300 to 450 grams per square ft

What do you guys think…almost a pound per square foot…thinks its possible??
The reason why i ask is i was checking out weed stocks there are a couple worth looking at and really those guys are not leaving. They are gonna duke it out after they learn how to grow weed…haha Shouldnt take them to long…how long did it take us??

heres the link


I think so, outdoor on a large plant. :thumbsup:

Thw article reminds me of stories about the amazing new InterWeb circa 1999. :smile:



From the article:

According to a previous investor presentation from Flowr, the company expects to produce up to 60,000 kilograms of peak output annually by 2021, with the company netting 300 to 450 grams per square foot at its Kelowna campus in British Columbia. . . .

While not profitable at the moment with a current run rate of 5,000 kilograms per year, it’s a pot stock worth keeping a close eye on.

That’s a “promising” business that is making some very large promises to attract investors. They are going to have to gear up to increase production 1200% in the next 18 months or so. I’m not so sure “it’s a pot stock worth keeping a close eye on.”


the industry average of 100 grams of yield per square foot of growing space

I don’t buy that, at all lol Let’s say 1 kilogrammer/sqm declared and i can eventually believe that. For an homegrown, i will feel respect but for an expensive projects where each day cost an eye … it’s useless to try to convince me than they grow like restricted californian hippies and not like the most productive dutch grow ops. Come on …

The powerfull Aurora panzer at one kilogrammer/sqm … yeah, my ass is chicken lol They are freaking powerfull even here in Europe now. Not hippies ^^ Where are the “in between” little characters saying “1 kilogrammer/sqm, but per linear height of one meter” ?

According to a previous investor presentation from Flowr, the company expects to produce up to 60,000 kilograms of peak output annually by 2021, with the company netting 300 to 450 grams per square foot at its Kelowna campus in British Columbia.

Much more in the standards of the industry when big money, advanced skills and big costs are involved. I’m curious to taste their stuff btw, a company than is not feeling the necessity to lie like a kid of ten years on productivity have maybe the same strategy on quality and lines.


You may wish to edit the title of the thread so it is more clear that it is grams per, not just an area.

My opinion is that grams per cubic foot gives a better idea of how the plant grows rather than per square foot/meter.

For example if you have a grow space 1000ft high but 2ftx2ft at the base, you can achieve amazing, unbelievable yields per square foot. (exaggerated to show the point)

The same yield in a 20ftx20ft room 10ft high would sound much less impressive but is in the same volume of grow space.

If you calculate it from the start as being in 4000 cubic feet for both systems it becomes much more understandable as to how efficient your plant/system is. It also makes it easier to compare vertical systems to outdoor, to multilayer systems, to standard top down systems.

Personally, I like to include the external environment management in the total space as well.


The max I personally have hit in a commercial facility was 118g sq/ft. Normally it is between 65 and 100 It was a run with White 99 (c99/ Great white shark). 300g a square foot would be filled with mold.

This is a tray with 8 plants on it that will produce right around 6 lbs.

So 2,724 grams in a 4x8. Thats 85g per sq/ft


It’s not possible to get that much per square foot unless they grow some sort of mutant no side branches no leaves baseball bat sized bud in a 4 inch cube with 9 per SQ ft. Or they have magical powers or science on hand and they’re folding time and space. My bet is fake news all the way.


Shhhhh, nobody tell the investors the truth. :imp::joy:


They could stack 10 layers of plants on top of each other and if they got a very possible 45g/sqft on each that would be 450g/sqft although it would be almost impossible to tend to and the cost of doing so would make it very unprofitable.

per square foot is almost meaningless if you do not take other factors into account.

That said, my bet is also fake news to get greedy unthinking investors.


1 kilogrammer per sqm can be achieved in homegrown without any magic or area 51 strain, you just have to set a dense SOG and the plants will do it barely alone. With enough skills off course, but it can be compensated with a AK47 based hybrid, most of modern skunks, a lot of modern haze and even sativa landraces like this one :

Now imagine with strains specially developped for that (so more fast, more big, more potent and without any hint of hemp inside) :

And not with the firepower of something as big than Aurora; in ghetto style you can achieve the oz per clone without preying all gods.

Off course i will feel respect if i see it in an homegrown, it mean full time cares and to known well the plants. It stay something, but not something impressive or specially uncommon.

Now imagine a company full of money, which recruit only the top shelves of degrees, which can buy any type of technology at any scale, which is asking to nutes factories their own formula developped by their own engineers, which is fed like a dragon by shares on financial market, government leverages and which is managing its harvests cycles by tons all year round. Do you really want to believe than their yield rate is pretty the same than the average Dutch in his garage ? ^^

In Europe actually, the more the laws are eating the prohibition, the more you see entire nations out of stock of everything : from the CBD flowers to all kind of extracts. Nations ! Germany, Luxembourg now, Italia (where the army is the main provider of the weed, no joke) … and each time you see Aurora around licenses with its tons lol

@GrowHard rowhard

Due to the restrictions self-imposed (not judging), its a pretty good yield and what i consider as a good density for the case. Which is not “industrial” at all, ghetto style or not (obviously not ^^).

GWS is a well known SOG champion here with its golden age in the street, adding the C99 inside making it much more sexy for this method of production in bonus (more than an OZ per clone can be achieved with this kind of hybrid).

The mold management is a question of habits and experience only, and canopees is simply a no-no when yield is the first priority. In fact mostly for pests and disease management, over the mold (you generally choose/order/ask strains in compliance with the productivity rate wanted, not the reverse).

Don’t be fooled by companies hiding their strategies of saturation. Aurora being often busted since the begin about that in bonus lol A normal player will get his OP closed, hard fines, eventually court … for Aurora it’s just a breeze than will never stop the production. At worst they find someone to sacrify officially, and it’s not for free.

Announcement : I’m volonteer to be the next responsible of the next bust of Aurora. At the same conditions than the previous ones of course ^^ Same “bonus”, same help with justice, same conditions, no jail guaranteed (eventually one week or twos for the show with a drastically increased bonus lol). It’s enough for me to live well during a dozen of insane breeding plans lol

lmao fucking insane world


The question was about 300 - 450 grams with a measurement of SQ Ft not per meter squared.

If you can easily achieve 300 to 450 grams per square foot that’s 7.11 to 10.66 pounds per meter squared. I’d love to see your grow of journal of this! What lights are you running ? You must be getting 3.2 to 4.8 grams per watt with a 1000 watter per meter squared.

Lol :laughing: Jokes


Let’s rewind a bit, first.

The article say than the standart of industry is 1 kilogrammer / sqm (in metrics). It’s just a total bullshit, that’s the average of the average EU guy selling nugs in the street. Generally in ghetto style and with the necessity to move the lab after each harvest. I mean, damned hell, you just have to go in any growshop here and ask them a setup for this. They will not watch you like an alien and in spain they generally rent the guys able to drive it in bonus ^^

Most of these little guys use cheap hps600. In SOG this extra cost (DE, 1K bulbs…) is stupid and here increase drastically the cost of the grammer. You don’t have any problematic of penetration because the plant’s heigth are generally close to the optimal range of high pressure (around 60 centimeters) in term of penetration. More lights density in this context will mostly complicate the grow than anything else if not paired with co².

Now 3 to 4 kilogrammer / sqm (in metric again) is something more compatible with an industrial scale and big money. I’ve never saw this achieved in homegrown context with my own eyes, and i’ve saw tons of different labs in my life.

That’s all, and if you don’t have enough experience to handle this information with all the datas i’ve shared (and specimens pics), it’s a matter of faith on which any further discussion will lead nowhere. I’ve personnaly nothing to sell you : you will never smoke my weed, you will never grow my seeds and i strictly don’t give a fuck to produce a bankable marketing. I’m not here for that, you took me for your little sister with the childish “pic or lie” strategy or what ?

My interest in this subject is the big fake hided behind the information of the article : 1kg/sqm (or 100gr/sqft if you prefer) is not an industrial standard. It’s more 2 times to 4 times this rate, like the Flowr company is communicating on … and than is obviously appearing like a fake instead the other ratio lmao Stoner’s logic i guess.

Actually, in my humbles tents than have nothing to sell or to promote, i achieve an average of 1.7/1.9 grammer per watt with neons, gnats and spider mite invasion. In killing specimens by dozens each round for selection. This ratio of stoners mean nothing for me. You can grow like a beast with fire weed and have a ratio below 2.0, it will not mean than you’re a bad grower. Same with the reverse, if you need an entire year to achieve a 2.0 … i will consider the first grower far more skilled than the second one lol

If i stop breeding a round and fill the 4*4 flo tent with 100 soda bottles containing a Jack Herer clone, you will see more than a kilogrammer easily made and under exactly 560 watts of neons lol. What i find very sad in this story, is than it appear like climbing the everest. I find a lot more difficult to achieve a kilogrammer with a single plant than with 100, i’m personnally not enough skilled to achieve this kind of baobab rightly outside a SCROG than is lating an entire season. Making the grammer of weed more expensive than in a dutch coffeeshop btw lol

But that’s not the data you will not believe, the data you will not believe is the grammer per day produced during the whole period, then the grammer per year than can produce this little 4x4.

And i don’t speak about the grammer/watt. In using 560W neons per 4*4, you will just ask to burn me in public place like an heretic i guess.


When you say neon, is that the same as fluorescents?

Lol more jokes

The article is written by someone that
A. Can’t do math
B. Doesn’t understand marijuana and how its grown

The article claims OrganiGram produces 230 grams a square foot. Then tells you they have 490000 sq ft of grow space and produce 110000kgs annually. So the 230 gram a SQ ft is square footage of grow space divided by annual production amount, not real per SQ ft numbers per harveat but yearly totals per SQ ft.

Knowing that they must have mother/cloning/vegging space all 490,000 sq ft couldn’t have been used for blooming nor do they only have one bloom cycle. On a three month cycle they pull 4 harvests from the bloom area thats 57.6 grams per SQ ft they at 490,000. If we set 100 000 as ft aside for mothers/clones/veg it works out to 72.34 grams per square foot per cycle. No where the homegrown standard of 100 grams per SQ ft or the industry standard of 300-450 grams a square foot you claim. The last industrial grower using lights claimed 2.5 lbs per 1000 watt over a 4x4 footprint. Which works out to 70.9 grams per square foot and it is closer to the OrangiGram figured I’ve come up with. So the industry standard being 2 to 4 times the articles stated numbers just doesn’t pan out.

Also I don’t doubt your numbers for your homegrown.


this was my first thought…depending on the height of the plant of course…perhaps at 25 feet tall. Bud rot air circulation with bud that thick in a vertical space you would have to greatly increse the height.


Otoh you have stuff like https://overgrow.com/t/the-led-hack-shack-and-other-tall-tales/12046/665

I suppose it would be possible to take that up a few more shelves and get there. Well a bunch of shelves…not sure if it would be practical or profitable.


A SOG would be the best way to go about it. In CO we have those pesky plant counts that make it more of a dance. Have to figure out the optimum veg time strain dependant, and then how tightly to squeeze them in there. I know that some of the newer state to legalize are basing their licensing on canopy size (make sense).

Got this pic before this was chopped today. In the end, this is what 80-90g a square foot looks like


Figures never lie and lairs never figure…experience says
possible but not likely unless they know something we don’t know some mutant alien strain


I just read you clarifications on the article, and it is more inline with reality. Everywhere I have worked runs on a 60 day schedule. It doesnt matter what you are growing, they get 60 days of flower. The main reason behind this is being able to claim to your investors 6 harvest a year, with 1 day to clean and flip the plants. Also, Colorado requires all flower to be either sold or processed within 60 days of harvest. The goal is to get the product out to stores within 14 days of it being chopped.


Dried, tested, cured and packaged in 14 days?