Banquos Basement

I couldn’t come up with a more clever title, so I’m rolling with “Banquos Basement” since I do grow in my basement. This will be an ongoing grow diary featuring whatever I’m growing at the time. I try to do things in a perpetual setup, but things got away from me over the summer and I ended up starting from scratch after my last plants came down.

So this is where I’m at now, somewhere around day 25, give or take. This is my first run in that tray system you see, the AutoPot Auto3 tray. I’ve got 3 auto cultivars from the same breeder running now. Left to right they are NewBerry Auto, Alien Moonrocks, and Twisted Puppy, all by Twisted Tree Autoflowers, out of Michigan. NewBerry Auto is their newest strain, and yes it’s an autoflower version of the much beloved NewBerry by DJ Short. It’s my first run of it, but from what I’m seeing so far and from what I’ve seen others share, TTA did a fantastic job bringing it over to an autoflower strain. Alien Moonrocks was the first cultivar I ever grew, which I started almost exactly a year ago. So yay for that. I think this time I got the green pheno, which is fine because I’ve had the purple 3 times already. And lastly there’s Twisted Puppy. That one isn’t available yet, but should be soon-ish. I received them as a gift from TTA for this neat thing I did on Reddit, but that’s not important right now. I recently chopped the first Twisted Puppy, and have some stashed that’s at about 30 days jar time now. At first it was super lemony smelling and tasting, but it’s gaining more and more of that familiar Chem peppery classic smell. I love it.

I’ll be starting some more plants in a couple days, when I get back home. More Twisted Tree autos, this time they’ll be testers for another Chem strain they’re working on. And I might maybe possibly perhaps pop a couple regs too, or maybe a Ghost Toof for Halloween. I haven’t decided yet. I also have some different peppers that I just started and want to cross-breed, and a cherry tomato plant too. I haven’t seen any rules that say only cannabis pictures can be shared here, so I’ll probably post a pic or two of them now and then too. I’ll be looking for testers if my pepper projects work out, so if that interests you at all, please feel free to follow along.

Wow. You made it this far. I’m impressed. I’m a long winded SOB because I have no life and no friends. I’m a basement dwelling hermit, more or less. So this is my outlet for the stuff I can’t share with the few people in my IRL life, other than my wife who, if I’m being totally honest, doesn’t share the same passion for cultivating this plant. And that’s tooooooootally fine. She helps me smoke it, and that’s good enough for me. So please feel free to jump in and talk shit, give advice, share insight, share your pics. Whatever. This is my basement and I’m telling you it’s okay to store your stuff here. :sweat_smile:


I will do a thing that runs down my whole rig. My kiddo just woke up though, so it’s daddy daycare time :partying_face:


Are you me!?

Looking forward to the details on your setup, and some harvest pictures!


I’m here for the show. I brought the kiddos so they can all play and plenty of snacks for all. Can’t wait til bedtime when we can start the party!


Good mornin, good mornin, good mornin from the Basement. Today I’m gonna talk about my rig, as I call it. This will be covering my main, larger tent, as I have two. The little tent isn’t fully up and running and has peppers and a cherry tomato plant in it, for now. I recently picked up a deal with Spider Farmer, so I’ll be swapping some stuff out in there soon.

As far as the actual tent goes, I’m running a Gorilla tent, 2x4x8 size, regular series. I almost got the Lite series, but the material thickness, or lack of thickness, kept me away from that. I’m rough on my stuff and I know that. Plus I have cats and kids. I’ll take the sturdier option. It did come with a 1’ height extension, but I’ll never be able to use it in my current location as our ceilings are 8’.

For a photon generator I’m running an HLG 300L R-SPEC V2. Worth. Every. Penny. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to or just can’t build your own board, give HLG a look. I started with Mars Hydro, a TSL2000, and for the money it’s a fantastic light. Honestly. I loved mine. But if you can swing it, check out HLG. I do keep my light on 100% power after my plants reach day 7, and the height is maxed out. The fan/filter are right at the ceiling, and the light is right below that, to give you an idea. I’d say my light is 5’ or more above the tops of the pots. I haven’t seen a stretcher yet.

Fan and filter both came from AC Infinity. I went with the T4, I think? The one with the digital box for controls. Yeah, T4 I think. The carbon filter has worked as needed for the past 11 months, which seems to be about average for what it is. I’m ordering a replacement filter soon, so I have it when this one is done for good. I live in a place where I must follow the “No smell” rule, so I really try to stay on top of the smell factor.

I talked about the AutoPot Auto3 tray thingy I’m using. Kinda. It is basically what you can see. The tray fits super nicely in a 2x4 tent, with enough space in front or back for a fan, or some more plants, or whatever. The actual pots are 5 gallon Spring Pots that came with the system. Not sure if standard 5 gal fabs would fit in the slots or no? If I remove them during this run, maybe I’ll check that out. The reservoir tank has 12-ish gallons in it, and runs a 3/8" line to the system.

