An attempt to transition a female Cannabis sp to produce pollen for creating S1 seed

This plan was in progress for a few weeks before I read @slain ’s thread, I fact I had started to spray Colloidal Silver at 50 ppm and had sprayed my chosen female tree times over three days before I injected her with Silver Nitrate.

I started by buying 25 grams of Silver Nitrate from Amazon. I measured out 0.1 grams – had to break out the reloading scale for that one - an amount about the size of 1/4 grain of dry rice… I then mixed the SN with 10 ml of Distilled water, mixed well and injected 2 units (20% of 1 ml) on a 1 ml syringe. I injected the plant low on the main stalk below any branching. I believe the SN mixture went into the hollow part of the stem.

The photos are from three days later – about 7 days total into 12/12 for the female who may identify as a male (FIDM)). The females are 7 days ahead (so, 14 days) of the pollen donor.

I see no balls yet but I will keep you updated, the plant is in transition, no cotton tops but it is showing pre-flower.

Photo 1 The Environment
Photo 2 The FIDM
Photo 3 Female

Medium: Coco
Feed: Jacks – 3x day
Lighting: 12/12 - PLC LED strips (only 8 strips, this was a veg tent before this)
Temp 80-85
RH 35 – 50%


Looks like something might be happening there. It would be so cool if one our OGers found a new easier way to feminize.

Is that a glass lathe I see?


Cool, taking a seat to watch this unfold. I really hope this does work. Would make it so much easier to make fems


Got my chair and snacks! :+1:


Hot fan dang-a-doodle!


Nice tent good luck with your experiment.


Following this one! Blah blah blah

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usually takes a couple weeks to change with CS or STS anyways so should be a bit anyways.

saying that also ordered some silver nitrate about 10 days ago adn whther it will get here or not who knows, but only starting some seeds right now and still need to order some syringes so will be awhile for myself to test


I just reversed a sour stomper autoflower to cross with one of sparkles dark sparks. Used STS and sprayed her every 2-3 days for like 2 weeks. Looks like she’s just about ready to start dropping.

Back in the day I used CS to make S1’s. I remember i had to hit them with a 250mg solution and it seemed that when it took the leafs got the dreaded downward hook to them. Tended to keep the hooks all the way thru, but always produced seeds.


I read somewhere that there is a similar tech used to form Hops ( used to ferment malt and produce beer, also a cousin of cannabis) but the person used the type of syringe used by diabetic patients.

Something similar going.on here?


Sorry… my bad didn’t notice.

Nope, metal lathe, there is a bridgeport mill to the right.

Yeah, I’m not too worried yet - although I caught myself thinking last night that I should inject again just to be safe :wink: jk

That tent is awesome, very well made, best tent I have quality wise and only cost 100 bucks - its a growneer. My other is a ipower and the zippers suck… so I didn’t mind taking a razor to the roof. 5x5x8 now. This is at 37 days (today) Bluedream, GG#4, Memory Loss and Jack Herer - I think I have a type.

Big goal, keep the pollen out of this 5x5!!

I have used CS at 50 ppm before, but mostly on clones ie;

So nothing like this with the whole plant. I hope it works or I will have to start over agh.

I must have missed something. Anyway, this project is based off the post you quoted above.

I’ll post new photos this weekend - it supposed to SNOW - my outdoor is going to get hammered.


id be thinking the same, but i guess that could be a test i use, “IF” this actually works


If it proves to be this easy I might just get addicted to injecting.


You know what they say, once you switch to a needle you never go back to doing it the old way.
(I apologize. that joke was in bad taste.)


That may be true…

Day 7 after injection. Of course don’t forget it was sprayed with CS three times before the injection so not a perfect test in the end - but its looking hopeful.


That’s promising, cause even if sprayed with CS it takes quite awhile and consistent applications.


It’s looking like success so far.


So the word is if you spray with Silver nitrate growth stops and the plant does not get any taller.

In this sample of one, injecting with silver nitrate, growth has not stopped, in fact it stretched about 4 inches in the last five days and I burned the top of one cola when it got to close to the light. I bent it over but the top is a little toasty.

Otherwise still looking good, waiting for the flowers to grow and open.


Day 21 of 12/12, Day 14 after injection with Silver Nitrate - She’s lookin good.

The other girls are all a twitter.

I think next time, I will inject in the main stem on the main cola only - it looks like they will be pollinated with extreme prejudice on this run.