Any hunters on the forum?

Ya know, I’m surprised I or others haven’t asked yet…

Anybody get any hunting in? Dove, squirrel, deer, duck, goose etc?

I’ve spent the weekend taking a dozen silouette goose decoys as stencils to make a bunch more homemade ones that are pretty good too

Used as outlines for my corrugated plastic homemades

And with a little stencil and spray paint

I’m on my way to duck and goose season


I don’t hunt but I’ve got 2 -12 pointers outside right now that my brother is dying to bow hunt!!(no rifles in Jersey)how do Canadian Geese tatse? Heard they taste like shit!?


Filet the breast out and soak in a little salt water. Cut into good sized chunks, season with your favorite. Slice a jalapeño. Wrap a slice and a chunk in bacon then toothpick. Grill on the heat till the bacon is done. :drooling_face:

My son could eat a dozen minus the jalapeño when he was 3. Good stuff. Better than duck for sure.

Im mainly a deer hunter by the way.

Nice job on the silhouettes!


No much of a hunter myself though I have been known to enjoy a casual day at the sportsman’s club.

I’m impressed by the decoys, that’s pretty cool…


Yim not a fan of anything that is gamey or like I’m eating iron flavored meat!

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Some people aren’t for sure. For me, there is nothing more primal and fulfilling than respectfully taking my own game, humanely, cleaning, aging, processing, and finally consuming my own organic meat. It’s the most environmentally friendly, harmonious, and healthy way to eat!


Oh ya I hear ya! I grew up on a pig farm.


My wife and I both had farms in our childhoods as well. We got our third egg from our new chicken flock today. We are both pumped! Sorry, out of likes for the pig farmers son!!


I’m not a hunter but I will shoot red squirrels on occasion with an air gun because they keep finding ways to get in my attic . It doesn’t make me happy though . I have no problem with people that hunt deer etc. and eat what they kill . Big game trophy hunting and shit that’s another story .


I’ve been out twice for upland birds. We had a cold wet spring so I suspect numbers won’t be great


Smoke them, no way you’d think they were goose.


Very true… I like to get a bunch of breasts together and throw them in a slow cooker all day and make BBQ with them… Delicious and addicting…


I’ve had to keep myself from strangling guys shooting bucks, cutting the heads off, and letting the meat lay before. Hunters for the hungry would have happily taken it. Even most trophy hunters donate the meat. Many who hunt Africa feed villages. It’s simply common sense.


This all the way


Mmmmmm, that sounds good! I wasted all my damn likes on weed stuff! :rofl:


Nice work.
I used to live on the Mississippi flyway.

As a kid in northwest Illinois I used to watch the northern mallard flocks come down.
You’d be looking in the sky one minute and see nothing next minute it’d look like a giant black tornado coming out of the sky and cropping fields.

Geese were few and far in between.

The goose has taken over now and hardly see a duck anymore even in Mn.
My last house was on the Rock River and we always had geese raising little ones .
Very dirty and disgusting birds when you live around them.


This is on the same lines as growing and smoking your own fine buds. It just kinda centers me for awhile to know that I can do on my own, what many can’t. It’s a real sense of accomplishment.

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Yea… I moved over to southeast iowa and they all looove hunting deer and turkey but ducks and geese are overlooked… I have a nice little river spot a couple miles (maybe) up the road and the big pond that’s holding geese now and alot of the fields on the farm property so I imagine, with the geese I saw last year that I’ll have a nice time


Ya the wife and myself really want a farm but getting land like that in Jersey is s easily starting at a million and that would be an acre or two and a decent home. Even just an empty acte will run 500k


Used to pheasant and quail hunt most of that area.
All that around Clinton, ia South to Muscatine west to north to waterloo and a line back to Clinton and alot in between.
Used to raise and train English setters, participate in shoot to retrieve trials.

Still own a pair of springers.