I think that covers physical hardware, so now I’ll talk about nutrients for a minute. I just just just recently got my hands on some MegaCrop “friends”, Bud Explosion and Sweet Candy, specifically, so I have not finished a run while using them. I have been using 1-part MegaCrop for a few months now, and I love it. Super simple to just weigh up 6 grams and dump in into a jug. Yes, I said 6 grams. For autos. From start to finish. A buddy of mine suggested starting them at the max dose, and I did, and it’s worked. I’ve had a couple with burnt tips, but that just means they’re well fed. Right? To avoid salt buildup, I also use an enzyme product called SLF-100. Oh, and cal-mag too. Can’t forget that. It’s by Humboldts Secret and it’s also got iron in it. I wanna say it’s rated 2-0-0 for NPK value. I’ve been running that at 2.5-3.0 mL per gallon. I might try cutting it out or reducing the dose now that I’m using some other things alongside the MC. I know a couple people that use the same products and do not need cal-mag.

I think that’s about it. I’ve tried to look at building my rig as a long term investment. Growing cannabis has been a literal lifelong dream for me, and now that I’m actually doing it, I’m not looking back. I only grow for my wife and myself, so it never ever feels like “work”. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of this, even when I know something is less than optimal or flat out wrong. I love every single aspect of this, even shucking seeds! :sweat_smile:

Hope everyone had a great sleep, and hopefully your day starts out as good as it can. If I missed something, or if I double-talked on something and made it confusing, just fire off a question in the comments and I’ll see if I can reply with something that clears up any confusion. Thank you for reading along.


This is so familiar to me… Ohh yes I remember now. That’s also my life :laughing: :rofl:


Makes sense… look where we are. Wouldn’t you expect to see a lot of clones around here? :stuck_out_tongue: If it helps, that’s also a fairly good snapshot of my life, other than the wife and kids.


Pepino Dulce

New addition to my non-cannabis indoor garden. Picked this lovely up as a gift at the hydro store last night. I’m currently away from home but noticed there is a grow shop less than a mile away from the hotel we’re in. So, since I always need SOMETHING (this time it was ProMix HP) for the garden, I talked her into letting me take a ride over there. I’m so glad I did.

When I pulled up I noticed a couple plants outside the door, getting some sun. One was an heirloom bell pepper, but the other had a couple really cool looking fruits on it that I didn’t recognize. So when I was paying for the ProMix I asked the dude working about the “white and purple peppers on that plant right outside the door”, and he then told me what it actually was, and explained that it isn’t actually a pepper. Me being me, I started talking about how cool I thought it sounded, so he asked me if I wanted one. I thought he meant one of the fruits, like to eat and maybe harvest the seeds from, so I said sure. He walked me over to one of the demo tents inside the store and said “I’ve got one for you right here, already rooted and everything” and hands me this well established cutting.

My mind was blown. This dude must have the spirit of OG in his heart, somewhere, whether be knows it or not. He said the mother plant outside was given to the store as a cutting last year by a regular customer, so he believes in paying it forward. So, with that being said, once this beauty gets big enough and strong enough, I will also be taking cuttings to make available to anyone that wants one. It might be a year, maybe only six months. But we’ll get there, and they’ll get to you. :grin:


Making some big moves in the basement today! Installed a new light in the little tent, an SF1000 by Spider Farmer, have 4 seeds soaking of 2 different strains, too. 3 of them are testers from Twisted Tree Autoflowers called Chem Cookies, and they’re fems. The odd one out is by the same breeder, but it’s a reg seed of their Cheese Cookies auto. Fingers crossed for a male. I’d love to hit a tester with his pollen and see what I can do with those seeds. Who doesn’t like cheesy, chemmy, doughy goodness?


Grats on the new hardware! SF has a good reputation, I’ve been thinking about whether to go with them when I replace my blurples or whether it’s worth buying HLG/Gavita-level tech for secondary lights. I’m already using MH/HPS HID bulbs for main lights, but those might be due for replacement too… as with most tech, the stuff I bought 5 years ago is now horribly outdated and can’t even run the basic Windows boot sequence. Oops… wrong tech, but right planned obsolescence. :frowning:

Yay! More F2 polyhybrids! :open_mouth: Doesn’t look like either of those strains are IBLs, so there’s really no way to tell what you’ll get from crossing them other than knowing they’ll be autos. But hey, who knows, GSC supposedly came from accidentally-pollinated testers in the first place so you might hit the lottery! You also might end up with something that stinks worse than Roadkill Skunk… which might be equally hitting the lottery in a market that features names like Roadkill Skunk and Cat Piss. :stuck_out_tongue:


For me, that would be like winning the lottery AND… I dunno, something equal to or greater in coolness than winning the lottery. Not so much because of the “Roadkill” hype going on right now, as my excitement would be rooted in having a bazillion seeds for a putrid smelling autoflower in my collection, and to let them out into the community to see what others can do with them.

