2023 Black Friday/holidays sales and codes roundup

Hi folks, I’m starting this post to gather up all the 2023 deals and sales and other promotions we all love to wait for all year since 4/20. I know that a lot of people, myself included, make sure to have some of our budget for the year ready to jump on the cheap prices you can score between now and after New Year’s so I figured I’d kick it off with with this @VIVOSUN BF daily flash sale starting tonight, they made it easy to tell what’s going to be on double discount @ 100 pieces each 6pm each day:

I’m definitely going to be in the mix for some of those fans, I’ve been running two Vivosun basic clip fans like that for three years now and they’re still going strong with twice yearly lubing of the bearings, I’m actually pretty impressed. Could definitely use another pair tho. And that little tent is awfully tempting for a mom/clone room…

P.S. - Sponsor me please :pray: @VIVOSUN I could really use a new light for my 4x4 flower tent and I take beautiful photos as you’ll see in my journal wink. Your current product lineup is looking really good and different than a lot of the other manufacturers, the bar lights look excellent but I’m actually really curious about the AeroLight series with the integrated fans, especially the newer Wing models. I think folding fixtures that can do better side coverage are really the future beyond just having a perfect bar grid, not all of us make a perfect canopy and I’ve been thinking a lot about the new zoned systems using daisy chained units like this.

Ok, self-interested pitch over, back to deals we’ll have to explain to our families and significant others later.

Post away friends!


I am glad someone is putting this post up, I looking to get some old school strains.



@MarsHydro is having a black Friday sale also.



I am looking for one of the thermometers that telsl you how hot your banger is. What do you call them again?


Keep an eye out on the Fleur Du Mal thread, Baudelaire usually does a fantastic Black Friday code I wait for every year, this was last year’s at the end of November


What’s my nanger look like?

I’m assuming that was meant to be canopy?

In that case you want an infrared thermometer like one of these:


Brothers Grimm has testers seeds dirt cheap. $12.50 for 9 fem seeds. Maybe 15 choices. All november long. Cap junky, kush mints, white truffles, Cinderella purple, some more. Might be a good gift also for saving your wallet, but giving Big. $9.00 for all amount shipping.


Gorilla apparently started theirs…


Going to be lots of deals this year hard to pass up. Reminds me of the old ikea commercial.

Start the car!?!?!?!


Where is this deal going on? Very cool ty for the heads up

Brothers Grimm web page. Search seed packets. Top results show testers above their other regular offerings.


The best sale and discount code page of all the grow websites that I know is Coco For Cannabis, I frequently find a code here to use or suggest:


Thanks for starting this!
I actually might be in the market for a tent…finally. Something for breeding.
Considering my recent pollen contamination, lol.


I have been super happy with my Mars Hydro and AC Infinity tents, I think the AC is maybe a little better made but the Mars is way cheaper and very similar, I would recommend the newer Mars tents as the equivalent of the Gorilla Lite Line, both are on sale right cheap at the moment in some reasonable sizes:



Ohaus postal scale half off! $57.50 down from $118 with 620 x 0.1G capacity


Thank you buddy. Them are some great prices!
Now I just gotta figure out all the other fun stuff that might need to be used with a tent. Do I need intakes, exhausts, filters? Lol, I have no idea!

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You’re gonna need a tent of your size choice, obviously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and then one or two inline fans (4” is fine for a single tent, 6” is better. One to feed the tent (I use positive pressure, so my fan is on the front/supply end) and a second less powerful one as a booster if you’re ducting a distance or around lots of curves. The booster can just be a standard aluminum can HVAC booster with a little muffin fan inside but your powerful fan needs to be a proper inline that can generate some pressure. I have both a cheap Vivosun that’s just fine it’s 4” and been running for years now, I currently use it on a constant low as a second intake to keep a little air moving all the time. My main fan is the least expensive 6” AC Infinity, which is honestly awesome and worth it, they’re powerful, quiet, and efficient and even the cheap ones still have a USB plug for a controller even if they come with a simple power dial. Mine is run off of an Inkbird humidity controller with the probe hanging in the canopy.

About 15-25’ of flex ducting and an intake filter of some sort if you want to to prevent accidental pollination, that could just be a HEPA or MERV furnace filter from the hardware store taped to a strong cardboard box as your air intake with the hose ported in the side of the box. For odor control you would need a carbon filter on the exhaust side but it sounds like that’s not your concern. But you would probably want a piece of filter cloth over the exhaust anyways to prevent pollen drifting in.

@Ris can hook you up with the AC Infinity stuff at a good price and with that OG level of service he has a distributor setup through Growing Up Ganja his website for gear and genetics.


Vivosun 2x4 is only 79 bucks right now!

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Oh me, oh my.
That’s the size I’m thinking too!
Do they make good products?
Will they ship discretely?
What else do I need(besides lights) to make this run efficiently?