Any Female growers?

It would be nice if we kept some feminine views in site as we deal with are favorite girls. ( i have no children forgive me)
Day by day there are more women growers out there and the sausage fest is pretty much cooked so lets hear from them.
@LemonadeJoe Is it possible to see the ratio of men to women here?


Interesting idea @ryasco! When I first got on the icmag and Mr nice forums around 2006, female were like a grain of salt in a pepper shaker. Once of the episodes of Weedetiquette on Vice that was about all the women getting into the cannabis industry. It was a good episode, great series.


The last Grow i read had girls from Oregon running an outdoor grow. Had some beautiful Black Cherry Soda i believe it was.

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Wifes are the unsung heros of growers.

Respect to my Wife, and the wives that help with grows.


I’m not so lucky with the garden help, but her patience knows no bounds dealing with my quirks.


Female growers are rare like saffron. Maybe some will join us, but as been said there aren’t many in grower communities. (maybe it is still too risky hobby)

There is no user profile field for gender currently but I can look into adding it…

Girls and flowers is natural connection :slight_smile:


It could be fun but it might be to early, like you said, “rare like saffron.” Hopefully a few come on board to show the rest what can be done.


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Looks like we might have to take what we can get.

Edited for stupid humor.


You nailed that one! Don’t know how my wife puts up with me sometimes, lol. When I talk cultivation to her she looks at me as if I am speaking and ancient alien language only found on the third outer Moon of Mars. I have better luck with football,lol.


At least here are a lot of female growers…I startin learnin by a young girl when I started to grow alone my way…But I think womens prefer no to declarate her sex in forums, cos we men used give her more attemtion like woman than like growers…in the bad n good sense…


Yea, i’m afraid I started a dud thread. Sorry guys, and i mean that literally. Ha! Maybe we can give it time and try later.


Kind words Mr. Stonervet68, much appreciated.

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Ha ha nice thread from women to shooting hogs. Its your thread but I l;ike the original title. Perhaps a tribute thread from all of us who have a patient (silent) partner around the home, and how we include them in our gardening endeavors? Like NO question, bacon is the only substitute for a loving relationship, but I’d love to get some of the females, out of the closet per say. I think wives and mothers still feel the prohibitionist stigma around cannabis, and heck nothing some women won’t do to expose the weaknesses in other mothers to get a feeling of elevated social standing by humiliation, I suppose. It’s a shame cause most of us who self-sustain share the fruits of our labour with our Ladies. I think women have the added social barriers which prevent them from coming forward and participating in this rebel society! Cheers

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You are right. I am cleaning thread now.

lol yeah don’t want ladies seeing that LMAO. I like it though.

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LOL. I am female. Great thread. I didn’t know we were in hiding! :slight_smile:

I started growing to challenge myself to see if I could. I’ve gardening for many years and recently began using my indoor grow lights for tomatoes and peppers. I grow a lot of heritage and heirloom plants and save seed for next generations, so I’d love to discover some heirloom cannabis.

So far so good anyways, I’ve got Somango XL, Kushy Kush and White Widow on the first go. I’ve been told to save my ladybugs from my ‘spring cleanup’ of leaves, so that they can go to work in the greenhouse. And I’m eager to try out my handiwork.

Cheers all!


All right. Finally we found an elusive female grower! Welcome, we removed all the dead hog photo’s just in time.


Ha! I am not a herbivore. Pigs are bacon. Always.


We-we-we-wellcome, @mac07 … But we prefer “no pigs eaters” girls! (joke only).