ABC bastard cannabis seeds (CLOSED)

I’m going to have some ABC (Bastard Cannabis) seeds here too. I need to shuck them but I have 1000’s. Not the best looking for smoke but they are beautiful flowers. They looked great in my flowerbeds! Blend in great.

I’m going to try and make some concentrates.

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Donor sends seeds to breeder OR breeder has the seeds already for the project
Breeder grows the plants and documents it in the assigned thread
Those interested puts their name on the list for the breeder and distributor to go off of (How many packs needed)
Receiver ensures their safe address is on file through pm
Breeder harvests the seeds, dries them out and sends them to each distributor
Distributor reaches out to everyone in their area to arrange postage and delivery
Distributor sends out the seeds and gives receiver an estimated delivery date if they can
Distributor moves the members name from wait list to shipped list
Receivers inform seeds received

Current Request List:
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Africa: MikeM
Aus: Johnnybsmokin
Canada: Shadey
Latin America: MadScientist
UK/EU: Gaz29
US: Sebring

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    :seedling::seedling::seedling:Please Pm Address to Sebring or your distributor :seedling::seedling::seedling:
    Africa: MikeM
    Aus: Johnnybsmokin
    Canada: Shadey
    Latin America: MadScientist
    UK/EU: Gaz29
    US: Sebring

Im down for some ABC beans as Im sure many others will be.
Has anyone done freakshow x abc yet??? I dont think Ive seen it


I am without a doubt interested.

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Tell me where I can find freakshow seeds and I’ll be the one! Freakshow is going to be “the strain” in my book. My favorite plant I’ve ever seen.


I would love to run the ABC if you have enough.

Kev :call_me_hand:t6:


Humboldt seed company bred the freakshow and im pretty sure seeds are still available. @theomegajedi


I’d be interested in a few they look interesting :rofl:

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:rofl: It’s real hard to say no to things :heart_eyes:


I’d be interested in some ABC seeds. :upside_down_face:

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Me too friend :smiley:


Yessir! I’m interested also brother, can you tell us a little more about the strains you ran?

How does this typically work? Could I have the seeds sent out with the big shipment of seeds that happens every once in a while? Are we still doing this mass shipment?

Edit:Oh and fun fact. Grew them in my flowerbed (4 girls 3 males) and not a single person asked about them. These could easily be grown in the open.


umm I’d say two options really.

  1. Do it like a seed-run co-op and wikify the first post and have signups, then send the required packs to, likely, Sebring for distribution with the other co-op strains.

  2. Or you could just send them to Sebring for donation on his site and let people get the packs off his site as they go. No signup or anything needed that way, it’ll be first come first served only.

Definitely check with him first regardless ^^


I would be in to making a trade for a dozen or so

I’m totally down for that ABC!!!

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I’ve got some flower photos somewhere. Here they are in veg.
370a5434fb6e563e687bf1664eb325365e185e16_2_243x500|243x500 18be9af7624b6091a9d68d999f303151cbfc8253_2_243x500


I’d love to trade for some, what kind of strains are you looking for

Really interesting landrace. I’d be interested for sure. I could trade

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I know these aren’t known for yield, but was there anything smokable on it? Long flowering time?


Could possibly be a Tarn Hash variety. Heard she has rather little thc but should be nice and square

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