You have the aphids!

So today i was tending to my girls when i noticed a certain one was covered in aphids! As i begin to look closer at the other plants i find more. Ive done a little online research but i wanna hear from the OG community, what should i do? Also im close to harvest so im really worried. I did not take pictures but i will tomorrow.


A soap spray will kill aphids on plant parts above ground. Soap spray will discolor pistils.


Thanks for sharing @buzzmobile @Brownboy7089 if ya check either my 2019 or 2020 grow chronicles I show how to make your own using potassium hydroxide and canola oil for like 5$ I can make like 6 quarts of a great insecticidal soap!


If you’re close to harvest just showering them with a hose will toss them away, you can repeat procedure several days to make sure they’re gone … :sunglasses:


@George1961 thats exactly what i ended up doing. I just didnt feel right spraying soap on my plants.

Thanks for all the feed back OG community.


The Castile soaps are biodegradable in less than 5-7 days there’s absolutely no harm in them the problem is when peeps start using dawn and dawn like detergents on their plants

In a side note there a foliar boost in potassium as well an added bonus.

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I purchased a 100% organic pest repellent and killer. Its called adamax or something like that. Im gonna try it next year tho since im already harvesting. If anyone has heard or used this product please let me know what you thought of it. Ill post pic of it here after a bit.

Its called azamax not adamax my bad.

You can find several opinions about it … :sunglasses:

Thanks brother

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Azamax is stronger than insecticidal soaps. It may effect the bud taste. It works well though but I don’t use it in flower and don’t spray in the middle of the day, it can burn the leaves.

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