My first Noob scrog photo-log

So after my first post on the forum about the closet i built for my plants, i decided to give a short photo-log about my first grow in the box. Still quite new at this and still have a lot to learn but ever since i started growing i just got hooked. I can’t imagine a more fun rewarding thing to do :slight_smile:

It also happened to be my first real try at a scrog.
I have to admit though, the start of the grow is a little unorthodox and i made a couple of noob-mistakes this round. But i see it as a learning experience and, just starting my 4th week of flowering i already am looking forward to what is still to come and how i can improve on it the next round. I’d also like to keep a more detailed log here on the forum next time if there’s any interest.

So i started out with 5 Royal Critical seeds from Royal Queen Seeds. I figured i’d pick the 4 strongest ones for the scrog but since only 4 germinated it was an easy pick. Still, too bad this one didn’t. I’ve usually had great results with RQS, very close to 100% germination.

I was a little impatient starting the grow, so immediately after building the box i started planting the seeds.Straight into the soil, used sannies way (a dutch organic grower) with mycorizza, buffering tabs, a little extras to activate the soil. And watering them in with bacto.
We weren’t expecting to go on holiday this year with corona but still ended up going to a cottage closeby for 3 weeks. Because the seeds already germinated i decided to take them with me and let the girls spend their first 3 weeks outdoors.

Here they are next to my pepper plant :slight_smile: just had a cloud pass by unfortunately.

I topped them very soon and used lst to force the 4 remaining cola into a 4-way split.
Things went very well so far. The first 2 weeks were very sunny weather. The third was a little more cloudy so i think they might have gotten a little bigger by the time i returned home. But that’s outdoor growing i guess. Better that then only dropping the seeds 3 weeks later.

Unfortunately a crap driver made me brake hard on the way home and i had 2 plants break one of the 4 cola.
Stupid that it happened. Won’t happen again.

So here they are back home. Between 3-4 weeks old.


After coming home i continued the veg in the box i built.
I used 2 LED-lights i bought in the past. A viparspectra 450 that pulls 250 from the wall and the bestva 800 that pulls 150-200w

After a few weeks i decided to make my first scrog-net.
Used pvc-piping, fish-eye hooks and string.
First placed it above the plants, then lowered it and started weaving them through.

After a while of tucking and weaving i noticed a new problem. The bestva LED apparently had half the diodes burned out. I got angry and stupid and bought the first thing i found online. A 600w hps with ballast from lumatec.

Unfortunately because of that i decided to postpone the switch to flowering some. By the time the stretch was halfway done i hastily made a 2nd trellis with garden fencing. I was really disapponted after this because its far from as neat and tidy as i liked it to be.



And then it happened… i had some difficulties watering the back 2 plants. I attached a piece of garden hose to a watering bucket so i could reach. Unfortunately i had an accident and spilled a load of water one time. And then i discovered the bottom of my closed isnt yet fulle waterproof. A problem i will definitely fix in between grows. But this problem had to be resolved immediately because if it were to happen again… i’d like to avoid water damage to my adjacent walls.
So i had to force 4 plastic boxes into the growroom, and manage to position each under a bag with a plant.

This sucked… big time… snapped a branch or 2, and totally ruined my very nice and even looking canopy.
What was left was still managable but a lot less tidy then what it was like before.
Anyway… never again, but no other way to go than forward and learn from it i guess.

By the end of the stretch i had what looked like a 2-tier cake. About 50% of the cola just barely touched the bottom of the 2nd trellis. The other 50 percent shot above that.

By now the girls are 1 day into the 4th week since the switch to 12-12. Although a little bushier and less controlled than i would have liked because of the water- and lamp fiascos i’m still very happy about the whole thing.
Plants still look healthy, i’m still looking at a healthy harvest, but most of all, i learned a lot about my plants and using a scrog and i’m already very excited about my 2nd attempt to come.


Thanx for reading. Further updates will follow.


Looking good @wrdboy!
Those RQS embroidered cloth pots you ‘splashed out’ for really look nice!



What a great job you’ve done here, everything looks just great and your technique is perfect…

Question tho: I grew SCROG for years and we fed the plants vertical until 3/4 of the screen was filled, then flipped the lights and THEN began feeding bud sites up thru the holes… 2 AK47 plants would fill a 2 x 5ft screen…

I think was this is, and please, no offense, like I stated bro, your technique is perfect…
But this is Trellis growing and I think people sometimes get it mixed up with SCROG…

But dayum if you don’t fill that screen up like a mofo… I’d not change a dang thing … hehe.

How do you flush your plants before harvest… my only reason for not copying this setup…
thanks and again… no offense ok… your method is perfect man…


@carty hey man, absolutely no worries.
I’m here to learn from people and get to know new and better things.
Thanks for the feedback even.

