Greenup tries expensive auto flowers (mephisto)

I love photoperiod plants but I finally gave in to temptation (marketing) and placed an order with Mephisto. I went with their Illuminautos line that they released Halloween 2022. Making this topic as a place to log the grows of these mephisto beans. I feel weird cause this one box cost more than all my other seeds combined. Let’s see if they are really worth it. I have had really bad luck with autos in the past. Including some fem autos that have been all male so far and some autos that didn’t auto at all.

I snagged the following

  • #54 Tinto de Verano
  • #55 Strawberry Crinkle
  • #56 Girl Scout Monkeys
  • #57 Blood Orange Haze
  • #58 Funky Mangifera
  • #61 White Creme

I know there are “strain guides” and family trees out there already but I went a head and made my own just to explore these lines. It was fun to make the chart as I read about each one. The Strawberry Crinkle has an interesting heritage including two BOG lines, Sour Boggle and Sour Strawberry Kush.

I have placed a single Strawberry Crinkle into water as I wait for more tent space to become available so I can start the others.

I also got 4 different freebie packs. List below.

  • (Creme de la chem x sour stomper) X creme de la chem
  • (Three bears OG x samsquanch) x samsquanch
  • Strawberry nuggets x livers bx1
  • (Strawberry nuggets x forum stomper) x samsquanch

I hope to make some seeds out of some of these but still doing research.

For those who want to see the family trees of these, I have included what I came up with. The last one is more basic and just shows the freebies without all the parents since i have them in other charts.





Interesting lineup, particularly the blood Orange haze. Good luck and happy growing!


Yasss!!! I grabbed this too and plan to STS them. Looking forward to your show :smiley:


Not much to report yet. The first strawberry crinkle has sprouted. Planning on planting one seed every two weeks until i have room to do more. Day 5 since putting the seed in soil.


I expected a lot more in this time frame but here is where we are at on the Strawberry Crinkle. Going to drop some more mephisto beans this week! (1)


:rofl: :rofl: :joy:…could not help but to think of this…No offense bro…

good luck on the grow!


Things are still progressing. But comparing to others online my plant seems small and behind a little bit. Day 22 from seed.


How many hours of light are you giving it? I know Mephisto say they go with no less than 20 hrs light/4 hrs dark, the rule of thumb I’d heard originally was no less than 18 hours of light/6 hrs dark, but I know people do them in 22/2 or even perpetual light as well. For autos, light is kind of a “gas pedal”.


I am only giving it 16 hours of light right now. Sounds like maybe i need to set up an “auto only” tent so play with the light schedules. All of my autos so far have been grown under 16/8 and I didn’t give much thought to giving them more. Could be the reason all my autos have been pretty dang small.


It’s hard to grow autos and photos simultaneously unless you’re just vegging the photos in the long light cycle. The autos need as much light as they can get in their brief lives to maximize their growth in that span, which is at odds with trying to flower photos. You could probably find a happy midpoint for vegging photos and flowering autos at 18-20 hours of light.

Family members I counseled about growing autos had the misconception that because it didn’t care about the light cycle, you could grow it in the winter when the light was low. They’re from the more northern latitudes where it’s cold, but the autoflowering trait gives them better success because they finish in those wild 24-hours of light siberian summer days before it gets freezing again.


22 days is still pretty early… I’ll bet you’ll see a nice growth spurt in the next couple weeks. Around the time it starts showing sex…

Also, Mephisto is known for some smaller strains. It could be the genetics.


All my Meph lives at 24/0 :+1:

Agreed; but the terp profile =


I go 20/4 and have been getting what I think is a decent yield for my little led. Averaging probly 3 ounces dried (plus lowers/trim) I’ve grown a few mephistos and every one has had pronounced vigor straight out of the gates, like popped shells in 12 hours kind of vigor


That’s a *beautiful plant @breadwinner !!!


Thanks buddy! It’s a Skywalker x creme de la chem

I got another one started the other week


@breadwinner I noticed you don’t have any of Mephisto’s Double Grape… that needs to be rectified…

DM me an address and I’ll send a few out to you. It’s rightfully considered one of Mephisto’s best offerings.


Hey that’s super awesome of you! Dm incoming!

This place is truly amazingly unique, I know yall know that already, just had to say it again!

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Have any extra Double Grape lol?


Little update… I moved it to a new tent with a different light set to 20 hours on 4 hours off instead of 16/8 it was on. The leaves on this thing are freakin massive!

I held off on starting more mephisto until I could clear out this tent and set it on a longer light cycle. I plan to start a couple more mephisto strains this weekend!


LMFAO… when I offered above, I thought I was offering to the OP. Must be smoking too much Mephisto!

Sure bro, hit me up with your details. Gonna go sit in a corner now… :wink: