Bloated stomach after smoking cannabis

I’ve been smoking weed daily for over 40 years, never had a problem until recently.
Now if I have a spliff, I instantly get a bloated stomach, it fills up with gas. The gas also moves up into my chest making it tight and difficult to breath, I also get a tight throat, making it hard to swollow and it makes me snort at the back of my throat when I try to breath in through my nose.

It’s not nice

I don’t think it’s a panic attack as I’m not panicking,

If I do some exercises and belch the wind out it dies down and I can breath again.

I only have the symptoms when I’m stoned

Anyone any ideas what it is or every had this yourself


Check your fertilizers

I only use organic ferts and I also get it if I smoke hash or someone else weed

Wild, hadn’t heard of that so I did some Googling:

Other reports on another forum of something similar:


Cheers man

I never heard of it before but after reading that I reckon that’s it.

The effects are near instant after I have a spliff.
I read some were we’ve got cannabinoid receptors in the brain and in the stomach, maybe ones over powering the other?

I’ll give the weed a rest for a few days, see what happens.


Hope it’ll be resolved. Let us know how it works out.


There are certain strains that I’ve had from the dispensaries that would give me terrible acid reflex which never get. Sour alien was one that did it everytime I smoke. I guessing it’s just the strain that your friend currently has.

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I’ve had that happen just not with canna though. Weird.

Only side effect I get sometimes is my eyes will start to flutter/ blink real fast.

I’ve got “IBS” according to one MD, but it’s a catch-all phrase for “we don’t know”. Seriously. :unamused:

So that’s one tangent.

Then there’s the unintentional ingestion of smoke due to weak lungs. Which I theorize is why smokers of ANYTHING have higher incidences of GI & bladder cancers.

Hernias. They happen & can be tiny or huge so if you;ve got medical care, seek it out. :nerd_face: :pray:

Sudden changes are always a thing to recognize. Good on you for bowing to your body… I’m still at war. :sweat_smile: :wind_face: :poop:

I’ve found a clockwise abdominal massage to help the colon do it’s thing, and laying on a pillow or exercise-ball help sometimes too.

Best wishes. :v:

:evergreen_tree: :man_health_worker: :herb:


Yeah I’ve had some GI issues since I was 6ish. Excercise is very important, according to my surgeon,lol. Umm…Water, fruit, non-processed foods, etc.
The Probiotic Drinks are supposed to be good, I just couldn’t get into them. I’m forgetting a lot. He did say water and excercise (till ya sweat) were the best things to start with. YMMV


How have things progressed for ya? I am dealing with this exact thing. Symptoms are what you described to a T. Also have noticed that Indica is less severe over Sativa. My problem is I can’t burp either. Tried all the techniques. Also seems to we worse when I’m less active over a period of months.

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try drinking something bubbly :champagne: :wink: :v:


Sounds like you have gas building up inside your intestines which you struggle to clear. Moving around helps your gut move stuff along which is why it’s worse during periods of inactivity. Smokers also tend to swallow smoke and air, google aerophagia. I get so bloated sometimes i can barely breath and my back aches like hell. It’s taken years but i learned how to shift it by literally swallowing as much air as i can while inhaling a deep breath. Force it right down into my belly and let it fill my lungs right up . Then hold it in for a few seconds before exhaling. If i do this repeatedly for a few minutes the gas starts shifting, then the burping and farting really gets going lol.

Cannabis is very good at masking bowel disorders so try doing without for a couple of days to see how you get on


Hey Billy,

You are not alone with this!

I’ve been dealing with the exact same feeling as you by the sounds of it for a couple of year’s now. Only happens when I smoke and only came on over the last couple of years after smoking 10+years previously with no issues. Bloating of the stomach after smoking, tightness in throat and difficulty breathing sometimes just a generally uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes I have to lie down as it makes my heart rate faster until it passes but it always does pass but it’s getting in the way now and I kind of expect it, I get sweaty palms after sometimes if it’s really bad. I’ve tried everything from cutting out milk, coffee for the caffeine everything that I could think of that might interfere with my digestive system when I smoke bud. Did you manage to find anything that works because this is the first person I’ve found with the same symptoms?

Many thanks, Miles :metal::+1:

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Hey there , i have the exact same issue and it is devestating for me, as it leads to a cycle of panics , please let us know if u get to something

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