Minnesota outdoors!?

hey guys looking to throw a few plants outdoors in Minnesota this year I am currently growing indoors but may have sprouted a few more than I can handle with my indoor grow just looking for some tips or what to expect when growing outdoors in Minnesota this season !


Hey guys I’m fro mn and currently growing indoors but I have four plants I been getting ready to move outside it will be my first outdoor grow any tips or pointers on growing outdoors I mn

Some pics of my little indoor grow


Get holes dug in advance. Either use good bagged soil or amend your local soil with some good compost or worm castings. Think about what kind of fertilizer you’ll use. Plan how often you’ll be going to see them if they aren’t in your yard. And this part is important… Plant before its going to rain. Like a day before or so if possible.

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Plan for the rain so you can use notes before it rains or so you can catch rain water or what?

I been using the fox farm trio and calmag for my indoor plants I guess I don’t even really know what works good for outdoor as for as nutrients go any suggestions

So i mix any bagged potting soil 50/50 with the local soil so I’m not carrying in large amounts of stuff. And planting before the rain is so that you don’t have to haul as much water when planting and it helps the plant get used to it’s new home. Cuz when it’s rainy it’s cloudy and the sun isn’t quite as intense. Also your plants get watered really well. Idk if you get regular occurring rain but if you don’t id also suggest picking up some water crystals and adding like a tsp to each hole. Basically little plastic pebbles that absorb water then slowly release it over time. It really helps in the summer months if you can’t get out to water frequently. As far as nutes its all the same pretty much in or out

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In the fall you really need to watch the Temps. You either need to cover them on cold nights or harvest before it gets to cold. That will probably mean it’s a week or two early.

Thanks guys yeah I definitely have a little bit of more research to do I’m planning on hopefully putting them outside this weekend they’ve been vegging for about 5 weeks

I’ve already had a few plants badging for coming up on 5 weeks I’ve been reading about I guess it’s called hardening them off or you bring the plants outside for a few hours each day like the week before you put them outside permanently have any of you guys done this is it beneficial


Not only beneficial, but ABSOLUTELY required!!! Too much direct sunlight will, believe it or not, kill them. A couple of hours over a 7 - 10 time-frame. They should be acclimated. Good luck. BTW, stay safe…

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Yeah I definitely will stay safe thanks it’s going to be somewhat of a gorilla grow still haven’t 100% decided if I’m going to go directly in the ground or use 10 gallon pots I like the pot idea because I was thinking if they’re not ready for Harvest and the weather starts to turn I can pick them up and finish them inside if they’re not ready

My indoor

The plants I’m getting ready to go outdoors


I usually start them and send them out at the 3rd set of leaves or so and send them straight out. But my spots have some shade during the day on purpose so I don’t have to irrigate or worry about hardening off. I also plant right before rains so its usually cloudy. Id say it’s more preference really because I’ve always done it without. If your plant was like 3ft and been under lights it might be different… Idk.The only problems i ever run into are pests :upside_down_face:

Yeah the spot that I picked has a little bit of shade during the day too and I’ve been putting the plants in the window sill to get direct sunlight for a couple hours for the last few days thinking about putting them out tomorrow I should be fine right

does this look like snail damage to you guys or what kind of critter would do this the plants only went out three days ago and I did find a snail near 1 of the plants

What strain are you going to plant? MN is hot humid summers with lots of rain and early cold falls with lots of freezing. I would say plant autos, and even then plan to loose some to mold. It is a very poor flower-growing environment.

Don’t use soluble synthetic nutes on a guerilla grow. Use organic soil amendments (worm castings, oyster shell, crab, chicken shit, alfalfa, ect.) that will break down over time and not immediately wash into a river.

That said feral hemp is still relatively common in MN. Let me know if you find find some, I will trade or buy seed of it.

No. That isn’t snail damage. Looks like phosphorus lockout. Could be spray and/or light damage.

I Got One atonic X 1 motorbreath number 15 and two bad girl X Fems that I started inside vag for 5 weeks and have only been outside for 5 days I heart into them all off a little bit but could only use the windowsill for natural light due to privacy issues and the reason I asked if it was snails is because there was no damage on any of the Leafs when I put them out 4 days ago I went back to check on them and two out of the four plants had those spots on the leaves and three out of the four were leaning over just a little bit on the top and felt kind of lethargic if they are going to die off how soon do you think I would know

I hope the rioters dont get ur plants haha
How crazy is it there right now??

Is out there Friday and Saturday not really rioting more just spectating but it was completely insane I took these pictures

Yeah I took these pictures myself craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life just from where I was standing in Minneapolis by the police precinct I could count seven buildings completely engulfed in flames

For future reference, any time you start plants indoors to put outdoors, they will need to be hardened off. This is the process needed to get them used to the sun and elements of their new surroundings.
They are used to warm and comfy from the heat and spectrum of a light, the sun is something they need to get used to, slowly, so there is no harm done to the young plants. The sunlight will increase their photosynthesis production, which will increase their food supply and they will start to grow rapidly.

I absolutely love growing cannabis outdoors and I’m sure you will too! Wait until you see what you harvest off your outdoor plants compared to your indoor yields!