Yo Soy El Dios Del Queso / IAmTheCheeseGods is back!

Hello OverGrow,

It sure has been a long freaking time since I posted anything, and I lost all my emails and account credentials, and security on this site is tight enough I could not finegle my way back into my original account (go admins!).

I am sitting on the floor of my new grow room with a rubbermade tub supporting 380w of electronic t5 power behind me. To each side are pieces of a 400w HPS, ballast and bulb with cool tube respectfully.

Last time I posted I had just been forced to abandon my Autoflowering Purple Haze. I lost the genetics, but recently found them again! This means my statistical analysis of phenotype displays won’t be for nothing!
As soon as I make my Purple Haze autoflowering I plan to make it available to any patient looking for a fantastic painkiller that won’t cause nap time midday.

Also, I figure there is going to be a huge market for personal growers who just want to toss some AF seeds in solo beer cups in their window sill with the rest of their house plants and be able to harvest bud in 75 days or less. The Casual Grower.

For those of you who don’t know me: I was on OG OG back before they got busted, and was there when we all had to scatter to the four winds.
I look forward to meeting new friends and catching up with old ones!
Drop me a line!


Welcome back

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And what’s wrong with nap time midday? zz|nullxnull Here we call it “siesta”, welcome back and willing to see your progress on that Purple Haze auto … beer3|nullxnull


Peace @YoSoyDiosDelQueso Welcome back. I am also following along on Ur new grow. Good growing. Be well🙏🏿


Hey dudes and dudettes. My stoned ass straight up forgot every single thing about the new account; So here is this one!
Ill update the grow log as such

Welcome back again, your ganja is powerful than mine … frech|nullxnull

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