Man-bot’s Mixed Bag - Part Deux: Agent Orange x Aeric77 Cali-O, DJ Short First Light, 88G13HP

Well I took the summer off and decided to fire up a few plants.

Unfortunately only 1 of my 5 pack of DJ Short First Light germinated, but it appears to be a girl which is good:

Variegation, and mutated leaves… and actually quite a bit of stretch, with little branching. Not a strong grower in veg but it should prove to potentially be interesting.

I also fired up 8 seeds of Agent Orange x Aeric77 Cali-O, 7 of which made it (made by @Barefrog) . 4 males and 3 females. These plants grow quick and I could see them getting huge outdoors. Classic look to the leaves - virtually all have 9 blades leaves. Very uniform for an F2. I do have 2 females that are similar (one has a stem rub reminiscent of some BCGA Orange Crush I grew around 2000) another has a mintier scent. Here they are:

One of the males is stacking quite nicely.

Last - no pics yet, but I have a few 88G13HP - my last go at 2 seeds only yielded males. So hopefully a girl somewhere here.


The male pictured above has turned to have a distinctive citrus scent on the stem rub of him so mission accomplished there.

Think I will be saving and applying some of his pollen to my NL clone to try and bring the stature of these down… they’re big plants!

Regardless, I’m hoping I find a similar change in scent on one of the females I noted early on that had a similar stem rub scent… hopefully will see soon who is citrus and who isn’t.


Peace @man-bot. Which 88G13HP U running?? I have Hazeman’s offering. I would have liked to have been around when the originals were being spread around. I also have a Bodhi Master HP as well. Am interested to watch… good vibes and good health



I’m running seeds of 88G13HP that I received from a member here - who I believe they originally got from NDN guy.

Pretty sure these are the same as the Hazeman seeds… think this widespread distribution started from NDN guy and grew from there (though I could be wrong!)

Gotta pop some pics of them up - they are quite squat and small in comparison at the moment.


Peace. Well I’m locked in to see that either way… happy growing. I’ll be over here in the cut checking u out


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Here are the 88G13HP plants:

No idea of sex yet… should be another week.

They are squat and wide lead though with good branching.


Peace @man-bot. They are looking great. Very strong and sturdy looking and nice and green still. Keep up the good work :+1:t6:
Peace and good health


Well bad news - looks like First Light will be done now:

Took a look today and a few nanners - so early in flowering too!

Only 1 of 5 seeds cracked and it was a bit wonky, very little flower production and then these nanners. Just too much - so it’s gone.

It’s too bad as well because the little bud there was smelled like chocolate truly.

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What a bummer! Could have been a real interesting one, too :frowning:

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Well call me crazy - but I may be having a change of heart here.

Thinking it may have thrown those male flowers as it didn’t like being flowered so young.

I’m going to cut it right back and throw it in veg to branch out a bit and see what happens and then maybe throw it into flower once it bulks up in my (empty) male Box to see what it does.

The chocolate smell has me intrigued. I mean it’s not crazy strong - but it’s different. May as well see what it’s got. If it throws male flowers again I’ll chuck it.

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I kind of regret not doing that with my Marauders. If I hadn’t had other things going at the time that could get pollinated, I would have waited to see if it was a one time thing due to a stressful event.

They smelled amazing, so I was really bummed about chopping them. I wouldn’t have made any crosses with them, but I would have loved to smoke them if they got through it all without throwing more nanners.

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I have very little space but the plant is intriguing enough that I’m willing to hack it back and give it a bit of time to grow and see what it does once a bit older.

Plenty of other things that I know won’t herm that are ready to flower!

So for now - First Light is on pause… to be continued…

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Ok - been a bit lazy - it’s been 2 weeks and we’re around 4 weeks into flower total for the AO x Cali-O plants.

Things starting to come along nicely:

Interesting most of the AOxCO have a hash like smell at the moment… but there isn’t a lot of resin present yet:

The three above are coming along - this one is the front runner so far as has an exceptionally sweet smell… not citrus (yet) but sickly sweet:

She’s my fav so far :slight_smile:

Lots of stretch on these and what I would say is a fairly sativa structure - they really shot up… basically 3’ plants in 6” pots!

The 88G13HP has just begun to show sex and I do have 1 lady:

Interested to see what she’s like.

Last - I popped one of my NL x C99 cuttings in… skunky / passion fruit smell to her… I do like :slight_smile:

She only went in a week or so ago so we’ll see.

I ended up cutting the first light plant back and vegging - I’ll flower it out again once it’s more mature and see if it doesn’t throw male flowers. It’s just so slow in growing… we’ll see if I have enough patience. It’s chocolate smell was intriguing enough to give her another shot.

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