Authentic Genetics Seed Company

Grabbed a few 5 packs, hopefully there will be some females. Really interested in the Skunk No.1 x Original Haze
Also picked up the Blue Dream x ON Haze

He tossed in 16 mixed seeds which was pretty cool!

And it was 30% off, so $70 for 28 seeds isn’t bad really (approx $3 a seed w/shipping) wish I had picked up the Orginal Haze x ON Haze.
I messed up and got BD instead.

The way I read it is the Original Haze is from MF 1996 in the Shunk #1 cross. But when it crosses ON Haze it says Todd M added Nevil’s to it?.?


Good score man I bet there would be some monster sized plants in that blue dream /haze pack

And the skunk/haze combo is a classic as well


Looks like you can’t go wrong great line up


awesome, I have some Skunk No.1 x Original Haze seeds from Todd and am going to be cracking them soon also


The ON Haze is Todd’s, he took Original Haze from Sam and crossed in Nevil’s Haze to make ON Haze. And then the Skunk in that case is yeah, from Mel Frank. As for who specifically did the cross, who knows. Probably Todd.

Good score tho! Man you got a deal there! I picked up Mel’s 2012 NL5/Haze x Sensi Star and got a ON Haze x OG Kush freebie a few months back. Getting ready to pop all 5 of the nl5’s to make F2’S as soon as my current grow is finished.

I also went on Seedbay and picked up a pack of (OHaze/Skunk#1) x (Skunk#1 x (OHaze/Skunk#1)) directly from Sam but not sure when I’m gonna get to them. Having flashbacks of 7+ft tall haze plants is keeping me away for the moment :rofl: Especially since I’m indoors right now, may have to find some girls tho for an outdoor run next year.


Cool genetics there, anything with old school haze is usually awesome.

It’s strange though because he says it’s an inbred line for like 40+ years but then says ‘there is a lot of variation in the variety’… shouldn’t it be extremely stable at this point?


There was a advertisement in Growmag, I think**. Anyways it said to email for a catalog and just never got around to it. Then I found his site while he had a couple of strains left in stock.
Come back the next day and they were gone!

I came back right when Nevil died, still don’t have any of his genetics besides what Todd M. has. Is Mr Nice stuff still ok or is it getting tired.?. Up until a yr ago all this was new, we had a hard time with seeds here. :smirk:

Yeah I came back just before he died and didn’t get a chance to grab anything except from Todd as well.

No idea really, I’ve heard they( fell off hard but I also just became aware shantibaba moved to the US and has his own site.

I really wanna try their Black Widow and N.H.S. but I’m not going to if it’s just gonna be mids or something. Been trying to find anyone growin em recently just to check but got nothing really so far.


Damn I didn’t know that, that’s pretty cool. So is he shipping from the states, I guess I could check the site?
What’s up with Mr Nice then?
Think they will close?

And yeah Black Widow is on my short list!

Oh never mind. If you live outside of the E.U this is what he says;
“We only Ship to countries within the EU. For countries outside this region, please contact directly.”

So what does that mean? Why would he not link to Mr Nice (website) that’s strange!

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Hmm maybe I’m confused, my understanding is his site is in the States, along with him himself as hes doing the cbdcrew stuff too, but apparently his site won’t ship to the US and you need to go through mrnice still. And mrnice is still in the Netherlands so this is… Really weird.

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Also got the Jack herer from his Mel frank collection. And another 5 96 skunk1 beans. Also 5 Durban poison beans. Quick turn around. Awesome communication. No complaints on my end whatsoever.


Awe, rub it in why don’t ya! Joking! Man that’s a nice haul!


Wanna trade, lol!?!

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{edit} Todd is a good guy and ships quickly


Yeah he needs to reship


we worked it out


no man, it was bred to keep diversity. Original Haze had several distinct phenotypes. Some people liked certain ones over others. I think Sam liked the green, because it was crystal clean, but the purple might have had more of a kick, and there is also the “root beer” pheno. Keep it diverse so you don’t lose one for another.


That makes sense. I guess if you keep open pollinating generation after generation that variance will come through. I definitely know the root beer pheno, that’s how I always try to describe the haze flavor to people…‘electric root beer’ haha


Ordered Durban Poison and Preordered Original Haze. Received ON Haze x Superglue as a freebie. Quite happy. Would do business again. lol.