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Let me start and introduce myself a bit:

I’m from Czech republic (you might have already visited Prague, it is pretty favourite among tourists) - small country in the heart of Europe, just on the line between the East and the West.

Growing and hacking internet for long 20+ years (ip networks, wireless, linux, etc). Computer specialist by education. I’ve helped build online communities many times pretty succesful. I still believe that the knowledge in them is the most valuable although today many ppl are turning to facebook and yt. My first seeds were from Emery’s Shop at the nineties… I love purple strains and enjoy nurturing them, photographing and smoking with friends. Love to experiment and always looking for challenges.

Waiting for the day it recreational growing becomes legal in Europe. Looking into licenses to grow medical…

There is also AMA topic with me so you can read more :slight_smile:

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Im from canada. Born in newfoundland. Been a rebel since i was a youngin. Still rebeling everyday. Growing for about 5 years. 4 of those doing true organics 1 using “organic” bottles. I started in a closet when i moved out like most did. I was 17 at the time. 22 now. Also im a thug that turned hippy. Gangshit when i was younger then when i found psychedelics everything changed. Now i try n better the lives of those i meet. And smoke fine cannabis of course! I study cannabis, psychedelics, and spirituality instead of thuggin nowadays.

Much love


Hello! Very new grower here, transplant to Alabama from Pennsylvania… Growing, or attempting to, out of necessity… I have one girl, who is struggling…


Hello gang. I am from Costa Rica lived a long time in Seattle, WA; enjoyed myself a lot. Back in my homeland i decided to grow my own instead of paying for immature, half-dried-not cured so called kindbud here in my country… Will fail and fail and fail until i get it right… Thanks.


EDIT.: Part of the OG OG back in the day…


Thanks for intro, guys!

@Newbie welcome to OG! Enjoy your stay…


Hello @Newbie! I am glad you found us.


Welcome to Overgrow @Newbie.


Everything you ever wanted to know about GrowerGoneWild

Alaskan born and raised in the heart of Spenard in the early 70’s. It was the party side of town, drugs, hookers, massage parlors, bars, and our share of drunks. It was an interesting upbringing growing up in the shady part of town and getting bombarded with constant messages of “Just Say No” in the Ronald Regan years.
Stoners were cool, preps were snobs, and jocks were the king of the school.

My parents were interesting, they had come to Alaska for work. My dad was a Vietnam Vet, and he was doing some work on the DEW line and decided he liked it and settled here in Anchorage, Both were avid gardeners, my mother loved indoor plants, and my dad was always growing cole crops or peas in the back yard. I grew up learning the basics. Taking care of african violets or prepping beds for next years crop.

Weed was always legal in alaska, ever since Ravin vs. Alaska it was generally acceptable to have a few plants in the house, even the cops would come to the school and say that 4oz was legal to posses, and this was in the early 80’s only the big croppers got busted.

So I guess my first joint was in the mid 80’s… It was the cool thing, drugs were cool, I was in that part of town, just something everybody did. No big deal, but what really rocked my world was my first plants in the early 90’s. Wow, I love growing weed, It was fucking amazing. This is before the world wide web, this is before all this information, I went to college undeclared but my focus was biology, horticulture, and reading any MJ book I could get my hands on.

The college thing was fine and all but I needed to make some money so I dropped out and did the mechanic thing for awhile, made some money but I decided to go t more school out of state and went to a hot rod school, lots of fun. And time to time would head to Colorado and score some amazing weed. After that was said and done I wandered the states for awhile, it was ok. Couch surfing and doing odd jobs, but I eventually ended up in California where I met and amazing woman there, she still is the love of my life.

Well to complicate things I wanted to go back to Alaska, nothing in the states really felt like home to me. I dont know what it is. AK is where its at… Well I keep in touch and do the long distance relationship thing, I get a pretty good job working the oilfield, and finally get her to move up with me. And after we get married, I discover OG, and I really starting growing more and more. And then OG shuts down… :frowning:

Ive been pretty much growing nonstop, I did take a year off when I had my kid, but yeah, she married a grower, she wasn’t a big fan of it, but now she knows that her, my kid and growing is a deep part of who I am.

