Ak Bean Brains 907 Blue Genes . Baby pics

These look nice . I can tell early on these will be great smoke .



AK Bean Brains, cool. Haven’t heard of the strain before 907 Blue Genes. Blue dream + xxx ?

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Supposed to be the Indica dominant offering he has . I also have his “Vintage Blueberry “ which is more Sativa …


It’s an Alaskan original … Goose Bay Blueberry/Dj Short “Stretch “ Indica father … If you haven’t checked out his gear , I highly recommend it … Guy is honest as they come and basically a library of Nevil’s old Sensi stock . He’s a sweet heart ta boot . He gifted me both packs … Shhh …:seedling::green_heart::pray:


Oh, I’m definitely all about AK Bean Brains. I’ve bought a good collection of his offerings over the past couple of years. I get particularly excited to see him releasing of some of his older school holdings. Durbans, sensi star, Romulan, Black Domina, MTF, etc.

Looking forward to following along on your OP :metal:.


:roll_eyes: Duuuuuuuuude. You’re already HIGH! :joy:

I too am happy to see the AK Bean Brains… :+1:



I love his fishing pics as much as his weed feed on IG … Hope I can get up there and visit . They have the right idea in Alaska . Back to the land , nature and old school fire genetics …


I read that the Vintage Blueberry by AKBB was not related to DJ Short’s Blueberry at all.

Have you ever ran Black Domina x Alaskan MTF? The only photos I can find online are pop corn nug looking plants.


It’s different than the Vintage Blueberry … This is the 907 Blue Genes … He said the Vintage Blueberry is more sativa leaning … Haven’t seen the MTF/BD … I’m sure it’s fire … I’ve seen pics …

Any to share besides the stock picture?

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Maybe it’s the Oregon blueberry?

No. Original Alaskan Blueberry, Alaska has Blueberry cuts that pre date DJ shorts .

Have had and grown a handful of blueberries over the years. The blueberry from interior AK is the best I’ve ever had.

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I’ve got several packs off AKBEANBRAINS and am really liking everything I’m seeing and hearing. :v::sunglasses::earth_americas::seedling:

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