How much do you smoke a day?

I’m a medical user and easily crank back 10- 1G joints a day. Wife has or gets in on 1-3 of those. This is what I need to function normally. Not addicted but very dependant :smiley::v:This isn’t a pissing contest I’m just curious what people use recreationally or medically a day in any form.


I’ve been right up there with you for years. Averaging a quarter a day. I’ve cut back as I am subject to random drug tests. If I smoke 7 grams a day my metabolites build up and store in my fat taking 30 days plus to leave after smoking that steady for a week or 10 days.


I am smoking 1 gram cartridge of distilate every 3 days. Or usually 3-5 g of flower per day. The fucking cartridges are just so convenient.


I’d be looking at almost 0.1 of a gram every 6 months, give or take.


Probably about 5g of flower topped with maybe 0.5 g of dab per day. It’s just too easy when you always have it around. Tolerance is a giant pain in the ass.


@Pedro_Bann i don’t understand


Well i only have a small puff now and then.


About a gram a day. Varies according to what it is. A gram of rosin would last me 2 weeks. I use a coil-less lo temp vaporizer. I don’t use it all the time since live rosin is so expensive. Mostly I use flower.
I manipulate my tolerance a bit. Sometimes I will not smoke most of the day and take a bit later.


I harvested close to 10 zips of my tripple cheese. It was gone in less than a month. If I’m buying, about an 8th a day. Which is friggin expensive. That’s why I bought a 2-1 tent.


Who’s triple cheese and what did you think?


If I smoke all day long 3-5g/day, but that get’s old, quick. Last few months it’s been consistently less than 1.5g/day


I’ve no disease to help, and i can’t say in all honesty than i’m a “med user”. I’ve no legit reason to smoke like i smoke but to have started too young on a daily basis. In a way, my whole body was built and finished with cannabis. Not a thing than a lot want to ear, but it’s the reality of some. It’s not 100% recreational, i need it often too to be fully “functional”. Good word to describe it.

Full throttle and without restrictions (no matter the space, i’m always out of stock at one moment because large seeds batchs), i need one oz a week in being “wise”. I mainly smoke blunts (alone). If i have sessions with friends, bring weed in events … it totally explode to something insane. I smoke a lot more when not alone, because i have to smoke weeds than are not planned for my type of tolerance.

Concentrates don’t work with me, in any way. My body become worse with it, i switch from the weed ogre to a black hole within twos days with the best rosin i’m able to get.


The wife and I go through about 1-3g a day combined depending on anxiety levels. Could go through an 1/8 a day if we had the money and a good up high.


I dont count, but it’s less than I grow. So I’m good.


I average out to 2g a day, most days.
Going out drinking with the guys, can figure on being a lot higher.

Interesting how little life has changed with legalization. Used to be, the stoners would step out on mass to enjoy in the sheltered “Smoking Permitted” places. Only thing that has changed, we know the names of our strains. :slight_smile:

Edit: What has changed, the lookout for a random RCMP patrol. Used to very important, now we don’t have worry about it.


4-7 grams on an average day not including holidays. I use a strong vapourizer though. Don’t really smoke joints much these days because it blows though weed insanely fast and doesn’t get me nearly as high off the same amount.


:smoking: 3g +/- a day, want to start eating tincturing RSOing



right there with ya brotha. no pissing contest here either because i am usually to embarrassed to even tell most ppl how much i consume. the least i can smoke daily and not feel like i am really conserving is about 4 grams. that said when i have it i always carry 10 joints to work every day in my little carrier on a lanyard. granted i smoked 3 on the way in and 3 on the way home and only 4 at actual work lol, but that isn’t counting my wake and bake or after work. so in reality i need like 2+ zips a week to smoke at will


are you including cbd and all? like you don’t vape cbd or anything really? just like to grow eh? admirable will power and restraint you must have. unless you cannot consume much for medical reasons like subcool or something that is pretty insane :slight_smile:


I do not go by weight so much as I go by volume. A quart Mason Jar is roughly 1 oz dry (average of almost 2 years of weighting out grows). I average 1 to 1-1/2 jars in a week to maybe 10 days… if I’m lucky, and a mild week…