Working as a cannabis Chef

Not to distract from the conversation, but both BHO and Ethanol extractions, done with proper lab equipment, are quite safe. The majority of the accidents from making BHO and Ethanol are from attempting it in a home setting. Be safe folks. :+1::seedling:


Thanks for the suggestion.

Don’t worry, won’t be building a makeshift lab heheh

Do you have any experience in this, or know of someone who has or is doing this kind of cooking?

Plus I would like to understand a bit more about the chemistry behind mj so as to be able to advise or be able to use the different types of products to provide a good experience. So good books or lacations as in institutions that provide training or coaching so I can learn. Is there such a thing? Cannabis school?

As in location. think about it, I could travel the world if the client would be willing to pay :grin:

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Yes in Oakland I believe is a cannabis school

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You may find what you are looking for in my tincture thread. It has a bunch of recipies I use in it. Beware, it’s a bit long.


Thank you very much @ReikoX , will definitely be reading it.

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Do you have a name? That would be great if you do.

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Thanks for that. I’ll look it up.

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Cali for sure but many states in the US are coming round. Hard industry to break into, most cannabis infused edibles are still cookies and candy. Though don’t fret, between butter, oil, tinctures, keif, and even raw herb there’s plenty of ways too incorporate.

Been a chef for over 20 years, made many a bud feast. Feel free too message me questions, ideas, feedback, etc…

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Thanks for the input :grin: it means a lot to me.

Would be cool to do a worldwide thing :grin: when I say ww I mean that I would travel to cook for anybody willing to pay for my travels :wink:

This is the sort of food I make/create and cook.


I’m taking a break from cooking right now but not forgotten.

My wife and I frequently joke about making a YouTube cannabis cooking channel where we just make food normally and then sprinkle on a little activated hash in the last second of every episode.

If you’re comedically inclined as well, I think there’s “alternative” opportunities. :joy:


Combine this with drinks that incorporate cannabis and I’ll subscribe.


Heheh. That’s cool. I still need to experiment a little more. I have very limited access to the “oregano” greens if you get my drift. So it’s more complicated to test and make experiments.

But that sounds funny…it reminds me of when I was a kid. I grabbed some hash and a yogurt… not mind blowing but a nice faint buzz.

I have made coconut oil but haven’t cooked with it yet.

Made some cookies a few times and they are yummy.

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Those cookies took me to space and beyond… My good was I mind fuc%@ with them… really tripping and halicinating. Was a bit scarry at the time… And I thought I knew what I was doing but boy the cannabutter was potent.

Looking back it was quite hilarious but scary at the time. Now I have a better understanding of it all.

Valleymicro- green dragon is the drinks name.

Tincture, half gram bud per fluid ounce everclear. Exceed x4 if trim. Methods vary but I’ve hade good results freezing and qwiso, and double boiled tinctures.

Green Dragon =1oz tincture, 12 os 7-UP over a dallop of honey pn the rocks.

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Butter is a fickle whore… My personal favorite is 14g dusted herb too 1/2# unsalted butter on a simmer for 2 hours, strained and add the keif.

A basic sugar cookie or brownie recipe should work quite well, but add 1Tbsp coconut infused oil per 1/4# cannabutter. There goes reality.

Good luck, grow/cook well.