ABC bastard cannabis seeds (CLOSED)

I would sure be interested. I have a long flower bed on one side of the house with some roses in there and they would be perfect to grow in between them. Thanks and good vibes on the project. peace


tried to clear up the wiki, hope not stepping on any toes :sweat_smile:

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Sounds like a nice yummy strain to grow out.Thanks for wanting to share Tommy.

If you’re interested. I’m happy to include them in the Fall box, if you’d like. I’m always interested in giving away any extras through my website too. :slight_smile:


I’m interested as well but no idea where to put my name, not sure what level I am or how to find out

You’re a Member, TL2.
Just click on your avatar in the top right of the page next to the search icon and 3 horizontal lines, click on your name twice in the little box that comes up. That takes you to your profile page. At the top right under the search icon, 3 lines, and avatar should be a gray box called “Expand”, click that and you’ll see a yellow bar, mid way through that bar it says “Trust Level: xxxx”:
Basic = TL1
Member = TL2
Regular = TL3

Also looks like LemonadeJoe added the thread with the pics to show you. in the OP.
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That sounds great…I’m interested.


Sounds awesome

Sebring you sending out the boxes for in the future?
Are the ones motr been holding coming out soon?

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Rolling right along. Thank you everyone for setting this up for me. I am not to be trusted with admin type posts. I will have no problems hooking the majority of people up. I have plenty of seeds.


I think the fall box would work great. I have three plants left to shuck out…so let me get a good seed tally this week. Thank you for volunteering. These are really fun seeds for everyone. A real fun addition to any backyard garden.


What you have a web site hot dam I gotta look at that forrrrr sure.Your f4 79MauwiWowieCherryBomb pheno at 24days into flower is a resin machine that has the most tarty fruity skunky aroma to it.Waiting for them to finish will be torture :crazy_face:


I’m also very interested in it.

I entered hope is correct, my English is very bad.:dizzy_face:

My shipping data to Gaz29? I’m from Germany.


Thanks for sharing beer3|nullxnull , they will be the only ones outdoors, curious to see how they grow in my garden and fool my neighbours frech|nullxnull , appreciate your gesture … Arriba|nullxnull


Not one person really looked twice at them. You would have to have an amateur botanist like myself to really notice them. I told my friend, who is a botanist, it was wild New Zealand Hops. He was the only one who knew something was up when they went into flower.


If needed, I will happily post them off to Deutschland @Tommy_McCain


Kev :call_me_hand:t4:

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Holy shit, uhhh, thats 10000% accurate.

I finally cataloged my seeds yesterday.

Don’t tell my husband. FOGL :joy::rofl::crazy_face:


Every time I come across your name, my mind immediately goes to Nutella.



Nods, its funny, I was a part of the RIU community for awhile, and there was a gal there that ways called me that, made me laugh every time.

And, Nutella is the bomb :bomb: :yum:


Is it to late to sighn up for these I’d really like some

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