2020 Siberia outdoor (54 lat.)

Hey everyone, I’m happy to open a topic here.

The goal of this thread is to show you russian outdoor strains which are bred by russian breeder nucleon. He have been selecting his plants and crossing them with the northern strains from denmark, sweden, finland, canada since 2009. Such great work now allows us to grow in nothern areas up to 64 latitude with the good results. He is breeding at 60 lat (thats somewhere around saints petersburg), and also I have seen grow reports from people are living at 65+ lat. This strains are called earlyfloweres. It is not autos, and does not have ruderalis genes (may be just a lil’ bit), this strains are real photoperiods, but starts flowering with the longer daylight hours. This allows plants to begin flowering even in last june / early jule. Harvesting starts in the middle of september. Meanwhile here, if you grow autos, you will get barely about ~50 gramms from one plant. Nucleons will gets much bigger, much stronger and get you much higher yield, at least 3 times higher.

Okay, so, last year I texted him and he sent me 100 seeds of his mix of earlyflowering seeds. Heres a list of strains which I might get:

  • Torr - (Thyphoon X Early Wonder Skunk) F1
  • Black Fury- (TORR#2 х Easy Sativa dark х TORR#2) F1
  • Barbarian#1- (Tombrider x Early Wonder Skunk) F1
  • TerminaTorr - (Torr x SE-12 Sativa) F1
  • White Walker - (White Widow Auto x TerminaTorr) F1
  • TAKT – (Tombrider x AutoAK-47 x Tombrider) F1, back-cross
  • Double Monk – (Monk x TAKT x Monk) F1, back-cross
  • Double Wild (Wild#2 x Wild#3) F1
  • Durban Poison Early- (DP from Nirvana, ТАКТ) F1
  • Mexican Poison - (Mexican Airlines auto x DP Early) F1
  • Durban Lime – (Daiquiri Lime auto x DP Early) F1
  • Barbarian#1- (Tombrider x Early Wonder Skunk) F1
  • TerminaTorr – (Torr х Se-12 Sativa) F1
  • (TerminaTorr х Wild#3) F1
  • Early Widow- (White Widow photo x Thyphoon) x auto WW
  • White Express – (Haze Express x White Russian early) F1
  • White Walker (White Widow Auto x TerminaTorr) F1
  • White Walker #3 -(White Walker x Wild#3) F1

The last year I have spent about ~70 of this seeds and was really impressive by the results. Tho the season was not so good, and and also did some of mistakes (males was pulled off very late which lead to high amount of seeds in the buds) and some of my mistakes upset me.

This year, I decided to try to prepare mother plants from the rest of the seeds, leaving only girls, and get cuttings from them. I hope I will have enough time to have rooted cuttings by the start of the may. In our climate, we have enough warm temperature to land our plants somewhere closer to the end of the may, so I’m planning to settle cuttings in guerilla places throughout the may.


Welcome to Overgrow, blaze!

Nice story, I’m looking forward to seeing more…!


Hi @blazefortwunty! I’m very interested in this, looking forward to your adventure.

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Really interesting man and I would love to learn more as I’m very wary of the photoperiod ones here now.

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Hey folks! Really appreciate your support. :slight_smile:

I suddenly hit ctrl + enter when was creating this thread, and topic message went on pre-moderation before I managed to finish it, so I’m glad that topic was accepted by the moderators. Here is missing part:

This year, I decided to try to prepare mother plants from the rest of the seeds, leaving only girls, and get cuttings from them. I hope I will have enough time to have rooted cuttings by the start of the may. In our climate, we have enough warm temperature to land our plants somewhere closer to the end of the may, so I’m planning to settle cuttings in guerilla places throughout the may.

So, I have watered my seeds in the first days of march. After a couple days, the most of the seeds have sprouted and I transplanted them to the peat tablets. Week later, most of tablets have rooted and I again transplanted them into glass jars (~1litre each), which I long time wanted to throw off. After sex determination, males will be thrown out, and the females will be transplanted in the food containers with the higher size (3-5L). After that, I will start cuttings.

To the transplantation survived 17 plants. Not the best result, considering that half of them would be males, but what we have is what we have. I have moved them in my growbox under MHL 400 watt at 11 march.

In general, I have 2 growboxes: the first one for indoor growing with the HPS / MHL lamps and good plant spacing (~0.7m2), and the second one is much smaller (50cm x 50cm x 50cm) with the 2x55watt CFL lamps, but it is really good for early vegetation and cuttings. The first one will be used for mother plants which I hope will get me really good amount of cuttings under such light. Fresh cuttings will be placed in the second one to ensure better rooting and survival (6400k light matter).

What I have today is on these pics:



What a cool looking lineup! Can’t wait to see the diverse expressions that pop up among this crop. :sunglasses:


очен круто! я буду смотреть!

Ok, google translate just threw-up all over that!
I guess I better dig out the dictionary :wink:



Cool setup! Are any of the strains from Russia originally?