There’s something about Poly… I get excited over the possibilities for random greatness/fire from a single seed. When I did the Space Wiz F2 run I happened to have a really stocky and frosty Meph freebie at the same stage of flower. Soooooo, with the pollen I had left over I dusted her lowers and got about 150 really good looking seeds from her. Since it’s a 5-strain mashup I decided to name it Pentagram. That one will NOT go out until I’ve run more than a handful to make sure I’m not sending out pollen bombs with 30 day timer fuses. I’d feel worse than rotten to be “that guy” :confused:


That’s awesome! I love experiencing the OG spirit out in real life. Those Pepino (melons?) Are so tasty imo. If you do ever get nice cuts, sign me up. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, I’ve never grow any twisted trees gear, but I’ve got a few I’m getting ready to pop soon. Good to see someone growing them on here. :wink:


Oddly, I was browsing a few weeks ago and came across this “Nauseatingly Putrid Ruderalis” which tries to provide exactly that putrescence, from what the breeder says anyway. No idea on the lineage and I’m not trying to vouch for it at all; I’m not all that into autos and never was a big fan of stinky buds, so I wasn’t interested myself, but it’s certainly a catchy name. :stuck_out_tongue:

As you say, though, there’s something about Poly… random greatness perhaps, but you never can really guarantee just what’s gonna happen. Random fire, or random fires? That being said, as long as you provide a warning label you’re probably in the clear. :stuck_out_tongue: Nobody expects anything other than a pheno hunt from F2s.

Haven’t tried them myself, I just did a little research online earlier when @Banquo posted; apparently they’re technically considered cucumbers? They certainly do look more like melons, and have a mild to sweet taste similar to a (rather bland) honeydew from what I’ve read.


Right! I knew they weren’t melons. That’s just what they sell them as at the grocery store. :grin::+1:

Yes! As I’m sure you saw on whatever site you landed on when you looked them up, they’re also closely related to tomatoes and eggplants too. They’re a perennial evergreen shrub, and in the same family as Nightshade! How cool is that??? I’m really stoked to have the opportunity to grow and, hopefully, share such a cool (AND edible!) plant.

Consider yourself signed up OGrowmie! I’ll gladly send you 1-2 cuts, and if both make it, you know what to do with 1 of them. :grin:

Whatcha got over there? I’ve run a few different things by them, and will probably always keep something from them in my tent at all times. I really can’t say enough good about them. Despite the current Alien Moonrocks intersex issue, their gear produces some of the best looking autos I see on social media.

As an aside, my Alien Moonrocks was in fact a true herm. Male and female flowers set in the same nodes, not just balls popping out below random nodes. Not sure what’s up with it, as mine isn’t the only one I’ve seen do this, recently, with this strain. I’ve run several of them prior to this one with no issues at all. This plant had experienced no stress at all coming from me, so I’m really thinking it was not stress induced. There was no training or defol or bad environment, nothing. I’ve sent an email to Twisted Tree, and hopefully I get some kind of information back that helps explain why this could be happening.

I’ll be back with pics and an official update post later on today. Happy Monday y’all


Hay welcome to OG

A good friend runs TTA ‘s as well
He’s had great luck with them !

I see you run autopots I did look in to those and there are a few GO ‘s that run them as well
I run Octopots similar yet no moving parts ( simple I need simple lol :joy: )

Hgl lights are great I use a small one for the small tent and a California lightworks for the bigger tent

I see your off to a great starts there’s a lot of auto guys and gals around here as well there’s some great threads

Well done rambling
Good luck and have fun



Can’t believe I forgot to quote and talk about this. It’s so strange that you mention N.P.R. because I reached out to the breeder on Strainly, literally yesterday, asking about terpene profiles on it. They did respond, but I haven’t been back to check the message yet. If it sounds interesting, I’m probably going to pick some up and start hunting.

I sincerely appreciate you giving me a heads up about it. That’s one of the multitude of things that make the OG community so freaking AWESOME, people caring about people. Thank you :blush:


Thank you for dropping by and saying hi! Like your friend, I’ve had great luck running their gear too, until this one plant. Breaks my heart because it’s my favorite strain to boot. It happens though, and I’m not letting it scare me away from their beans.

I’ve heard of OctoPots but I’m not all that familiar with the system. I’m all about simplicity too, so if they’re easier than AutoPots, I need to check them out. I am really looking forward to getting to know the autoflower devotees that hang around here. I know there’s more than a handful of em, or so I’ve heard. But it is Croptober, so I get that it’s kinda quiet around here right now. Even us auto people have the occasional outdoor photo plant to tend to. :sweat_smile:

There’s a few of us Octopot peeps here and there’s some great threads about them


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I did see tomatoes and eggplants mentioned too, but wasn’t entirely sure which of the three they were. I guess it doesn’t have to be an either/or thing though, that’s pretty cool. And if it’s related to Belladonna too, this might have just made my list too. :slight_smile: I could at least clear out some space in the (literal) weed gardens outside for a few of these and see how they do outdoors next spring/summer, if it ends up working out that way.

Nice, funny little coincidence there… apparently we were both picking up the same vibes from the OG zeitgeist. Glad to help, even if you ended up not needing it!

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