Baltimore's Multi-strain Bonanza

Cold is your friend when making hash, the colder the better.


Dude I know it I’m envious of guys who get consistent snowfall each winter. I saw two dudes making ice hash out on their back deck in the snow and it dawned on me
(again) it needs to be really f****** cold to achieve proper separation. Just getting that beautiful vortex going with the drill was enough to make me smile.

You’re absolutely right. These dhdes literally just dropped the s*** into snow and started whipping it with ice and a big ass drill will a small paddle. Hell they might have put snow inside of it? I don’t even remember it was cold as s*** wherever they lived at Michigan or or somewheres.

Hell it’s been around freezing the past few days here I’ll say it like it means something but the ice cubes from the other day when I flung the s*** out back haven’t melted yet I thought that was kind of amusing. I thought about Al Gore and the b******* global warming Al Gore bought a condo in Malibu right on the water. He’s not really worried about glowing warming. Lol funny guys. :rofl:

Motz fer’ Prez! :grin::v:


Awww man look at the sunrise. What is it red at night sailors delight. Red in the morning sailor’s warning? I’m the guys who’s always in the ballpark with trivial stuff.

Anyways. Here’s down my block. I have a field but walking down for a pic, people think your 12 or some shit. So…

Here’s why I like to cook my soil for at least 2 weeks. I don’t necessarily think it’s bad. I believe it allows certain nutrients and things like that time to settle down break down and not be so hot Imo. Sounds good. Hehe! Fuzzy brown.

Here’s why you use pesticide exactly as recommended.

Fresh seedlings/clones or susceptible plants from insect stress can cause pesticides to have I’ll effects on your plants. Everything was covered great and it still leaves me time to wash it clean and if course flush the soil.

I’d throw my shit out before spraying pesticide in flower at all. Just my deal though. On a better note the bug problem is pretty well contained. This shit was harsh to my skin. Here have a look see. Unfortunately or fortunately this is my third and final Starlight plant, it better be a female.:laughing:


@SamwellBB here’s one seed. 2 plants. The strain is Double stuff #2. I have the double tailed seed pic. I think you get the point pic whatever. I washed the roots easily to separate them.

Here they are today. Once they really pick up speed and I get these other plants sexed.

I’ll get these sexed and hope that I’ll come away with a female so I have one extra plant of these but it was cool kind of like conjoined twins getting separated out and actually each having a separate life. Very cool :+1:. Now I’m gonna mark them.
Today’s Pic

Anybody wanna make a small bet? Will they both be m or f? Or separate m and f from one seed. I’ll post the results.see if I had like 20 people that were involved in it.

It’d be cool to give somebody a pack of seeds and just do something nice It’s Christmas time I got to start putting some stuff together. I haven’t forgot about everybody I just got to get my ass in gear today.:grin::+1:

Organicide. Home Depot. 15 bucks. Makes 19 gals. Smells like fish emulsion and it costs and kills well.:+1: Recommended in short burt’s or itl burn up.


Ay look at this fuckin shit. I’m a dispensary smoker. Fuck y’all’s homegrown. I got money. Well my friend now you may have covid-19.

It’s funny cuz this particular dispensary the past 3 days has been selling everything half price marked down crazy you know eights of badder for sale. Most don’t even sell s*** like that half grams in a grams o. The concentrates. Idk.

I knew something was going on funky with them when they were selling their whole stock out and then this letter arrives not that I f****** care or go at all but all these little f****** soyberger flipping f***** dispensary everyday…keep going here you go.

this is one of the top spots here in the city for flower sales discounts they go through a ton of product so you can only imagine.

I wonder when they’re going to cut the dispensaries off totally and then walk it all back well that’s the reason why we can’t make it legal take it back to 1979 real quick on everybody. Yes I do take seeds lol. Before the Gestapo stops everything pick you up some heat. Both kinds. :grin::v:


Lol funny to say as you grow your own. Nothing wrong with supporting the business, especially if it gets you some variety you don’t have. I haven’t had my first harvest yet (soon though), so I’m still relying on what/whereI can get at what I can afford.


That looks ugly. :rofl:. I’m sorry if I offended you for real. I smoked hard outa the dispensaries. It sucks really because I had a good friend we use to look at the deals and “go in together” on a musty pack.

You know a lot of it has made me isolated. Back in the day you used to grab a bag and go grab your friend. If you were lucky enough to have a friend that good for real he would come back and do the same and that’s how we got by for real. You’re as old as I am I’m assuming I was born in 84.

You know the dispensaries even though they’re a good tool they’ve done a lot here in this state to f*** us over we were the first to get medical in the last to get dispensaries The first company that got a license here was the first company to get fine $2 million for using band pesticides. The weight issue they would weigh something moist it would sit you would take it home weigh it your s*** would be a gram half gram off.

I think the dispensary ideas so f****** cool I’d love to go to one in LA dude. They’ve been smoking since like 96’. My man Pac was still alive wait…and BIG. That was when you kopped off Branson in NYC.

Shhh. :shushing_face: Don’t tell anybody but I had fun waiting in lines talking with people about the weed drops that we were going to get for the first time in history I had police open the doors to my kingdom. The first day I got Gelato 33. :drooling_face::+1:


I didn’t keep the entire Sour Trop Male. I snatched 2 decent little tops. I soak them in water for 24 hours then I go into clonex then into my mix. I lose more clones this way but the guys that stand right back up are the clones I want. I think everything’s different for everybody if you have a method that works for you you might as well keep doing it I f***** up and just wait and put some seeds in Coco without putting any perlite in it.

