Bodhi Time Bandit and Goji

I used nematodes last grow, watered them in, topped with DE, then watered with more nematodes five days later. Got rid of them for a week or two and then they came back even worse than before. Worst infestation I’ve ever had. The reason I got the mosquito bits this time is that you can buy a bunch and keep it around for a while, as opposed to nematodes, which have to be used ASAP. Since I’m quarantining and all and really don’t wanna be ordering stuff every week, I figured I’d go with the bits this time.


I switched to bottom watering in large trays and my gnats dried up. I went back to watering on top but I switch back when I see some gnats. The “bits” work but you need to use it in the water for a few weeks for it to work.


I used to use mosquito bits, but they became expensive and they really only keep the population down. Gnatrol eliminates them with 2 applications. 100%

Doesn’t seem to kill the good hypoapsis mites, maybe even encourages them! It’s the same active bacterial inoculant as the bits and dunks, but much more concentrated. I bought a half pound of that stuff a year ago and have had to use two applications each run at final transplant and flip. It’s likely that my Malibu Compost contains gnats so I keep reinfecting things. Nowadays I don’t sweat it. Just gnatrol for cheap.


Yeah, I tried bottom-watering before, too, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. This grow it’d be impossible for me to bottom-water anyway because the pots are the same size as the containers they’re in. There’s no room for me to get any water in there. I only saw five or six today, up from three last time I watered, which means I’ll probably see ten then thirty then fifty… haha. I fucking hate fungus gnats.


So that Gnatrol’s organic? For some reason I thought it wasn’t. I’ll look into that and buy some if the bits/DE/sticky traps don’t work.

I feel you on the Bu’s, I really thought that was the reason for my infestation last grow. Especially after I picked up a half bag I had had sitting my garage for a few months. I was gonna just use the rest to throw around the base of the peach tree in my backyard, but when I lifted it up, a shitload of fungus gnats flew out of the little holes.

I dig your reports on that Bodhi thread and the old ones on breedbay, by the way. That Herer Hashpant tester report actually motivated me to grab a pack recently (along with about 40 other packs haha).

Edit: never mind, just ordered a pound of gnatrol.


Yeah, you generally have to do a couple of applications of S.F. nematodes to get rid of a bad infestation. Throw in Stratio. S. mites (H. Miles) and rove beetles for a triple threat.


That has been my finding as well (I’m using dunk instead of bits but it is the same stuff) Re-dose every couple weeks.



Hey minitiger, thanks. I really appreciate your reports, too! :slight_smile:

Good job on the gnatrol. It took me from living with gnats to eradicating them, and a little bit goes a long way if you follow the dosage instructions. It does appear to be organic, and it’s what organic mushroom farmers have used for years when watering their substrate since it doesn’t hurt mycelium.

I did want to mention that, anecdotally, I see the application of gnatrol does appear to induce or encourage some cultivars to drop nanners if used in early flower. As a workaround with these, I transplant two weeks before flip, then use gnatrol at transplant and then a week to 10 days later, as instructed on the package. This seems to avoid whatever the BTi does to cause early flower herms. I have had no such issues when used in later flower.


That’s one crazy light there, wow. Will be cool to see it in action. Is it dimmable?

Also I always thought goji referred to bodhis ‘goji queen mother’ that I assumed was a clone only. It sure is a beloved strain everywhere you read about it!


I have 5 gogi OG f2s I just put into flower

I will definitely be following along with yours


Okay, thanks for the info. Good to know for sure. Seeing as how I just flipped a couple days ago, maybe I’ll hold off on the gnatrol for a month or so. Hopefully they won’t get outta control. It really hasn’t been bad at all, only saw five yesterday. Of course, five one day usually means 100 in a week. Maybe I’ll just use the mosquito bits/DE/traps initially and then use the gnatrol if I have to this time. Either way, I’m glad I have it around for the future. Because it appears that the gnats are just gonna be a thing I have to deal with going forward.

