Who's ready for 2020 outdoor season?

As we get closer to spring and the joy of spending more time outdoors, who is ready for their outdoor gardens? What are u all looking forward to doing differently this year for better results? What strains work for u? What does best for u in northern climates?
I hunted thru 40 females of Tree of Life from Cannabeizien last year between 3 households and found a super fast finisher, done by 2nd week of September ( done done!) Stacks hella hard, covered in trichomes giving it A+ bag appeal, and is really terpy… Most people’s thoughts on it were very positive and couldn’t believe it wasnt indoor. Very excited to run 6 of these outdoors here in Maine this year… Also running an older cut of Green Crack (mango citrusy skunk monster), older cut of Black Alaskan, the highly abusive Banner #3, and Cherry pie ( pieguy cut)… gonna be another epic outdoor but still will maintain the indoor on a smaller scale…

Pictured is a cut of Burnham Red Eye… a Maine classic



Tree of Life 2 month cure… not the keeper cut



You guys already starting outdoors in California? We still got 2 months or so😔


Nope my pick is last season


I am super d excited about it. I have have five different varieties and ten plants in total


So far we have two runs planed and set to go, still need supplies for more (want to really find a annual flower! Lol I know). I’m in New England, Have some black triangle, gg4, tangerine haze, buddahs sister, wedding cake, chem d. Would really like to hunt down some reliable landrace!


I am super happy about spring time trying to poke its head out, but dont’ have anywehre I can even grow a single plant outdoors sadly. Would make it so much easier to have a space for outdoor so I could do some pollen chucking and conservation indoor easier.


Yo guys, whatever beef you are throwing around is really clogging up what could be a good thread.

Obviously there is more to the story, but the guy posted a pic of his outdoor grow from last season which followed suit of the first post in the thread. Is that really enough to start this kind of unproductive trash talk?

Maybe there are some other things that you guys have going on, but I’d like to ask you guys to handle them like gentleman in the threads where they started.

Let’s keep the tone of OG nice and smooth. Plenty of sites around for people who want to talk trash and also grow weed. Here we have an opportunity to start over and be kind to one another in the name of a shared interest. I’m asking y’all to try that, as an experiment we are all doing together and let’s all see what happens :grin:


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I’m ramping up for this year’s grow here in So Cal! Waiting on my soil test results as I type this. Still indecisive about what seeds I’m gonna pop this year, but I am doing a few old skool strains, skunk and granddappy purp. I have 9 spots in my bed and I’ll probably do a few smaller indica container grows. This year Dad and I are building a new trellissing system and I plan to grow one container just to practice supercropping and pruning techniques on. That would be the differences for me this year.


In new England as well. U need to run tree of life outdoors. U will love it. Trust me


I’m in New England as well I’m planting in my backyard in my raised garden beds and I’m digging holes in ground which trains do you feel as though is best for summer grows in New England and will finish by October 1st


So each plot depending on sun and water table usually have run afghani hash plant, Alaskan thuderfuck I’ve had good luck with reds, but I live in a humid swampy area. Humidity usually 70% or above and dense vegetation all around. Some fancier ones I’ve run is wedding cake, platinum kush, purple Hindu Kush, gg4, chem 91, chem d, mendo breath, and then this large bag left to me of seed that’s been collected and mixed for about 40years.
Start indoor in 3inch round pvc cut to 9 inches long. Plug the bottom and start inside around now. I don’t do anything special just let sun and nature do it’s thing. Looks like in ground will come around May. So depending on what I run I could start much later. These can then be arranged for travel quickly and also planting quickly, so my plot is usually ready to rock when I popem in. Then from there track a piss jug to throw around at each plot to keeps the critters away as well as orange and lemon peels to help keep the rodents away. But in by last day of May usually means all finished by early September with out delay.


Can’t wait to get outdoors this season I live in New England


My outdoor plants that I had in the ground last year got ripped off so this year I’m thinking I’ll do decently big pots with promix that I can put on wheels and hide in my garage at night.

I’ll just chuck out whatever I have going in my veg room, definitely one c99 x guava hashplant and something different.


Yeah man.
I Will do a run with about 30 girls on 2 or 3 islands in a BIG lake here nearby.
Stockholm area that is.
Any suggestions on strains somebody?

My best…:sunglasses:


Purple punch, it finishes super quick and is impossible to not have pretty punch my outs look like a1 deps


What’s your outdoor season like? Where I’m at the rain usually kicks into full gear by mid/end September, and uts not un common for plants to finish end of October lol. If I do outdoor this year it will be all autoflowers, which will give me a shot at double harvests


Stolkhom Wisconsin? Sweden?