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Hey Overgrow!

Thecurtainwith here. It’s been a busy spring, but I finally got a chance to sit down at the computer and man am I excited to show you all what I got going this year. Some bodhi and doc d hybrids, preservation work with the Landrace Preservation Society, plenty of fun heirlooms and off the beaten path crosses.

I do all my growing organic, in no and low-till living soil cloth pots with worms and mulch. My soil mix is pretty much coots mix with a few substitutions (I’ll get in to details with all this stuff later on), and I feed mostly homemade ferments.
I’ll throw up a rundown of what I’ve already got vegging at some point tomorrow, but for now I’ll show you the seeds I’m starting for this summer’s projects. I got excited tonight and popped everything I’d planned out (as well as a bunch of other random stuff because I have no self control lol).

Everything got thrown in room temperature water for their overnight soak. Tomorrow morning, I’ll take the ones that sank and put them in paper towels till they finish germinating. Some of this is gonna get grown out in my basement, some at the landrace preservation society spot, and some at various other places around town. I try and diversify so I can grow a fuck ton without drawing suspicion.

First off, I popped some seeds for a dream I’ve had for a sec- a really solid chem/Afghani hybrid. My goal is to find something with over the top yields, greasy resin, and mouth coating flavor that smells like chem hit a garbage truck. As I’m in the PNW, good fungal resistance is always a plus. To start this project i popped an entire pack of Chem 91 x Old Mother Ghani from Bodhi, as well as a half pack of Chem 91 x pakistan/Afghani from doc d. I imagine it’ll take a little time and maybe some pollen chucking but I know she’s in there some place.

Also threw in a half pack of AKBB ‘89NL just cause I’m curious to see what phenos pop out. I want to f2 these cause I wanna get an idea of what’s in them.

Broke out my pack of Bandaid Haze x Pakistan/Afghani from doc d cause I want to find a good production mother for this year-something high yielding and resistant with haze terps more in the sandlewood/incense area rather than the lemon/lime side of things.

My roommate requested “euphoric narrow leaf equatorials and CBD”, so I pulled out some Highland Oaxacan Gold from SoCal Seed Vault, as well as an assortment of CBD lines: Rhubarb Wine x X18 from Sebring, Point break CBD from baked beans, Real Seed Company’s Kumaoni, and Incredible Power 1:1 from sin city.

Got a bunch of other stuff going on that I’m excited to show y’all but I think that’s enough for the moment… I gotta get back to the garden! I’ll answer any questions anyone’s got, and friendly advice is always appreciated! For now, I’ll leave you with this picture of the beans in their bath :sunglasses:

Pull up a chair and load your bongs cause it’s gonna be a fun summer! Hopefully everyone can get some free seeds out of this too if everything goes according to plan. Peace out till next time and remember… if someone asks how many plants you have, the answer is always “below my legal limit!” :grin: :v: :seedling:


looks like you have a lot going on. can’t wait to see how things progress. as far as chem stuff have you taken a look at lucky dog seed co.? that’s skunk_va’s seed company. good chem and chem crosses. speakeasy has a bunch of options listed under lucky dog seed co.


Yes indeed i certainly keep my hands full lol got more plants than I know what to do with. I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of skunk va’s stuff from Lucky dog but have only heard good about it and would love to get the chance one day!


hey I will be watching, I am out of likes atm owe you both likes


I’m in for this one!! :call_me_hand:



Gonna go ahead and pull up my easy chair for this one.


Excellent answer, excited for your grow! Good luck!:grinning::+1:

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Oh nice!