Like i said, this was my first try. I was searching and reading about it a lot before i started and read many different ways so sort of picked out what (i thought at the time) might work best for me.
I’ve still got a few weeks to go on this one but who knows what the changes for the next one will be.

For my flushing i can attach (sorry, might be a wrong word) garden hose to the side/bottom of each plastic box. I can lift one side of each box a little (or put something under there) and all excess water can exit through the hose and into a bucket i place on my stairs.

Let’s just say that it works, but i’m still thinking about a more efficient way to make that happen


Looking great! Definitely going to follow this one along.

Fattening up nicely…
Feeding with bac bloom

Noticed a problem with my ballast lately. Last few days it has trouble turning on. Had to adjust my light cycle slightly so lights start when i’m definitely home. Have to plug it in and out a number of times and after a while it suddenly magically turns on. Freaking hell man. The things that went wrong this time around. Friggin’ drives me nuts.

It is the lumatec dimmable 600w

Ballast is only a couple of weeks old. I’m guessing manufacturing error? Fucked part is, i mailed the shop i got it from online. But i’m going to have to send it back now in the hopes of getting a replacement. But then i only have the viparspectra LED left and that is probably not going to do my yeilds any good.


Is the bulb old?
Sometimes they get grumpy in their old age & don’t want to strike…


Bought the set together. So it should be brand new.

Had some luck today. Turned on after only a few tries. Yesterday took over 20 :roll_eyes:

That’s NFG.
You need to get that replaced with something you can trust ASAP.


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Exactly. Waiting for a reply from the vendor. Thankfully it never feels hot to the touch. But i’m still quite worried for electricak fires

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Halfway through week 5 now.
Bottom leaves are starting to yellow.

These rqs criticals normally take around 7-8 weeks according to their website but i’ve already noticed that their timeframe is counted from the start of the first visual signs of flowering. Not the switch to 12/12.

I guess it’s normal for them to start yellowing now. Especially just the bottom leaves below the scrog. Or am i wrong here?

Hung my lights a little higher too. Noticed some signs of heat stress coming on


You are not wrong about the yellowing. Looking real nice!:call_me_hand:t4:

He’s right, and I had this exact ballast. Sounds like someone has sold one of the old designs, the newer ones are more reliable. Work out a return swap. Hoping u still can. Set all settings to normal at fire up, let it warm up, then adjust it to likings.
Come on big Purple, fire up.
Love your McGyver ways, keep on figuring, you obviously know how to grow. Props

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Thanks man, that’s a nice compliment.

I’m getting the feeling the vendor is screwing me over here. Been over a week since i last heard from them.
But i’ll figure it out somehow…

For now i keep needing a few tries each time and i have a friend who just harvested so i might use his ballast (same one, but without all the drama) to finish the grow.

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I was getting nowhere dealing with my local hydro store over a duff pump I got with a cloner. So as a last chance I went to the manufacturer and - big surprise, they sorted me out.

Just a thought



Keep on them, shouldn’t have to deal with that crap. Luck

Almost 6w into flowering.

Starting to smell really nice but i’m getting ph-troubles again. Tapwater ph is 8.2 which is giving me trouble. I thought growing organically and using this amount of soil would give me enough of a buffering capacity.
so… that was wrong.

Decided to chuck my old meter and buy the drops instead. While i was at it i bought myself a timelapse camera, soil, feed and a new ballast.

Getting ready for the next grow while nearing harvest time is double the fun imo.


Some things i’ve been thinking about for my next grow:

  • soilbags and big containers will be elevated just a little to ive me a little more room to work under the trellis.
  • this will also make flushing a lot easier.
  • i want to place the first trellis net a lot closer to the soil next time. I’m hoping this will win me some time in filling the net.
  • made a net for my 2nd trellis. (Metal green Garden fencing, never again)
  • very narrowly follow up on ph-levels

I bought the timelapse cam because i really want to keep a detailed log next time.
I feel like this time i’ve been sort of winging it. It won’t turn out bad at all but there a few regrets better planning could have prevented :rofl:

Bought me 6 kosher tangie kush seeds from dna genetics yesterday.
Still have a little supply but yeah… you know how that goes…

Since the secret jardin L90 is still up in the room nextdoor and i’m not currently usibg the viparspectra lamp i’m probably going to start those in there. Just to give me a little head start.


Looking great!!!


Looking great man!

Hey i have a mars hydro 1000 watt led that works beautifully its only $139 u.s. i have two and im really impressed with them plus i have a 2000 watt in the mail now cant wait till it gets here im like a kid waiting for my Christmas gifts lol plus my electric bill only went up a couple dollars and they hardy through out any heat you can get them on Amazon with free shipping to hope this helps. Ps your grow looks awsome bro keep up the good work