Auto monster mass reversal and pollination

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Start date Jan 4th , 2 x auto monster masses,as per advice from Pedro waiting 3-4 weeks before spraying, my question is because the AMM are a little longer than your average 60 days will this have any affect of when to start spraying or when to start the other strains which are the following …Dark Sparks,Da green, easy d ?, AK47, Auto Wappa, auto white berry, Vertigo, white moscow and also have some Northern lights if I can find where I have put them lol



The silver wire arrived today so we can make up the colloidal silver now.

Happy days


Never have been in such an important company , thanks for letting me know you started this experiment. All other questions, ask them to.the experts ,. Will follow this one with great interest, best of luck and biggest seed harvest … :sunglasses:


Hey Fred

I would start spraying the colloidal one you determine the sex via the pre flowers. It would then be about 2 to 3 weeks until the sacks form and maybe another week or so until they start to open. Maybe start the next lot of seeds around the time you start the spraying process, all going well your new flowers will be about 4 weeks into flower when the pollen is ready.

Just my 2 cents worth any way.

Good luck with it all, following along and pulling up a chair.

Cheers Johnny


Typically its when the plant starts to flower that you can start spraying but yeah varies by plant, saying that its usually easier to run the plant your reversing 2-3weeks ahead of the ones you want to pollinate.

Also just mix those seeds and call them Darksparks run them and pluck the crinkles, they will all express similar characteristics just at different ratios…


Hey @FredFlinstoner & @Pedro_Bann, glad to see you have gotten started on this project of yours…:+1: It’s always interesting to see the seed-making process, so it’s a good learning experience for me personally…

I am sure you will have better results with the AMM than I am currently having with the 2 I have going. I do take full responsibility for my poor results so far, and it shouldn’t reflect on any potential the AMM has, as I wanted to try experimenting with doing a scrog with them, but really only found out that they didn’t respond well to LST/Scrog, at least in my environment…For the past month, the first thought that comes to my head when I first look at them has been “Just chop the fuckers already…”… and try again… or not…lol

I’m glad @Mr.Sparkle chimed in with regards to the Dark Sparks… if you have the space, run as many as you can to allow yourself the best choices, should you happen to come across any “crinkles” or weak seedlings, etc., but I am sure you are already aware of this… That’s just how they were labelled for me (Dark Spark, Easy D, etc.) so I figured I would pass that on as well. I would be more inclined to try some of Mr. S’s Autos or @ReikoX’s FAMs in a SCROG as they both exhibited much more vigorous growth than the AMM after being LST/HST’d…

I need to do an update on my own thread later on, so I will post up a pic of my sorry-assed AMM there, rather than pollute your thread with it…believe me, it’s not pretty…lol



I have usually sprayed about a week prior to flip and sprayed at least daily… my reasoning is that because the silver acts as a receptor blocker for ethylene and because it takes a bit for the plant to absorb and transport the silver that by starting pre flip you can keep ethylene levels at a minimum on the part you are spraying… That said, later works most of the time too, I think you just don’t get as much pollen mostly and it left too long sometimes by the time you get pollen it is too late to self and get a good amount of mature seeds…


This looks like it could be a real banger, I’m gonna be watching this!

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Girls had their first spray today, STS on the left and CS on the right,in regards to the dark Sparks I am just going to have to wing it without growing them out first and picking the best one, if it looks crinkley or a runt I will pull it anyway


AMM’s are doing well, the STS had her second spray today and the CS has been sprayed daily.
Pedro arrived this morning with the seedlings so they are now in aswell and we are full steam ahead


Bit of an update, I may have a small issue of running out of height room with one of the AMM"s, at 4 weeks old it is already 80cm and I had to raise the light to it’s maximum so I have just under 10cm"s left, apart from that everything seems to be going smoothly
As I understand if the hairs start turning red then it is working ??


The hairs turning red would just be them getting damaged from the sprays.

As for height just bend the she-man over and tie it down.

The littluns are looking healthy too mate.

It feels wrong to say but I am looking forward to seeing some balls on the girls.

Happy days.


Yep, what Pedro said…

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@Pedro_Bann @ReikoX… Can’t really tie them down because I remove them to spray as they are right next to each other.
Update on the project, not looking good as I can’t see any signs of them turning, I have only missed one CS spray due to an injury but apart from that it has been spot on, I do have a fan about 3 feet away and was wondering if the fan was drying the spray before it gets a chance to work?.
The buds and surrounding leaves are even starting to frost up and pretty pungent, temps inside room is 30c, any info and advice would be great.
Pics of buds are on the AMM’s


Watching from the sideline


Any update? Did they flip? Don’t leave us hanging here haha


No mate unfortunately it did not take for some reason, I had @Pedro_Bann come pay a visit a few times to check on progress, so have not worked out why it didn’t work but it’s not going to stop me from trying lol, will be giving it another crack as soon as these ones are done, should be about a month away


Hey @FredFlinstoner

Sorry to here about them not flipping. I’ve had it before that the plants didn’t show any balls until about 6 weeks after spraying. I had missed 2 days of spraying in a total of 4 weeks of spraying and thought that it hadn’t worked. I eventually found some down very low on the plants, not many, but they were viable. How often are you spraying the CS ??, I do mine twice a day.
The plants are looking great otherwise, keep at it, you’ll get results eventually.

Cheers Johnny


Thanks @Johnnybsmokin, I originally sprayed every second day and increased to everyday after a few weeks,maybe that’s where I went wrong, the AMM’s are now pulled to make room for the others, I had 3 AMM’s in there and two as you see are the stretchy tall plants but the other amm is one solid mass of bud which is alot better for the grow space I have, I also pulled the dark sparks it is tiny but has turned out a treat