What’s the Cause?

What is causing the leaf discoloration?

Plant is an auto Critical Mass, 7 weeks into a 8-9 week flower time. Feeding every other week with AN micro, grow, bloom with cal mag supplement. Water and feed until runoff. Temps in the mid-90’s the past week with low humidity. Pots are 6.5 gallon.

I noticed the change within the past week. Any ideas?
This is my first auto grow.


Low nitrogen


She’s hungry feed that girl !!! :smile:


Ok don’t feed it I just read the flowering time :man_facepalming: But definitely looks like low N .
Starting to finish would be my guess. molasses water for the flush ?

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I would be more concerned with whatever bug is chewing them up, cant see enough detail but when I blow that top pic up its got bug crap and what looks like mite/thrip damage or Powdery Mildew.

The bottom pic left side view under the leaves loads of black bug crap and either mites or thrips.

If they only only have 2 weeks left the plant is probably going into its senescence phase, and will start to consume the nutrients from the older fans leaves I would say.


What amount of molasses to a gallon of water would I use and for how long before I flush?

Shades the damaged leaf was my f**k I missed moment and I did miss! :unamused:


Given I have approximately 2 weeks to go, should I fertilize one more time?

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I am not talking about the one with half the fingers missing I am referring the big one above it. Its crawling with tiny bugs on top and probably under neath as well.

If they only have 2 weeks I would leave them to eat the leaves as the rest of the plant looks good.


About a tablespoon is what I use

Nope I wouldn’t I don’t know how hard the flowers are but they look good and chunky

Molasses is to feed the microbes in the rhizosphere… the plant roots are not able to break down the sugars in molasses by itself, it needs help in doing so.

The large fans should be getting lighter in color, due to the plant using the stored nutrients found in them on other parts of the plant to complete it’s flowering cycle. You don’t want to give your plant any nitrogen at this stage of flowering.


Spray them off with a water hose, or would that potentially cause mold? Our Rh is 29%.


I call it normal senescence like @Shadey stated I wouldn’t get all crazy and start pumping it full of unnecessary shit that’s for sure!


True that !

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LITFA is what it needs

If it at the end of it cycle it’s normal to see yellowing leaves
The pics are not clear enough to see the insects
If it is removed the leaves thats badly infected spray with neem oil
I would not feed at this stage

DG is correct on the molasses

If you are going to feed make a compost tea


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As @ReikoX said…

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Having growing tons of Autos a couple things I’m guessing…

A very mild bump in nitrogen for one or two feedings is likely in order as the plant continues to stack trichomes…Leaf fade showing us that; needs a closer visual…

Also, as pointed out, see some leaf damage…check under leaves for bugs…Even a mild soap and water wash down can be helpful at this stage.