A Shadey spot to paint

Haha that’s great bro. :smiley: Glad you’re enjoying your first sampling. :raised_hands:


Beard area painted in.

Balancing out mid tones now., looking a bit boss eyed lol. got to tweak the nostrils still. Created a neck as well.


Puting in some under painting with the dots here and there, going to fill the right cheek and the open areas under the bottom lip. Beard nearly roughed in, and outlined his braids on his back neck. Going to have to do something with that lazy left eye lol.


Really nice work man. Great job


Cheers Mongo its starting to actually look like a face now :relieved:


I do some hand drawing. Black and white. I totally understand the difficulty of what you are doing. Takes maddd patience and skill.


I feel Airbrush is easy compared to drawing.

There are so many cheats one can use with stencils and stuff rather than having to draw something precisely.


starting to really take shape .good job man!


Cheers Trippy.

More shaving stubble under painting, this will get pushed down and look better after I start to get into the detail more. The over spray will bury it, bit more done with the beard 3 layers of different shades so far, next will be shadowing on it then going back with highlights.


Working in my dark areas shadowing in, gradually building and correcting mistakes. Art is a series of corrections until there is nothing left to correct :thinking:


Really cool watching it come together like that in stages, there’s alot more to painting than I would have thought. I can’t draw for shit but I’ve always wanted to. How would someone start learning?


Just pic up a pencil to start lol :roll_eyes:

Depends really on what you fancy learning to do. I started painting with artists paint brushes using acrylic paints. Taught myself, about 30 years odd ago, started painting tattoo style designed on leather jackets.

Moved over to the airbrush 10 years ago, it was very frustrating at first, the paint then was crap for water based. Now it’s not far off from using urethanes.

It’s expensive to start airbrushing, not cheap learning to draw either. Dollar store sells paints and half decent brushes and canvasses. Then it’s just practice, practice, YouTube is very helpful.


Oh I’ve tried lol. Usually I can pick stuff up on my own a bit, but I have literally 0 natural ability for that. I’ll check some videos on YouTube out.


Still working back and forwards light and dark balancing and adjusting, finding lots of corrections as I go.
Heres the Ref.

and here is mine.


Got a fair bit done today, that’s the face roughed in now still lots to do to it.

Now to start the hand, on the canvas. first I make a print out, making sure its the right size, then I make a positive out of it by cutting the whole hand out and filling the space with a light grey.

Then I cut thin lines out around the fingers and place the negative stencil back in place. Then spray a darker grey, to make my outlines. then its just join the dots with a brush and start to fill in with highlights and shadows ready to start the blending process.


You are an artist my brother, my Dad did Oils and acrylics on canvas and painted beautiful landscape paintings. He did try to teach me but we all know how that goes LOL
Great Job


Thanks Stiggy, I have oils as well just dabbled with them atm, was thinking if my shakes get so bad I cant control the airbrush properly, I was going to start teaching myself to paint with them instead.

Putting the hat and clothes lines in now, still correcting stuff on the face, 3every time I do spot the difference I find about 20 inconsistencies.

Just for you stiggy I gave him blood shot eyes and a hot joit end lol.

Cant be arsed to paint Long beach platinum on the hat so going with a Canada cannabis leaf lol. I cut a negative stencil, so I can position it exactly where I want it, then put my positive over it and remove the negative so I can spray in the leaf.

Lightened it all up gain and now starting to knock it back again, to get more depth. The green line is pinstripe tape

I am going to protect his face from over spray. I can back mask over the tape and canvas the cut the mask on the tape and hopefully not cut through to the canvas.


I Love it LOL


Unmasked, hat is nearly there, re registered my dark areas again, coming back with my mid tones, its a constant balancing act. more highlights and a bit orf detail starting to come in, eyes are still not right the bottom eyelids are not far enough down, going to have to move them, lips need pushing back, and the end of his nose is a mess.

I lightend the beard under the bottom lip to pull it back, lightened more areas again, moved the right mouth crease up a bit. not looking to bad now still about 12 more corrections on the face to go then I will start the scarf and tighten up the detail on his hand, looks more like IceT lmao.


well got the hoodie and sleeve done blended in the hand a bit better, still need more, messed with his nose and made it pointy now lol something is throwing me out but cant see what atm, going to have to isolate it and check, when stoned I always see more discrepancies when I an high lol.

close up, gone back in with more darks on the hand shadows, need to come back with lights now and more detailed blending. Increased the depth of his bottom eye lids just needs more shadow further down now.