So after almost 15 years in the oil patch roughnecking to industrial construction I think I’m done with that noise, it was fun to garden on my days off and work and let the wifey take care of the garden. Now I’ve literally walked away from the big money and I changed my field to gardening and farming now that cannabis has become legal for recreation in 2014. I took some of that money, got an education in horticulture from Colorado State University. (and I’m still going) I have a pesticide licence with the state of Alaska, and my Marijuana handling permit, I currently work in a garden center, and I have my freemarket cannabusiness where I do IPM consulting and other work related to propagation of elite cultivars.

It took me a long time to realize that I am a gardener. I can tell you that I am in a good place. It has been a struggle to get where I am at, I am very thankful to be so immersed in plants of all kinds… Bromeliads to Pre-98 Bubba Kush, they are all wonderful and amazing, I realize how lucky I am to work something I truly love.


Greetings and hello to my fellow cannabis
I have recently deduced that I am one of the oldest members of the rejuvenated OG! Unfortunately, this made me also realize that I was pretty old back when I originally registered with the first iteration of Over Grow!
However, getting old beats the stuffing out of any alternative that I am aware of!

So, I have now established that I am a genuine old fogey.
My affinity for ganja began back in 1967, when I let a friend talk me into smoking the illicit, deadly weed, AKA, marijuana for the very first time!!
Holy suffering succotash…an epiphany if ever there was one!!! My love for the dread weed was immediate and intense!

Well, I started “growing” in 1970…although growing is all that I really accomplished, harvesting nice, remotely smokable buds remained elusive for a few years yet.
I did not know about separating the males from female plants. The sativas I tried outdoors were killed by encroaching winter weather well before flowers attained reasonable maturity.
But then…
In 1974 two publications changed everything for me; High Times Magazine and Indoor/Outdoor Highest Quality Marijuana Grower’s Guide by Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal. These helped me refine my growing “skills” to enable me to begin harvesting far more respectable buds!

I went from using fluorescents(1975) to HIDs by 1980 or so…the HIDs were a godsend because I had previously been using fluorescents( as per Frank and Rosenthal) to grow out seeds which were all mostly equatorial sativas, hahaha. Part of my learning process. This frustrating experience taught me the fine art of perseverance! With HIDs I was able to grow much nicer, albeit still feathery flowers indoors. Outdoors my plants were still never able to live past late October or thereabouts…sativas needed much more time to finish than I could give them outdoors in my climate at that time. At least my indoor plants weren’t in danger of a killer frost/freeze. So I would at least get some wispy, pretty fair buds now…much better with HIDs
The next major change in my growing took place when I ordered seeds from an advertisement for SSSC I saw in High Times in 1985. Prior to this I simply grew the seeds I found in the buds I bought.
The genetics of the seeds from SSSC changed everything for me, in that, I could now grow out faster finishing, dense, sticky buds indoors with relative ease.
I have been mostly self sufficient ever since!

Sorry for the rambling, verbose introduction.

I love growing weed, and I am quite enthusiastic about this new reincarnation of OG

Also, for anyone interested, here is a link to the book which galvanized my interest in growing:
It seems so outdated now…hahahaha!


Hello OG!
I heard this site was back from @Subcool on his weed nerd show and decided to check things out here. I hope to make a few “friends” and learn a thing or two.

I have been using cannabis since the early '90s, mostly Mexican brick back in the day. I got my medical card about six years ago which really helped me to use cannabis to treat my PTSD induced anxiety.

I got my personal production license and have produced my own medicine for the last two years. I like to grow under LEDs in organic soil feeding home made fermented fertilizers. I grow in a couple of small cabinets in a spare room. My favorite cultivar right now is Zak Haze.

I love edibles, tinctures, and concentrates. I enjoy processing my flowers into medicine almost as much as growing it. My first experience making concentrates was QWISO in high school. I’ve made BIO, QWET, bubble, dry sift, and now rosin. I’ve infused cannabis into chocolates, hard candies, Chex mix, breath sprays, tinctures, etc.


Welcome to OG @ReikoX! @Subcool always talks about overgrow in his shows, it’s great!



Welcome @ReikoX! Nice to meet you! Thanks for introduction!


Welcome and you will find quite a few LED fans around here.


Hi guy’s

Nice to meet all of you ! I’m from Quebec, I’ve been growing for 19+ years, bought my first 1000 w hps when I was 17 and never looked back lol !

I was an original overgrow member registered in 2001-2002 don’t quite remember…don’t even remember my user name ?? So much has happened since…

Can you believe that I actually looked into buying the domain name in 2015, kinda had the same idea as Leamonade Joe, buy the overgrow domain and bring it back to life but I lack computer skillz needed to run such a site so congradulations to you!!

