Which Runtz Cannabis Strain Is Actually Worth Trying? Win RUNTZ MUFFIN – 2 Prizes!

Here’s your chance to win Barneys Farm Runtz Muffin 3 Seeds from Killabeez Seedbank . We have 2 prizes available for grabs on this post! There are 16 Prizes in total available on the main blog post

To Enter you just have to leave a Runtz strain comment below. We welcome your participation!

Winners will be announced on the main blog post - 21st January 2020. Please don’t forget to check back then!


I’m still processing the dough to make my runtz muffins :smile:

Still a bad baker :adult:‍:fried_egg: haha

But I’m sure they will taste good when done

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runtz muffin badder ready in 8-10 weeks

Barneys Farm Runtz Muffin looks amazing, would love to try them out. Thanks Killabeez for the opportunity.

I havnt tried any runtz yet!

I’d like to try some


Runtz muffin sound great : )

I haven’t even smoked runtz yet. I would love to grow my first sample of a runtz cross

only had shady dnm runtz , yuck. Runtz muffin looks nice

i won 2nd place in the last one, but i guess it doesn’t hurt to enter again, lol. runtz muffin does sound pretty good.

Sign this guy up

Just got my notice, pre-approved, that I was going to win. As such, I’m officially entering!! Thanks for the Contest, good on you, continued success in ALL your endeavors. I’ll Txt ya my address…lol SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:

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Now this is a strain I’d love to try! Runtz Muffins would definitely be more than worth the grow!

Runtz Muffins is Zkittlez X Gelato 33 X Orange Punch - those are amazing genetics! I am sure there will be some serious fire in those seeds, and would love to give them a try.

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Runts muffin sounds tasty. I would give em a go.

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It could be so fantastic to try RUNTZ MUFFIN BY BARNEYS FARM !
Thanks KillaBeez Seeds :+1::ok_hand:

Would love to try growing Runtz Muffin…but if I don’t win at least got that Lottery win sewn up…

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Love baked goods, so runtz muffin sounds like a win to me!!. Good luck everyone!

Would love to try some RUNTZ

Never had runtz muffins, but white runtz is pretty tasty.