Berserker’s Autoflower Adventure 😈

:smiling_imp: Time for an autoflower cycle! :metal:t3:

I’m starting with Grape Dosi Breath autos bred by RocBud. I’m germinating all 11 of the beans I have, and plan to select the best one(s) for a reversal to make feminized pollen. This will be my first attempt at a reversal.

I’ve started germinating the GDB.

Within the next week or two, I will start germination on the other strains, to be hunted and selected for pollination by the reversed GDB.

The other strains to be grown during this cycle are:

Mephisto - Forgotten Cookies (5)
Gnome Automatic (Mandalorian) - Black Strap (3)
Brother Mendel Selections - Black Label Special Reserve (5), Baby Yoda OG II (5), Pez Dispenser (3), Dark Jedi (5)

I’m only starting half of the seeds that I have of each of the other strains, so that I can revisit them if I want/need to.

This begins my Autoflower Adventure! :partying_face:


If you’re going to spray female autos better do it early in the grow,by the time the female makes pollen sacks the grow is almost


That’s why I’m waiting a couple weeks to start the other strains. :+1:t3:


This will be interesting

Just to clarify.

The number in parentheses is the amount I plan to grow. I have double that amount of those strains.

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Good luck with the grow
Grew noting but autos for 2 years they can be moody little fuckers sometimes
I’m doing an auto and photo grow at
The minute the autos are my own strain I made sweet tooth/caramel


What you going to use on the fems CS spray or sts

I’m going to use Hybri-Tech’s eliteXelite.


Interesting have you tried that before seems kinda expensive
Tell me how it goes I just use CS spray

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I’ll follow up, after so many chocolates, the autos will regulate the glucose… Have a great and healthy growth…


looks cool I dont know that product I use STS myself I’ve never had any luck with CS nor have I ever tried a premixed product I would caution planting all the seed you are reversing without doing a test run i failed many ti m.j es before i figured it out but I’m sure you will be fine i will be following along


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should be a good show!

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100% germination on my 11 Grape Dosi Breath. :+1:t3:


Looking forward to see how this turns out. Mostly because I’m so confused about how breeding with Auto’s work. You must have to be so organized with timing!


I think you are going to like the Grape Dosi. Mine was hands down the best auto smoke I’ve grown. It was sooooo potent. Have known a few others with the same results. Excited to see what you come up with!


Everyone I know that has grown it, has loved it. It’s why I chose this strain for my Autoflower reversal project. :metal:t3:


With all the chocolate you just harvested by the time you finish trimming these will be ready haha

No rest for the wicked aye…


:seedling: 9 of 11 Grape Dosi Breath are above ground. :seedling:


Pulling up a chair to watch the show… getting back into Auto’s myself here really soon… be
trying Zkittlez by weedseedsexpress

Sure have a nice line up… I’m poor and usually only grow what is gifted by the gods, aka good peeps… hehe.

I’ve seen people start autos in cups like this… lets see if you can prove me wrong because I feel this adds to the stunting issue some autos can have. think it has something to do with restricting the tap root early in life…
when I switched to starting them in the 1gal plastic nursery pots, I started killing it… I’d keep them in those pots until they showed sex as they were not feminized stock… when I up pot it’s into a 3gal felt pot…

I’m real curious as to see how you do things and for sure wish you the best of luck…


Breeding with Autos is actually very easy… what he is doing by reversing them isn’t… well, it is but it’s very time consuming… but rewarding as heck… lol.

Basic breeding is easy… and what I do is I allow a male to live long enough for just a few pollen sac’s to open… give him a shake and pull him. the few hairs that are exposed on the plant will receive pollen, but as the others grow and get exposed, they will miss this so you won’t lose all your buds to seeds… seeds take about 6wks to be valid… works out timing wise to be right at harvest… try it.

sorry for blabbing on your thread…