It’s the weirdest thing, I never even saw one gnat for like my first three years of growing and now I see them every grow. The only other thing I can think of is that it’s the peat moss I’ve been using. Like maybe they’re just in this bag of peat. But it’s always sealed up pretty good and I never see any whenever I mix up new soil (which isn’t often). I dunno…


Are you talking about my Apache? No, it’s not dimmable, but I never really understood the whole concept of dimming lights/starting seeds under weaker lights like fluorescents or whatever. In the wintertime, I sprout my seeds directly under the Apache, with the light about 18-24 inches above the pots (I don’t measure the distance, just eyeball it). Sometimes it’s even closer. In the springtime, I actually sprout and veg the plants outdoors, under full sun, never had an issue. Once I transplant them into their final flowering containers, I’ll move them inside.

I mean, if you think about it, in nature, seeds form and fall from plants and into the dirt and sprout and grow into big plants. They don’t grow in a “starter seed mix” or grow under a dimmer sun. That’s why I always just start my seeds in my soil mix and keep the pots under the Apache.

I actually just added an AT200 to the tent, pretty stoked about it. It’s supposed to be the equivalent of a 600 watt HID. I didn’t hook it up to my Kill-a-watt, so I’m not sure what the actual draw is, but that light coupled with the AT600 should be the equivalent of about 1600 watts. Hopefully I’ll see a bump in growth rates and yields.

Sorry, forgot to address the Goji Queen Mother thing. That might be Bodhi’s personal cut, I’m not sure. I know he’s got multiple Gojis that he’s now breeding with, from different generations, but the Gojis I’m growing right now are seeds from his original release of the Nepali OG x Snow Lotus years ago. I’ve had them in the fridge for a long time and just ordered a BUNCH of new seeds, so I figured I should plant a little bit of my old stock.


Nice! I really need to start making f2’s and maybe doing some f1 crosses. Do you have a thread of this grow here? I’ll follow along. If not, feel free to post the pics here.

Just outta curiosity, how’d the Gojis that you used to make those f2’s turn out? Did you find them to be even the slightest bit “OG-ish”? Only asking because the first time I ran these, there was nothing even remotely OG about them. And I’ve seen other people’s grows where they go on and on about how OG-ish they were, both in growth patterns and the way it tastes. And I’m looking at their plants and listening to the way they describe the flavor and thinking,”That doesn’t look or sound like any OG I’ve ever seen…” haha.


Awesome! You ever grow any F2’s before?


I got them as f2s the only gogi I tried was not OG like in the least it was kinda piney and very sativa like in structure of the bud and high

I do have a grow going with these in the private lounge this pic are from 2 weeks ago they went into flower a couple days ago I will post some flower pics when they get further along

I do have a couple white dawg gogi OG going one indoor one outdoor hope the addition of the white and stardawg add some heaviness to the high

I also recently got some orange gogi haven’t popped them yet but they seem to be gold


Not these but plenty of others :grin:


Okay. I dunno what the private lounge is haha. I’ve actually kind of been having a hard time navigating overgrow, still getting used to it for sure. I’m really used to thcfarmer; overgrow’s definitely different. I swear, I’m not an old man, but when it comes to anything computer/iPad/iPhone-related, I might as well be fucking 100 years old :joy: I’m always having to get my girlfriend to show me how to do shit haha.


It’s for trust level 3 members you will get there in time :sunglasses:


Hey minitiger, stop picking on us old people. We know how to use our flip phones…lol. Do not feel bad about the private lounge, I did not even know it existed. Lol.


My female Goji has the OG structure. It does not smell really OG like say Black Triangle but I do “catch” a taste of it sometimes when I smoke a joint. On the backend of exhale when I smack my lips. I have a full pack and a half still from Bodhi. Everything out of that is good.
I need some more experience with males before I pop some of these more rare packs I have. I don’t feel comfortable with my abilities to spot a hot looking dude.

Edit: shit I’m so high…I thought this was the Bodhi share thread. I’m sorry @minitiger, didn’t mean to ramble high on your thread! :grin: