What kind of mite

Does anybody know qhat kind of mite and whats the best to kill

them they are on my indoor plants


That is looking like a spider mite to me. Do you see any webbing any where? Are there many of them?


I get those outside, but so many predators out there I don’t worry. I’d break out the spinosad indoors.


I’m sorry to tell you it’s a red spider mite :sweat:, they are not easy to get rid of. You can find more info here:

I’ve got spider mites, now what do I do?

Can we talk spider mites?

They don’t like high humidity and low temperatures, good luck … :roll_eyes:


Thank you for the info really appreciate im new to indoor this is my 2nd go i got 2 1000 watt led lights the room temps are 78 degrees when lights are off and 84 to 88 max degrees when there on humidity is low 40% and the highest it gets is 72% they are quant kush from lefthandseed

How mature are your plants? Can you post pics of the grow?

@beacher asked a couple of questions that I’m curious about, too. In other words, how did you know to look for this tiny little nightmare?

When I got spider mites years ago, I got “lucky”, which is relative to how bad it could have been. I found them in my veg room and was able to resolve the issue before it got very big. With some luck, perhaps you’re in a similar position?



Shit that sucks joey…I feel bad for you

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Uploading: 20200502_173329.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173358.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173346.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173335.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173408.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173423.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173342.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173712.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173437.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173455.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173815.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173749.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173735.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173514.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173822.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173956.jpg… this is my getto set-up first time useing the 1000 watts like qhat I’ve seen sofare plus foxfarm ocean forest soil

The big one on the left thats just showing signs of buding is the one thats infested


Looks like you’re at about week 4-5? Tough because you really don’t want to spray MOST stuff at this point, but on the plus side you’re nearing the home stretch…

Those plants looks pretty big, but if you can bring them into the shower and blast the shit out of them. Make sure to get to the undersides of the leaves too… everything. Obviously if you can you could do it outside with the hose too. This can be very effective and I’ve seen people actually get rid of mites like this (I have too but on mother plants only)

Barring that, you have very few options for safe sprays. There are some (expensive) but interesting ones out there now that claim to be totally benign, they’re made from essential oils and stuff. I really don’t know if they work well but people seem to think so.Something like water with dish soap and hydrogen peroxide might slow them down a bit too and be safe.

I think basically your goal here is to slow them down as much as possible while the plants finish, then you can clean everything up and start fresh. Do you have other mothers or veg plants? If so check them ASAP!


Uploading: 20200502_173229.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173358.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173335.jpg… Uploading: 20200502_173956.jpg…

Didn’t notice they were at different stages… you’re probably at or past the toxic spray point on all of them anyways unfortunately


Yeah im going to put them in the shower and wash the shit out of them in the morning when the lights are set to shut off i live in Florida and the heat is crazy outside to grow anymore so i moved indoors lastyear was great no problems or pest untill now this is a war im going to win lol


I’m afraid you’re not going to be so lucky as Purple-N-Hairy :sweat:, I had the same infestation and tried the shower solution. The problem is that they lay eggs all around, you may get rid of a whole generation but the next one comes after few days, so you have to repeat the process …

As it is too late to spray chemicals and the other ones are better used as prevention but not for cure there’s not many different decisions to take and time is running and mites spreading.

I couldn’t stand the vision of mites crawling in the buds, tossed all the plants and cleaned everything with bleach and hot vapour.

Now I am on the next batch and fortunately hadn’t anyone till now :sweat_smile:. I won’t tell you what to do, just show you what I did and make you think about it. Let us know your progress, good luck … :sunglasses:


@George1961, my luck was only that I caught them while still limited to my veg grow. The rest was a nuclear attack on the little bastards. I bought a bottle of Avid or something similar. Instead of spraying, I made up a bucket of solution and dunked each plant into the solution. My veg grow was an aeroponic setup, so I was able to dip each plant up to the roots, so nothing was left to chance.

BTW - my veg “room” was actually a 12 square foot closet devoted to growing, so I also drenched every square inch. I don’t recall if I repeated this process more than once, but it did the trick. There was no lasting effects on the plants, and the mites were eradicated.

@Joey420, obviously with your plants as far along as they are, you can’t use something as toxic as Avid. Your first approach (the shower) won’t solve the problem, but it should knock it down a bit and buy you a little time to do more research. But don’t limit your showering to just the plant you know is infested, you need to hit all your plants. And don’t forget to treat your room.

Any idea what the source of your mites is/was? New/different soil? Store bought plants? Open window near the grow?


Yes definitely you need to shower all plants,and while they’re all out of the room it needs to be cleaned/sanitized too.

When I did mine I took all plants out and showered them every day. While they were in the shower I cleaned and sprayed the grow area with 70% iso alcohol. I waited for the alcohol to evaporate and then put them back.


They claim spinosad is safe up to 10 days before harvest. I would probably do it then wash the bud at harvest time, but I don’t want to influence you.


Is a spinosad soil drench safe?

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I do not know. I normally foliar. Don’t you have a powder form? Does it say okay for drench?

Edit: @AllOra just looked it up. It’s not systemic so it’s fine for top of the soil, but it sounds like just spray on top as well as leaves, probably pointless to drench the entire soil

Edit 2: Okay for root drenches as well… I didn’t read far enough.

I only use 2 bug sprays, both organic Spinosad and BT that’s it! Tried neem now about 10 times, never does dick. Waste of money if you ask me.