What we are selecting with friends


Just to share my knowledge, experiments and fails to help the community

It will be a vertical grow, in 6 different homes, because were I live we are 6 friends sharing the same passion

The biggest lamp will be 600w. Mine will be 400 watt because I will normally reach 600 g (to make a lot hash experiments haha) even with not much productive strain (thanks to vertical area :wink: I don’t do magic and I’m more stupid than a genius haha but some vertical growers beat the 2 g/watts with productive strains like critical)

This is the list and pictures :slight_smile:

All the best

  • Karma : Josh D, the postman lost the last packet of biker kush that I saw and ordered on the internet
  • Rare Dankness : scott’s og,
  • DNA : holy grail kush, OG18, kushberry, I’m thinking on the Florida Gold because the Kosher kush isn’t available
  • chocolate zkittles,
  • chocolate cream,
  • critical pineapple,
  • jack47,
  • keylimepie x dosido,
  • wifi43 x purple punch,
  • purple punch x dosido
  • brain cake,
  • cream mandarine,
  • bubblegummer,
  • critical soma,
  • heavents fruit,
  • deep chunk,
  • white wtrawberry skunk,
  • black bomb,
  • critical kush,
  • critical lemon,
  • dreamberry,
  • sexbud,
  • grapefruit,
  • the white og,
  • purple puch dosido,
  • malawi,
  • panama,
  • killerA5haze
  • panama x malawi
  • bubba hash
  • C5 x kali china
  • nevil haze (cut original) x panama
  • Haribo,
  • liberty haze,
  • vanilla kush,
  • blue cheese,
  • somango47,
  • banana cake,
  • tangilato
  • superchoco
  • lemon og candy
  • clone only : amnesia core, gsc thin mint, Blueberry haze, grune hessin, nebula haze

All the best everybody


What exactly is a ‘vertical grow’?
Any links or pics??

Ya i could google it but id rather interact w you folks

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Images or better than my English

Please see

Best regards


Good luck, hope you find some fire! :fire: :fire: :fire_engine:

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Thank you very much for the kind words it give motivation

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Update with pictures, maybe?

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First soil vertical grow I’ve seen very inspiring to see someone do it without one of those several thousand dollar hydro setups

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shark tank update haha


you need less material (no reflector) than in normal grow and if your strains are good productors you can make 2.5g/W because you use four/five times more area with vertical plants

I prefer a simple installation and not hydro because you can remove plants if you want. Most part of the time they are new strains to try so I have no idea how the plants will grow. That’s why I choose this cheap and more simple option :slight_smile:

but you can make high-tech vertical grow, with cheap material and can go to holidays like three weeks easy if you want

IMHO vertical grow is a good deal to save time and Energy

all the best