I just ran through a whole pack of akbb 89 NL, almost ready to flower them right now. Be prepared for hella mutants! I had triple and quad node and fan leaf growth at random nodes. Mutated leaves, two leaves in one, extra blades, fan leaf growing out of a fan leaf… two nodes merging an inch or so down into one with weird double growth later. Bunch of stuff that makes me thing these were hit with colchicine or something else in the past…

13 popped out of 14 seeds, I got 9 plants… after culling the mutants I’m left with 4 decent looking heavy afghanis, stem rubs range from spicy to kush, leaves smell anywhere from vomit and dog shit to kush and chem. Not sure what “nl” these could be… really thinking they’re more of a cross than pure but no idea…

Anyways, best of luck! Sounds like you know what you’re doing so I’ll just pull up a chair in back :+1:


Oh shit dude that sounds like a really fun time lol I’ll keep a special eye on those :grin:
Love me some vile putrid terps. I got the ok from akbb to do an open pollination on these cause I really wanna try and figure out the make up of this line. This is what AKBB had to say about those beans:
“ The 89 was old 80’s pnw nl no distinction except A and B it was from a dry cabin in interior AK grown and preserved there and untouched untill two years ago i opened what popped on the a line the b line was grown in Canada and not reproduced ”
“it has some Afghan types but more of the original sativa cross comes out it has some long run sativa hybrids”
That remark you made about colchicine treatment had me intrigued. I’ll watch for telltale signs as these get bigger.


It’s just the mutated growth that makes me think colchicine or some other mutagen… Could’ve just been a weird cross but… there’s basically no denying the polyploid style growth… I’m also not really seeing any sativa anything in the 9 plants I got… They all look pretty uniform… I’ve also heard 3 different things now on the origins of this line, although yours more closely aligns with one of them.

Here’s some pics of what I got:

They got some good structure once you get past the mutants…

Here’s some of the mutant growth, I didn’t get pics of some of the more extreme mutations I mentioned

I culled the plants as I found the mutations. Around half of the plants had 2 bladed leaves for the first “real” set, instead of 3. The triple/quad polyploid style growth came in around the 4th-6th nodes…

Should be real interesting to see what you get out of them! I’ve seen some wildly different flower pics from these too. And I know at least one other person with a pack who may run some soon too, if he does maybe he’ll post as well. Anyways, i’ll stop cluttering up your thread :sweat_smile:


I’ll be in the back watching, and stopping by!! Happy hunting!!

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Shit dude that’s neat!! It’s not cluttering if it’s dank informative pics :slight_smile: thanks for sharing! Excited to see if mine are anything like these


Bodhi, Doc D and AKBB? You’re only missing some strayfox lol
I’m definitely pulling up for this one
Good luck :sunglasses:


Update: after a brief soak, everything’s in the dirt! The chem x omg, chem x paki/afi, bandaid haze x paki/afi, and highland oaxacan gold are all up at the preservation station, and the kumaoni, 89NL, rhubarb wine x X18, point break cbd, and incredible power 1:1 are chillin down in the basement. Here’s some very unexciting pics of seeds sitting in dirt lol

In addition, I’ve got some RSC Iranian waiting to sprout that I’m running for a freakers ball seed collective run. That one’s got it’s own thread, I encourage you to head over and check it out if you’re in to landraces! Going to be doing more of a deep dive in to history and morphology and other stuff like that on that thread.

Happy growing!


So… turns out my pack labeled 89NL are actually NL1’s :man_facepalming:
You should get something that looks more like this:



Stopped by the homie’s place to help him break down his grow spot and ended up with some fun gifts! There were some cuts of his keeper moms that he’d abandoned for a month in the cloner that I was given to revive, as well as a pack of seeds :grin:
These two sad looking ladies are from baghlan province in Afghanistan

And this tray’s a mix of some crosses he made:
“Guru” (After work affie x malana) and “Magic Medicine” (Panama red x magic valley).
The plan with all these is to try and revive them to a point where I can take next generation of healthy cuts to keep as moms.

And here’s the seeds! Gonna pop em tonight and of course will keep all you fine folks updated


Here’s a bud from my most recent basement harvest. Michoacán (landrace from Mexico) smells like straight up pine and petrichor. The original seeds were sourced in 1981 by a friend’s uncle, my friend open pollinated it for 5 generations to acclimate it to the Pacific Northwest