Hey by the way I also ordered my first seeds from Emery Direct, he had those nice 2 pages seed ads in cannabis culture mag, I ordered 600$ of seeds from them when I was 18 years old and got my first job, all Dutch Passion varieties: white widow,masterkush, shaman, durban poison, northern lights, mazar i shariff, good ole days !

I’m a bit skeptical and nervous about the upcoming Canadian legalisation, not much info is given to the public of the new laws and reglementations, my user name says it all… I’m not authorized nor licensed to do what I do, this is and has been a full time job for me for the past 2 years, it used to be a lucrative side line that turned full time, I enjoy what I do, It’s nothing less then a passion for me and people who smoke what I grow absolutely love it so why not? I’m happy and there happy it’s a victimless crime :wink:

So thats why Trudeau shaddy plan to legalise has me worried whats going to happen?? Well, lets wait and see I guess…

I love the cannabis industry and want to be part of it now more then ever, I love how it started from a small underground movement into a full blown internationnal unstopable revolution, it’s awesome!

I’m a 2nd generation grower/smoker, learned it from my dad, he’s 67 and still smokes and grows his own, thanks to the man who raised me with good morals and great growing skillz, I can honestly say that I am very happy how my own life has turned out, the future is very green, we have succesfully overgrown our oppressors now all we have to do is keep sharing the knowledge and the seeds !


Welcome and i hope you enjoy the new OG.


Welcome back to OG @BlackMarketMeds


Howdy all. Been on here a couple months now. I think I was on the original OG, but not very active, so I won’t make that claim.

Originally raised in salt lake, (not Mormon)but transplanted to Hawaii then later nor cal. My pops and younger brother alway had grows on lock, and knew/know some other great growers, so I never really even thought about spending money and time on growing herb that I always had for free? Until…

About ten years ago I met my now wife. She was growing at the time, but it’s a weird story, very unique and would definitely give my identity away if I shared it. The gist is that her EX was running herb back east and got set up. Went to prison for a bit then stayed in that state after parole. They remain friends and he grows back east now again. Times have changed. So her and I moved into town, set up shop in the spare bedroom, got pregnant, had a couple smaller successful grows, nothing like my brothers or pops.

After our second child I took a contract position in so cal and left the fam to work and let wifey take care of the grow and two kids. She was overwhelmed(someone on here has heard this story, but I forget who) and let the entire room become infested with spider mites. On a call she told me the room had mites. Said she sprayed and was keeping an eye on it. Couple weeks later on a trip home for the weekend, I saw the true damage. It’s hard to describe the scene in the room. It was like looking out over the ocean, but it wasn’t rolling waves, they were still, but pulsating slowly. Eerie to say the least. That was the end of growing for me until a few months ago.

We now live in coastal SoCal. Have me a small set up in the garage and working on finishing up my flower room so my ladies in veg _(currently 2-white widow freebies from seedsman order, 2-Diesel Moonshine freebies from Mosca seeds in same seedsman order, 3-(BC Mango x BC Night Nurse from my cousin in salt lake, and a bag seed)_have somewhere to go in about a month. Got another 6 in the backyard and working on posting some progress/ grow journal.

Lot o great folks on here. Already had some good questions answered and entertaining banter. Glad to be here. Thanks for the warm welcome.


Hard to tell from where i am, it’s complicated for the moment. South EU.

Until i discovered Overgrow, i growed mainly pure sativa landraces that i shared all around the globe. I’m not longer in this madness but now on a 90’s classics genpool, not specially happy with the last genetic trends. Kind of nostalgy maybe, and i love to be high as fck. Not sedated. Still passionnated by breeding.

SOG fanatic (since overgrow), mineral nutrients, soil/coco coir and totally addicted to blunts maded with high grade cigars.

good grow to all and stay safe !


New member here.
Look forward to getting to know y’all. I’m from the South in the U.S. Started my first grow back in June, auto white widow + one unknown. The widow is about 4ft tall, looks good but with no buds. The unknown is about 7 inches tall, looks alright, but with a few buds on it. Go figure? Wish I knew what happened to the unknown plant, can’t even tell what type it is. Oh well, it will all be fine, one way or another.




Welcome @mike28086! There is a lot of info to help you out here. If you have any questions you should be able to find a bunch of help.