Introduce Yourself @OG (Part 2)

:loud_sound: I think it may be good idea to start this Introduction topic for current and new members, so we can get to know each other :slight_smile: … I’ll point out new members to this thread.

:warning: If you are new member just click “Reply” and composer window will appear.

Please if you had account on OG1.0 be sure to participate in old school members guestbook.

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Hi everyone!!! “Prior member”, semi-extended precautionary hiatus, back , not sure if “better than ever”, but BAAAACK!! In about TEN/10 days, will begin process of fulfilling obligation relating to my last Giveaway. FIRST up will be @G-paS, for obvious reasons!!! I’ll reach out soon to participants 50 - 75 to reconfirm Mailing Info. I’ll, again, stagger mail-outs, utilizing different local Post Offices. I WILL NOT LEAVE ANYONE HANGING!!! ALL, do take care, stay safe, and be well…@mister :honeybee:


Welcome back @misterbee, you were missed! :smiley:


lol…very funny @misterbee :grin: No introduction is necessary. However, it’s a nice palate cleanser after our last one :crazy_face:


Back to it ladies and gentlemen


Hi @misterbee and welcome back. Nice to have you here to bring that thread back on track. :seedling:


Welcome to all you newcomers. Come on in, make yourselves at home, you have found the best grow site on the planet :slight_smile:


Wouah that was intense heheb…

Well welcome back @misterbee


Welcome all to OG


Hey everyone,

Long time lurker of a lot of the boards and finally decided to make an account. Been growing for about 8+ years and also work in cultivation in a facility for about 5 years. Trying to learn and vibe with some like minded people. Nice to meet everyone!


Welcome to OG @FrostedTips
You’ll love it here… :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Welcome to OG!


Welcome! Welcome :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::grin:


Welcome to OG @FrostedTips , make yourself at home :slight_smile:

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Welcome @FrostedTips enjoy the forum


Welcome @FrostedTips , I am still newish myself. Great place, good people, and a shit-ton of knowledge.

I am confident you will find your niche here.

Would love to hear details about commercial cultivation. Might be some concepts that would be useful to our craft grows.


Hi @FrostedTips, welcome to OG, you’ll love it here, without a doubt, enjoy.

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Welcome @FrostedTips , glad you’re joining us!


I apologize in advance