Blueberry yum yum and boost preservation

I am on the F2 GENERATION on BLUEBERRY YUM YUM but used a different male initially due to yum yum being feminized. The boost is a stable IBL around the f9 generation. This is an extremely amazing plant, with exceptional terp and trich production.


I’m not familiar with those strains, would love to hear more about their lineage!


Blueberry yum yum = Blueberry x Durban Poison
Some sources state it was bb x gdp but we will never know…
Boost one high times cup in 2013 maybe. I was gifted these seed from Humboldt. The test results for previous sires were phenomenal therefore I sought value in this blueberry x sweet tooth cross already being Ibl and stable, very similar to my yum yum. Some of these phenos blow forbidden fruit out of the water unimaginably. I was told but never would’ve believed until testing for myself.


This is one of the boost flowers fertilized with my yum yum male.


After seeing 0 plant images of boost on the web and little info I decided we should know what it looks like as a strain.

Very indicative blueberry genes with little hints of sweet tooth origin!


Made me think of the Ludacris song.


Honestly this is what made me say what is blueberry yum yum, why can’t I find this strain anywhere, does anyone have blueberry yum yum. I was bummed only to find it available in fem seed or clone only. At the time I had no idea what I was looking for in a male cannabis plant or how to choose the best one. I honestly lucked up with my male selection and somehow the progeny came out better than the fem version, so I cannot complain!


Now to continue stabilizing in regular form!


Blueberry cookies female containing seed crossed to a yum yum male. One of the frostiest craziest smelling strains I’ve encountered. Potential to behold.


What happened to that poor little plant?

Doesn’t look like any BB strain I’ve ever grown.



That is a cross of blueberry and girl scout cookies, which was pollinated and contains seeds. What happened to the plant is girl scout cookie genetics and not being sensi.


Maybe you’ve never had a strain that is so important to you, which is the strain you know best and do small seed runs to preserve your line? I didn’t grow these to smoke so hate all you want. I know how it smokes. This wasn’t a pheno hunt or a grow for product. It was simply for genetics which it seems you do not understand.

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In fact it is still fire with seeds in it. So put that in your pipe and smoke it labrat. Probably better then most sensi you grow.

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Got some of this when I was in Toronto 15ish years ago…was absolutely killer!!! Spent 4 hours watching guys play chess downtown by the playdium…awesome stuff!!! Is this the same stuff


It is @Tappy, but that yum yum was feminized. I wanted it in regular form and knew I could spot those yum yum traits in males if I made in regular form. I took a huckleberry plant which matched the yum yum smell and taste, as well as high best. At the same time compliment the plant. After I worked through the huckleberry plants and found a male suitable, I crossed to a few of the yum yum keepers I had. I then did backcrosses into the yum yum with the best progeny and have began stabilizing filial generations now. I actually like the vigor and amazing outcome of the initial cross so much I didn’t want to backcross vigor and good characteristics out. I have only worked the yum yum mainly but still have a more huckleberry side of the line unworked as of now. I will use this if I ever need to bring that vigor back later on down the road. Even work that side further and do later in crosses of the two different sides. Essentially this is not blueberry yum yum which is clone only or feminized. It is just my version.


True old school smoke. Sometimes this stuff comes so gassy it makes me wonder if it is yum yum lol.


What is wrong with this poor little bud? It’s full of seeds and covered in trichomes?!?! In order to congratulate and commend the novice grower @LabRat for learning that some people grow for genetic purposes, it is only fitting to name this test cross #poorlillabrat. I have started 5 seeds out of the yum yum x bb cookies f1 test cross. Male blueberry yum yum
Female blueberry cookies. Possibly dinafem. I noticed I labeled the plant ass blueberry yum yum x bb cookies f1, but that is actually what the seeds will be. The mother is a blueberry cookies female.


Next time I have keepers chosen to cross @labrat, I will wait till week 3 to 5 of flower to pollinate for your entertainment! Progress of the poorlillabrat test cross to be posted soon!

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I think your lost sir! If you go back that way and take a left you will be back out of the breeders section.

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I didn’t mean to offend and hadn’t read from the top.

Sorry I got your panties all up in a bunch.