanks in advance…


you wouldnt want cross pollination and most you would preserve are going to run longer

sounds like a nice setup,lots of room

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Thanks! It is kind of hard to switch from the mentality that a male plant is something to be gotten rid of right away to “hmm, how do I keep him happy?”

Mind a random follow up question? From reading the journals for these seed runs, it seems like some used a series of clones as part of their process and other’s used mother and father plants. Is there a reason to do it one way .vs. the other? Seems like keeping a parent is safer, but uses a lot more resources??

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@Bombie, hopefully others chime in, I am in no means a expert or a breeder, cuttings to me, is because i like that particular pheno, seeds are more for hunting to me. I keep temp mothers of everything in my tents for the most part, in case i find that pheno after testing it(smoking). my mother area uses very little resources. actually less then my seedling area. Take this with a grain, preferably like corn or rye lol


Questions I’ve been wrestling with as well. I think you have to come at it from the back end. Starting with how big a flower area do you want? Then the veg area needs to support the flower so 2/3 the size? Then mother storage and cloning. Maybe a separate Honeymoon suite/male jail?
I’ll bet @Guitarzan can make some good suggestions as he is working on a significant grow facility.