It did exactly what I thought it would compact stay wet and damp and root rot. The right guy may make it. I want to do a full pollen pop on these. I’m definitely gonna F2 the Tropicanna x ECSD.

That’s what I get for running different strains without a plan. Shit never gets done right.

Here’s my youngins. 24 hours isn’t a bad rebound time on the left clone. Anyone ever take male clones for a particular reason?


@Heritagefarms that side lighting did the trick, roots sticking out by 7 days just like I’m use to back in the day.


Looks like root riot plugs or something those things are awesome right there. Definitely look nice and healthy.:grin::+1:


Here’s some babies.
OHxPAC- Mongo

Trop :fuelpump:

Shhh blurry shit. Sorry.

Here’s my big Momma Tropicanna :cookie:. I just uppotted her to a 3gak smart pot. She’s beastly for my setup.

Be safe out there. :grin::v:


Looking good , weaker light slows down there transpiration and prevents the droopy clone syndrome alot of people get before they rot or take forever to root. I love the rapid rooters myself don’t even bother with clone gel anymore.


Not sure what brand, came in a big ziplock bag lol. I use to get same results with the ol jiffy peat pellets, I prefer them actually. I may order some online and have a side by side comparison. I know I hate the coco plugs for seeds, and for the cuttings, I turn them upside down and make a new hole


Really I get better results taking nice cuts straight into my amended soil no dome straight underneath of my little LEDs maybe like 40 watts.

I feel like it doesn’t matter if I add 30-year-old root and hormone or 2-day-old clonex doesn’t make a f***. Seems like you hit that one on the head just good soil and keeping them fed through their leaves until they grow roots That’s it.or wait in a month for him to root in water which I do sometimes I stall my crops out a month by throwing the clones in some water.

me cloning in water is risky here though this house is 80+ years old, not good really cold.


Repacked Rapid Rooters, I once bough the same. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


That’s so fucking cheap. I bet they have Indians doing it for a 1/10th of a half a ancient ruble. :joy:

I’ve heard it all Mr :honeybee:. Retreaded tires. Jesus no. That’s like playing with your plants life. They look good af. The clones are nice cuts as well. Imo smaller leggier branches are way more finnicky.

I’ve been batting .500 on my clones. I’m lacking severely in my cloning and curing. If I could cure and keep my cure I’d be a happy man. I need cuts off this Race Fuel OG cross. Then there’s 2 phenos of the Wilson Zero. The Starlites were 2/3 males with 1 pending. Sometimes they say that too many females influence male population I do have a bunch of big-ass female clones that I always forget to mention that wedding cake is going to be off the f****** hook I put it in a 3 gallon square bag, the roots are already coming out on the bottom like :ramen:.

Still got 1 Starlite to sex and 3 Double Stuff #2’s. There’s a lady amongst them. I tell ya what I’m 6 days into 12/12 it fucking rocks in here. Jesus Christmas :snowman:. Be safe bud.

Santa’s sack has all the beans! Get his ass quick!:grin::v:


Some sexy big fat leaves there! And the sheen on em!! :heart_eyes: They look great!

Momma Trop lookin like Medusa :rofl: She’s a beast! Hope you’re not sticking her straight back into flower like that, not gonna have room for anything else! Nice job on her! Clones for daaays, weeks even ^^


What’s up @Baltimore

Did you end up trashing all the StarLite’s? Sucks if you got all males, unless you’re going to pollinate something, then it’s not a total lost.


I planted 3 which is my problem. So I pulled 2/3 males so far. I think “someone” was looking out for me. Crowd control if you will. :laughing:

Trust me I’ll be planting more until I find a lady. I would have sweared the last plant was a female just by its structure but unfortunately I couldn’t hold on to it Right now I am stacked to the maximum with clones plants pollen and deciding right now if I’m going to go to a 4x8 or another 4x4 and crank it up a notch.

This is the state of my tent right now. It’s f****** saying I need everything to go ahead and tighten up and flower so some of the leaves can die off and I can pull the plants branches towards the center. There’s a method to my madness. This Wedding Cake almost makes me cry. I grow a oz worth and I was very upset when I ran out.

That won’t happen again. That sucks about the last Starlite I called, it looked like exactly what I was looking for. The smell was coming on so I know there’s more gold in the hills. Oh yeah the pic. No room is an understatement.

Just look for individual stakes. The foremost is WC.

Bottom right you can see the WC is really a dark green/chocolate color. It’s an amazing pull.

Wilson Zero. I figured it’d be easier if I just grabbed the leaf to show you where it started at.

Hey there’s one of my testers. Making sure the Bubba Cake is ok before I let it out or if it’s worth it.:thinking:

Race Fuel xTrop cross. I love this plant. It should’ve went in a 3 gal but…Next round. Right now it smells like Garlic. Looks like it leaned back towards it’s Indi side.:+1:

Hands forward is Trop Cookies. There’s another in a 3 gal pot above to the left.

Top piece is my favorite.:drooling_face: Yes lawdee!

My setup. It’s amazing how placement of everything is key. Flipping the light around and pitching the nose down slightly allows the fans both to cool the bulb, gives full coverage to the whole area, and the back no longer backs slam against my filter.

A spider leg branch that’s growing sideways.

Follow up:


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