Also do many people smoke weed there?

Heya. Long time no see. :sunny:

Well yes and no. We have a lot of variety of ruderalis all across the country, most of them are crap. There are much hemp variaties with low thc percentage, but good for plant mass / seeds. For making oil / feeding parrots of course. But everything other is banned. I doubt that even scientists can work with that (i think there aren’t just such tasks tho, cause of legacy issues). But on the black market, we have plenty of good growers / breeders. Most of them unfamous, but can give you really great seeds with good genetics for very cheap prices. I think there are exist some cool russian landraces, you just need to search.

Yea, people smoke, but hiding that. Everything is mostly underground. We have even CBD banned as well as THC. But attitude to that varies, mostly depends on how much closer you to the Moscow or other city centers. In the far regions, small towns and even counties situation better, as there are more places to hide and less police officers. In general, you better not get caught here.

Okay, back to topic:

The lighthing hours set to 20/4 to prevent earlies from starting flowering.

Everything is going well, plants are really sizing up (just add some water!). Sub branches have already started to grow. Placed the biggest plant beside the others, cause its really getting nuclear powered :smile: and getting higher and higher. Really impressed by the vegetation under the HPS lamp. Metabolism is so fast, really big difference if compare to CFL. You can get settling-ready plants under such light really faster. Don’t know why I had not did that last year.

I’ve already pulled off 3 males. Because of the autoflowering genes in this mix, some plants will begin flowering. Such plants are not suitable for making cuttings, because life cycle is limited for them. I will remove every plant until find out the correct phenotype which is suitable for making clones.

Because of low amount of beginning material, theres chance my cuttings idea would fail. Because half of the plant would be males. And then from this half, more of them will be autos.

Having all that, decided to not to test the luck, and ordered more seeds for the back-up from my comrade Nucleon:

  • Golden Torr - (Guerilla Gold X Torr) F1 (feminised)

  • Torr - (Thyphoon X Early Wonder Skunk) F1

  • Barbarian#1- (Tombrider x Early Wonder Skunk) F1

  • TerminaTorr - (Torr x SE-12 Sativa) F1

  • TAKT – (Tombrider x AutoAK-47 x Tombrider) F1, back-cross

  • Double Monk – (Monk x TAKT x Monk) F1, back-cross

  • Double Wild (Wild#2 x Wild#3) F1

  • Durban Poison Early- (DP от Nirvana, ТАКТ) F1

  • Durban Lime – (Daiquiri Lime auto x DP Early) F1

Its about ~100 seeds as regular strains, and 100 seeds as nuclear mix. The good thing is that this time I’ve ordered separate strains this time, so I can correctly name my plants and show you what could be grew from them.

The package should arrive at the middle of the april. I’m not sure for now how many of them I will plant, cause its not the time for searchin places yet. Still snow on the streets. Waiting till all snow melt away.

Here is some pictures:


Last picture of the guy who wanted to have sex with my girls :angry: :smiley:

Peace :four_leaf_clover:


Very interesting Blaze, you are running 20/4 with HPS and you have already pulled 3 males.
Those are different genetics that we typically see.



Klassna! :wink: :+1:

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay.
The last 2 weeks was pretty boring. I was watering my plants and pulling out autoflowering ones. I got so much males and only 2 girls. :frowning_face: . So, as for now, I have got only one single plant left which does not show any sex marks. So I waited until it gets dried a little bit and then moved it to 15L food container. Going to wait before it gets rooted and then will start preparing for making cuttings. Also topped up it to prevent growing vertically and start growing horizontally instead.


Edit: Nvm it’s early, and I need to read more. Always wanted to see Siberia. Can’t wait to see this! :v:

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Loving your progress so far. Very interested to see (a little part of) Siberia! Good luck man :v:


Hey guys. Havent been posting for a while. Giving you on a update.

So the last plant was moved to a bigger pot and has rooted well. Got scared one time when thought that the last plant became male too, but then realized that this is just embryo of the side branches. So, I checked off over the pulled off males which I haven’t thrown out in junk yet, and looked over the one suspicious plant. Decided to keep it for a while in the growbox until I see distinguishable gender.

For the first plant, I gave it a little stretch, to force side branches to stretch to the light. Probably pot for the first plant is too big. Thinking about moving those two into two 7L containers (should be enough for mother plant)

This is the first plant now. after stretching.

I was just trying to take a photo of this fake male gender signs, but my camera is such a crap. Those two sprouts are looking like small balls on the young side branches and was messing me up.

The overall picture of the two nucleons

There are also some other plants which I will be growing indoor in this growbox. There are strains from GHS and Dinafem. I think I will make a separate topic for it when I begin.

By the way, got the package from sir Nucleon, so imma fully loaded for that season. Going to have a search for the places to grow on the next week. Gonna take some photos there


Hey fellas. Plants are going goo. I have moved the second plant into 7L container and stretched it too. They are going pretty well, almost ready for making cuttins. Today I gave em a light flowering solution. Took GHE Flora Bloom and diluted it in the 3L jar to the ~0.3-0.4 EC. In a few days, I will begin cuttings. This is how I’m going to manage that: I will take 0.2L white plastic cup, mix 50/50 perlite with vermiculite, cut the branch, apply rooting stimulator (heteroauxin), and put in the cup. Then it will be placed under CFL 6400k light.

Overall view

Side branches

Second plant

Picture of seeds from nucleon. Delivered via post mail, just such package wrapped in the piece of paper. No labels / production packaging at all, just the raw seeds. Thats the cost of security. Have to lay low when dealing with all that. Also got mexican poison as bonus. So much seeds tho. I hope I will happen to settle at least half of them…


Nice, lots of interesting stuff to choose from there. Mexican poison should be a killer. Plants look good!


Hey everyone. I got some updates for ya. First of all, I had a walk for a planting sites for my guerilla grow and found few amazing places. Then I got some cuttings from my first motherplant. And third thing is that we have all snow and ice around melted, temperature became more stable, so its time to start watering the seeds.

So, how I choose places. I open the google earth (desktop version), and try to find places which fit the following requirements:

  • not so far away, but far enough from the people (you must not see any kind of human presence, like garbage, footprints and so on! a really good sign - no service from your mobile phone )
  • should be accessible for a car (its hard walking too far through the forest, really gets you tired, feels like in the jungle)
  • there should be any source of water close enough (50-200 meters), because you will have to have a lot of water to pour on your planted crops (mostly at the beginning)
  • and the most obvious one, it should have enough light. It should be something like meadows in the woods, maybe some fields, whatever

Some good places may be found on abandoned agriculture fields, some forests between dachas. Actually, we have a lot of places to grow. You just need to go at least 15km from the city/town and search. In these forests, we have small rivers, which are flowing in the ravines. If you walk forward them, you will probably will eventually stumble upon open spaces, like small fields close enough to the river, which are great for planting.

Small rivers

Just a random photo of our forests

Some of the snow is still laying in the forest on the slopes

I’m searchin for something like this (close to the river, with the open space)

I took the place that are not so far from the place I grew last year. Its even on the same river. There are a lot of beavers. They are making such freaking dams there. They making swamps and ponds from such rivers, some of them may be so huge, that could have multi-level dams, and have size like a football field.
They are really so freakin, i had my jaw dropped first time i saw such places. In such swamps you can find a lot of frogs, they are even multiply there. A really plenty of felled and peeled trees. They cut downs so many trees, that it rather helps me. Because such places are seen from the satellite very well, so I can seek over the probably good water sources.

Also, really great species of flora and fauna here. Like, previous year once I saw an rabbit. In this year I have found few animal holes. We have a lot of wild animals down here and a lot of interesting flowers and other plants (even those from red list of endangered). And what really interesting is too watch over how the environment changes throughout the all summer.

I have tried to spot a baby beaver, but it swam so fast, leavin only mud trace for the photo

Beaver’s dams (they should be called beaver’s damns haha)

probably the entrance of beaver’s underwater house

frog’s caviar

caught a lizard

Some weird hole. What you think, what animal was living here?

So, anyway. I checked few places and decided where i will be about to settle. I have watered first part of seeds (~20 seeds from the nuclear mix). So, its way back the time to cut some clones. I will describe that in next post.


Cuttings part.

So, my plants got really big enough and I have decided to start making clones.

I’ve bought 2 types of plastic cups. Black and transparent. I put them one in to one and make holes at the bottom for the drainage. The black, the outer cup, performs the function of securing clone’s roots from the light. The inner cup, the transparent one, is the cup where my cutting will actually live inside the substrate. This allows me to quickly pull out inner cup and see if my cuttings have already gave roots.

Substrate. I will use perlite / vermiculite in proportion 1:1. I took the plastic bowl, where I mixed it up.

First goes vermiculite

Then I top up it with perlite

You should get something like this.

Everythings ready for the cuts. You will need scissors, sharp knife (sharper as you can), screwdriver (or the pen to make holes in substrate), and a bowl of fresh water.

First, you just cut the branch. I usually take 3 level branch, cut out the last one, and try to get 45 degree slice from bottom of the trunk. Then prepare the hole in the watered substrate in the cup and just put in in there. I’m doing that underwater to prevent air bags in cutted place.

So I got something like this

I put em in my second growbox, which have CFL light (2x55w, 6400k), should be good for clones. Maybe it looks a little messy, but it do its job really well

I’m sprayin them with the fresh water few times a day. Should be good for them.

Oh folks… I have finally finished this posts, so tired. Really hard to express everything in not your native language. So many thoughts i want to share… Cant express everything in one post. PEACE :sunny: :slight_smile: