7 Autos in germany/ Palatina 7th Go! :)

Namaste and Hi dear lovers of Maria Johanna,

I am in again after a little break.

I have changed my lights https://www.pro-emit.de/shop/en/pro-emit/206/sunbar-450-b.html

and I am really looking forward to see how those nice wonderful ladies grow and bloom.

At the start are:

Original White Widow, Lemon Pie 2x, Strawberry Pie 2x, Ultra Lemon Haze, Blue Amnesia Haze

Hope you are all doing wonderfully dear ones!

Much Love and Light and every blessing to you!!! :heart:

Lights operating now on 20% :wink:


Oh wow those are some very expensive lights! Hope they treat your little ladies(are they feminized?) good.

Best of luck on your grow!


I’ll be sure watching this thread @AUM !!

but 1500$ for 600w :thinking::exploding_head:


Great setup @AUM!!

I’m looking forward to watching you put your girls through their paces.
:+1: :sunglasses:



Hey Gpaw my old fellow,

thanks for dropping some love brother! Always very much appreciated!!! :heart_eyes_cat:

Thank you!!!


Hey mein alter Schwede!

Thank you so much for your interest bro :heart:

I paid only 1400 .- Euro inclusive the Casambi App for finest light control and scenes set up :wink:

Have a good one :call_me_hand:

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Hey starter,

1400 inclusive casambi app :wink: Only the best for my girls you know :wink:

I like the 3500k warm white light and they are :slight_smile: Check the link above for more info

Thank you for drop some kind words bro! :heart:

Ahh, they are all Autos :wink:


Welcome back, good to see some autos being grown.


Hey my friend,

hope you are doing wonderfully too!

Thank you for stopping here and express your interest bro :heart:

It will be hopefully epic this time :innocent:

Good to see you back. I’m excited to see how they turn out, especially the lemon haze!

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Hohoho beacher, my dear friend,

very nice to hear from you and yeah, I am excited as well to the brim :wink:

Sending you all my love and light and every blessing bro! :heart:


I enjoyed watching your last grow. Be great to see your new lights in action.

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…at first glance could not see you … lol :heart:
O thank you bro! Lights are awesome so far, the alu corpus is only handwarm at 40% Power :slight_smile:

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Hey dear souls,

we are at day 12 from seeds in water to those pics now :slight_smile: I think it looks good :slight_smile:


I miss your UFOS! frech|nullxnull :space_invader: Anyway paying that price for those new lights means things are going good for you, which is fine. Glad to see you back, pulling a seat … popcorn


George, my brother, same age we are :wink:

Thank you for being here to give me the honor and blessing of your welcome you bestow on me :innocent:

The Ufos where to hot, and when I sell them I will get at least 1200 bucks, european bucks :wink: means this lamps are only 200 Euros … but, you are right. I am glad and grateful i n our beloved father7mother God for all my blessings :heart: :heart:

Thank you for your goodwill :slight_smile: Glad to have you hear … Cheers


Hola dear ones,

btw here are some pics from my first outdoor adventure, you see here at my friends house 3 Sensi Seeds Hindukush, 1 White Chocolate Haze, 1 Northern Lights 5x Haze and 4 Green Gelatos for you:


They are all photos the outdoor ladies I forgot to mention :wink:

Here I have some new pics for you and they are happily growing :slight_smile:

DAY 15

Welcome to my wonderful world in or at my attic? :wink:

Anyway I lovitt!!! May all your dreams come true :heart:

Lights operating now on 55% :dizzy:



Looks like the yellow submarine frech|nullxnull , do you start them directly in those pots? What are they, 3 gal? Healthy looking so far … beer3|nullxnull


Hola senior!

What a honor and most of all, Joy to have you here again George!

I love your posts … it reminded me at once to the tunes :heart_eyes:

5,2 gal and yes I put them in jiffy s after 2 days in water, then I put them in a little greenhouse until they sprout and left the seedshell, then they come into the big boxes :wink:

Yeah they are healthy and without stress, so I expect a fantastic veggie phase… I have put on today as well a CO2 Bag :wink:

Have a good one buddy, love you lots Brother! :innocent:

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