Any one depressed?

Have you not checked on there plants in a while? Just don’t feel like caring about shit.
Welcome to the boat. If you don’t want to post here feel free to DM.

I’m with you.


Not terribly atm, but it comes in waves for me. Pretty sure I broke my emotion control board back when I was experimenting with all sorts of stuff in HS.


also <3 Mac M

Since it’s this kind of forum I’ll throw these up too


I’m in a state of half mourning because my indoor is shut down. It’s weird.


Ye lately I’m full of anxiety …all this Covid shit…Im living in Panama …but have lost two uncles in the UK to Covid…guys who had a influence in my growing up . Taught me to fish…and basically to look after me as I grew up .ye they were in t seventies…but not be able to be at a funeral is keeping me awake at night…

Weed gets me through this shit …and the place I live …I love…but the feeling of guilt not being Able to pay respects to loved ones , and no flights …fucking done my head in.

Ye mental problems is a big problem …but us guys on OG are here for anyone …and it’s no shame to reveal your thoughts on this group.

I for one will chat to anyone…

You all stay safe


This is the first year I’m growing during summer, I feel weird because I have plants going lol


Hell yeah….The struggle is real for sure. And o have a pretty good life so there’s no reason to feel that way.



Same here. If anyone needs to talk to someone, to clear their head, or just have someone listen, feel free to ping me

8 Likes Mom’s in the icu from falling, daughter is an inch away from going back to a facility. I’m not going back, cannabiss is medically legal for me? But not at the facility.


Usually fluctuating between crazy amounts of paranoia with depression to either numb or manic. It’s frustrating. Truthfully not sure how the wife and kids deal with my ass some says.


I am new on here and I really feel like this community has helped with my depression and anxiety. I recently went on Instagram after being off for awhile (on here non stop!)…Holy shit the negativity! Thanks to all you wonderful, like minded individuals (even if we disagree) this is all great and helping me. Keep up the generosity, caring and empathy :heart::heart::heart::heart:


I almost posted a “Post your gripes of the day” thread earlier. One of those days where shit was already going wrong and then the day said “you think that’s something?! Hold my beer!”. So yeah I guess I’m learning to replace a brake line tomorrow. Could have been much worse, at least everyone is ok and that’s what matters most.

In general dealing with this fatigue shit I’ve had for over a year, the resulting financial strain, and the cpap making much less of a difference than I was hoping for are definitely depressing. Pointing to some kind of chronic condition with the fatigue and other symptoms but no one has any answers. Hard not to get a bit down about it.

Ok that was my venting for the decade, back to “old school man up” mode where I just keep trucking and trying to distract myself. See you guys in here on about 6/9/31 if I make it :laughing:

Even writing this is out of character for me. My GF always says I’m the most stoic person she’s ever met and she never has any idea what I’m feeling.


Very good post… Especially in the way life has been the past 1.5 years…

There are always people out there to listen and 9.9/10 you don’t have to look far.

For all the rest of us… We are here. We are alive. We are amazing and we are valued. Keep on keeping on and know you are not alone.


I found out at 35 I’m Bi-Polar II and my overall feeling in general is that of complete anxiety. Most don’t notice as I’m so outgoing when in person; but that’s what a good combination of ADHD/OCD and focused Bi-Polar trauma response. I’m also highly sensitive but wrote it off as “something is just wrong with me”.

As a result of the past 5 years of healing and soul searching I have recently discovered that this all combines into a shockingly functional depression… and the last 3 months have been a roller-coaster of different levels of function throughout a continued depression.

All this being said, the plague hit and while people started freaking out I remained stoic because if you spent your entire lifetime working out best case / worst case scenarios for EVERYTHING YOU DO because of anxiety you become the one un-phased by the shit when it does hit the fan.

Same thing happened during the East coast blackout in 2003. I biked around to my friends houses and told em to grab shit from their fridges and head over to a mutal friends house for a massive BBQ under the milky way!

Love to all of you, I’m here for y’all if you need!


“Suppressing your emotions, whether it’s anger, sadness, grief or frustration, can lead to physical stress.

That’s were I am …but I’m working through it…my first port was OG

Loads of us are the same…and it’s the way to go to admit …things just ain’t right…great post I’m with you amigo.

It ain’t easy.

Bueno suerte


Appreciate it man. Suppressing definitely isn’t healthy but it’s engrained in me, the whole old school “suck it up” thing is definitely my go to. All negative emotion is just shades of anger pretty much. I’m pretty chill most of the time but that temper goes from 0-60 in a millisecond sometimes. Probably from the stuffing it down method piling up on me but no clue on where to even start figuring out that mess. Just thinking about it is pissing me off a little :laughing:


Amigo thanks for responding…i feel real good of the responce from my post.

It shows loads of us have the same problems,

As I said …we all on this group have responded…and I’m sure we all here for each other…and kudos for following me and others of our mental problems…We all sail together.

We all taking is Paramount…

I am amazed at the responses….life ain’t plain sailing.
And I thank you all for responding to fellow brothers.


I get sad some days for no reason. Id say this is normal. I also have days where I m full of energy and optimism. Used to struggle with anxiety from like 2012 until 2018. Met a therapist i connected with and put in serious work from 2015 until 2018. Very thankful for his kindness. Sure I get anxious from time to time but ive learned techniques to not let it spiral out of control.


I have had some of this off and on to deal with. Especially after the last heart attack. I find walking helps.