Back To The Basics (Trying New Genetics)

So this is my first journal on here. So I apologize ahead of time but hey its all for fun. So here it is :slight_smile:

Strains : Strawberry Cough (Not from seed) got as a gift so who knows if its the real one. "Gift from outdoor plant "
Chem Fire (Not from seed) Also a gift from a old lady seems like the real thing lol
Acid Dough (From Seed) aka Ripper seeds
OMG (From Seed) aka Ripper seeds
Tropicana Banana (From seed) aka Barneys farm “Gift from a outdoor plant”


Nice variety, it’s always fun starting a new lineup!

For the light I will be using the LED X 815 true watt.
Due to Gavita Master controller not working properly I will have to use the LED at 100% until further notice.


For my medium I’m using Pro mix HP Mycorrhizae.

I will be planting 4 tropicana banana, 4 OMG, 4 Strawberry cough, 4 Acid dough and 16 Chem fire.
Already doing pheno hunting for the OMG, so far I have 2 different phenos 2 of each pheno.
The acid dough I’ve already selected wonderful pheno.


The nutrients I’ll be using is a little bit of everything.
This is measurements for a 5 gallon mix.
Advanced Nutrients Base
Brown- 15ML
Pink- 15ML
Green- 15ML
Cyco Nutrients
B1- 15ML
Remo Nutrients
Kelp- 15ML
Green Planet Nutrients
Carbo Boost- 5ML
Botanicare Nutrients
Cal-Mag- 15ML

PH 6.34

I will be giving each plant one 16oz cup (473 ml)
The plants have been transplanted into 2 gallon pots from clone.
The lights will remain on for 24 hours.
Humidity top 75% low 65%.
Room temp 26 to 28 degrees celsius.
The LED will be 34 inches above canopy, might have to raise due to light intensity.


Hell yes always exciting

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This sounds interesting. :sunglasses: :+1:
I’ll pull up a chair for the show.



This is my previous runs with Acid dough and Chem fire.
The new genetics are the strawberry cough, OMG and Tropicana banana.
Heres some pictures of the Acid dough.

And now, the Chem fire.


Love the dark colors of those chem :fire: :heart_eyes:

Nice work @Purple_Drank604

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Nice, ripper seeds has nice genetics, I have zombie kush x purple punch from them. Will be on my next run


Those are some chunky mamas, keep up the good work.

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sounds interesting I also got there zombie kush and had bad luck i guess none of the phenos where up to par for my liking really wish my phenos had more bubba traits ended up getting alot of the lavender phenos which seemed to be done in 7 weeks and went black at week 4 the other pheno had a super strong grapefuit smell and the rest where really small and not so good. its all luck of the draw. dont know if you watch urban remo but he got a ultimate pheno of the zombie kush hints why i bought them or even knew about ripper seeds. That purple punch mix sounds tastey hopefully get to see some pics of that good luck man.

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so dont have much to post at these stages maybe should of waited a month in. veg is a slow process i still have lots to learn be nice getting that inch a day .And no word on my light and gavita controller. I have 2 of the ledx 815 watt but the one ended up stuck on 400 watt mode so I brought it back to the shop i got it from to see if he could take a look and pulled a brand new light out of the box and plugged it into the gavita controller and it set that light to 400watt mode and will not go back to 100 percent such a head ache. So ive had to squish them all under my one light which im against. I like to give them there own space right from the start but sometimes things don’t always go to plan just hopping he figures it out by the end of the weekend. or else i have the most expensive 400 watt led on the market lol :slight_smile:
ill do some measurements on the clones tonight and see how much they grow every 3 days to a week

I am running no intake and no exhaust and no co2 reason being I’m in a dry environment aka a 4ft by 8ft tent that seems to always be under 30 percent humidity. I picked up a humidifier before the grow to see if i get a better response from the clones. Another funny thing is my flower tent runs low humidity 20 to 30 percent and i got a little bit of powdery mildew and i was told you can get it from too dry of a environment…mind blown. anyways if any one has any input please feel free always up for guidance after all learn something new everyday. o ya any one else have the same trouble plugging in a led into a gavita controller and not able to bright up the lights? thank you everyone for your interest

Day 2
Dry back day. Humidity 70%
Light 34 Inches from canopy still, plants seem not to mind it. Going to carry out having lights on 24-7 probably for the first 2 weeks.

Day 3
Dry back. Humidity 65%
The unlabeled one is Chem fire. They all seem to roughly be in between 3-4 inches.


Day 4
Dry Back. Humidity 75%
Room temperature 25 degrees Celsius
High 28 degrees Celsius

Day 5
Feed. Humidity 70%.
15ML Brown (Advanced Nutrients)
15ML Pink
15ML Green
15ML B1 (Cyco Nutrients)
15ML Kelp (Remo Nutrients)
5ML Carbo boost (Green Planet)

PH 6.4

I will be giving each plant one 16oz cup (473ml)
I will be watering around the edges of the pot, to promote teasing of the roots.
On my original first feed, I watered the core of the plant due to lack of roots at the start.

Day 6
Dry back.
Humidity 75%
Room temperature 27.3 degrees average.
(24 Hour light)
So far the plants have seem to come out of transplant shock and the acid dough and the tropicana banana seem to be taking off. The chem fire, OMG #1&2 and the strawberry cough are a bit slower off the gate. I’m thinking this is due to lack of roots I transplanted these when they had about 3 to 4 roots coming out of a 1.5 inch rock wool cube. The acid dough and tropicana banana had way more advanced roots.


I guess I can explain my cloning process.

  1. Grab a 5 gallon bucket
  2. Fill it up with de chlorinated water
  3. Add 15ML B1 ( cyco nutrients )
  4. Add 15ML kelp ( remo nutrients )
  5. PH 5.3
  6. Drop cubes into 5 gallon bucket ( 1.5 inch rock wool cubes )
  7. Let soak for a hour
  8. 2 light shakes of the rock wool cube to get excess water out
  9. Place on cloning tray with the hole upside down
  10. Grab a shishkabob stick and poke new holes just off from the center
  11. Then take cuttings off of mom
  12. Then put the clones on plate of water and proceed to cut the stem of clone on a 45 degree angle
  13. Dip stem in No.2 rooting hormone, then plunk the clone into cube, wala

As for maintaining I air the lids roughly every 4-6 hours and replace the lids with new lids that I have misted. By the time I go back to the old lids they will be dry then I can repeat the process again. I usually run 24 1.5 inch rock wool cubes per tray, it gives them a nice bit of space ( 3 rows of 8 ).


For my lighting I use a T5 light with high output bulbs, these are sneak peak to the next journal.

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Day 7
Dry back.
Humidity 80%
Room temperature 26-27 degrees celsius

Day 8
Dry back
Humidity 80%
Room temperature 26-27 degrees celsius

Day 9
Dry back
Humidity 40%
Room temperature 24 degrees celsius
Humidity and temperature drop due to putting the exhaust on full-time creating negative pressure. This will be the first day of sleep which will be 6 hours. I will be spraying them with light dose of bug be gone and nutrilite sm90. Hence why im putting them to sleep.

Again, the chem fire is the unlabeled one.


Been observing the tropicana banana and strawberry cough which are both the ones I got clones off of outdoor plants, it seems I might have took them too late. I’m noticing flowering traits like THC on the leafs which comes to my next conclusion of the slow growth rate and funky look. As a precaution I have started to veg out some rockstar clones.

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