Yuji LED (500w COB)

Has anyone heard of Yuji LED or their 500w COB? It costs $325 alone or $499 (on sale for $449) with radiator. It comes in 3200k or 5600k. They also have other cobs, diodes, etc and high CRI values (over 95) I believe they are a photography LED company.

Yuji LED now releases two types of small LES COB package to meet the market need for higher light intensity with very small form factors. Yuji LED’s recent compact-LES COB – BC160H, BC270H – remarkably reduced dimensions. In the100W-class BC160H, the diameter of its LES has scaled down 9 mm from the 40 mm typically specified in conventional 100W COB packages. For the BC270H offering, the LES is only 19 mm. These LED packages are highly compact and their LES is extremely smaller than the most existing COB packages in the market. Moreover, they provide the exceptionally high light intensity and even higher Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP). These offer compact and bright lighting solutions for spotlights as well as high bay lights.

27 mm × 27 mm x 0.5 mm chip-on-board LED
Color Temperature
luminous Flux (Lumen)
CRI Value (Ra typ.)
Above 95
Below 3 step MacAdam
Input Current
Input Voltage
35V – 39V


  1. High CRI of 95+

This product is very suitable for applications in film & theater, where high light quality in a high light output format is necessary.

  1. Small LES (Light Emission Surface)

With a diameter of only 19 mm, the Yuji BC 270H COB has the smallest emission area for an LED of its power class. This allows for very high power densities where there are size limitations, and also allows for excellent optical controllability.

  1. Customization requests

Building upon its existing families of SMDs and lower power COB LED platforms, we extend our SPD and custom color point customization capabilities to our newest LED platform.

  1. Power supply recommendation

We recommend Meanwell HLG-600H-42A.

  1. Three options

We provide the high power COB as two versions of: without radiator, with radiator to match different requirements.

  1. Competitor comparison

Parameter Yuji LED Chinese Manufacturer X Japanese Manufacturer Y
Substrate Material AlN AlN Al(Cu)
LES(mm) 19 mm diameter 15*15 mm 34 mm diameter
Power(W) 450 340 500
CRI 95 70 70/80/90
Flux Density(W/mm2) 1.59 1.51 0.55
Luminous Output(lm) 23000 24000 59209-71735

Spot Lights
Tracking lights
Machinery Lighting
Scanner Lighting
Projector Lighting

I never heard of them, But I looked at there site and they seem way overpriced for for the items they offer. 4 standard Led 10w light bulbs are like $75… Really! I think it is because they say all of there stuff is 95 cri and up… Not who I would look to to buy lights from…

What’s so great about them? Seems like their main selling point is that they are 19mm? That’s pretty small, but a normal high powered COB is 20-30mm so… Also $325 for a single COB? Come on.

They look like an solution looking for a problem to me and a rip off to boot.

i think their main selling point is their high CRI values (over 95) which you can’t really find anywhere else.

a 500w cob for 325 is less than 1 a watt. just seems interesting. you don’t see 500w cobs anywhere else

but again, they are a photography company and not a horticulture company, photographers probably are willing to pay for that amazing shot

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I guess they are made for spotlights. It’s interesting I don’t really think it’s anything special though. What is the difference between 93-94 CRI and 95 CRI?

By that logic the max Watts for a Bridgelux vero29 is around 315 so for $29 that’s $0.09 a watt! Of course neither price includes a heatsink or driver.

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lol yeah when you calculate it’s only 48 lumens per watt. interesting but not practical or useful really

That’s your answer right there. CRI refers to how acurate it looks to the human eye vs the sun. For photography, that’s likely worth the price tag. Obviously CRI means less to a plant. I wonder what the CRI on an HPS is?

eye hortilux 1000w super hps is 2100k 26 CRI, double ended 1950k 25 CRI. their ceramic HPS doesn’t say but i read on a forum 81. not sure about that though.

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So nobody is using HPS for photography?

Everybody taking pictures in used car lots at night is!

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And a bunch of pictures on these forums too. Most of them with a rolling shutter


What, are you talking about me again?

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You know I actually asked them to sponsor a custom build one for a Veg light, one for flower using each respective color temp for each build. My plan was to use 5- 500w LED chips in almost a ChilLed fixture design one in the center and one at each corner for a 5x5 light fixture and compare side by side to either another COB led fixture or a quantum board. They wanted to me Obv. Have a YouTube with at least 10k viewers but I live in a dinosaur state and its still illegal here so for now I cannot take that risk. They were 100% down to sponsor the build so long as certain criteria were met to do the Comparison tho, and with the recent finding that spectrum and light intensity alone are the singular most important factors concerning plant growth, im very interested to see how these would stack up against a purpose built LED fixture, so if someone with a YouTube with lots of Subs. Wants to do this get in touch with me and ill tell Yuji its a go, and to sponsor me for the build. Lol

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2500 watts in a 5x5 would be insane lmao you’d have to underdrive them considerably, maybe run them at 30% (750 watts)