Holy's Garden (Part 2)

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Hey there all you good folks!


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This was 100% just so happened to be in the thread at the rollover. lmao


I was enjoying the TK discussion :drooling_face:


@syzygy If it’s got 7 blades I’d say there’s a damn good chance it’s an s1. I’ve ran her like 6+ times, given her out to friends and family locally, ran her under hps, led, t5’s, outdoors, no one has ever seen a 7 bladed fan leaf on the TK cut I’ve had here. Only 3s and 5s.

Also stem rub, if there isn’t a distinctly woody scent in that stem rub, I’d say there’s a damn good chance it’s an s1 or something. I’ve heard from those friends running the same cut I have in organics under hps will have more of a dill pickle/plasticky scent than wood type scent, but that’s it.


Perfect timing my friend. :facepunch:t2:


lovely update thank you for the pics needed my weekly holy dose lol. cant wait to see what you create out of those


The real deal TK is a bitch to root

i can attest to that , lol … that’s how i lost her :sob:


@syzygy It won’t let me quote from the locked part 1 :cry: but you’re pic here

looks very much just like CSI’s TK S1 in my opinion.
And the flowers

while looking better than most times I’ve grown her, also look a bit different than the TK flowers i’m used to seeing. They should look a bit more nuggy in comparison.


I just checked mine and have 5 blades on the leaves. Thats a cool trick with TK that I didn’t know.


I’ve seen others grow out the same exact cut that I’m growing and theirs came out significantly more “nuggy” and squat than mine did. Their buds overall looked a lot better in my opinion. I was told the cut was sourced through FJ but I have no idea when it was sourced.

I would add that from my pictures that was the only leaf I could find with more than 5 blades and all of the leaves on the mom(s) have had 3-5. I’m skeptical about the absolutism when it comes to leaflet count but I’m definitely not in a position to judge authenticity. Whatever the cut is I really like it and I intend to keep it around for a while!


For sure, I’ve seen a few run around here run the cut that looks like yours, and I’ve seen a few others run the cut that looks like mine. But no one I’ve given my cut too, has ever had it come out like the cut I’ve seen you and a few other’s run. Never seen 7 bladed leaves. That’s something you DO see a LOT in her crosses though. The two cuts look very similar, but there’s differences. Stem rub isn’t the same and it’s not as strong. As for absolutism or how it could’ve happened… :man_shrugging: Can’t say without being there. But there’s definitely some differences between her and the S1 cut :face_with_monocle: Grohio got the same cut that does the 7 blades from FarmerJoe sometime after we got it from FarmerJoe originally. We sent him our’s afterwards and for sure he said they were different. Regardless, an S1 that’s damn near identical to the mom, and possibly better yielding and whatnot, can’t really go wrong right ^^ Damn near anything from her is going to be good.


Congratulations on the next chapter.
I was intimidated by all the reading I had to do to catch up with the first one :joy:


I can damn near tell just from looking, this new Thread is an S1.


Well if it’s an S1 then hypothetically it would have less phenotypic variation in the “S2s” made from it, right? That was what I was wondering because I was hoping to some day figure out the STS process so I can have a lot of fun stuff with variation to explore rather than buying 6 seeds for 200$~ from CSI.

I’ll be interested to see if you think the rarebuyer cut is different from the FJ one, if so I may pick that one up to compare as well.


Yeah should be tighter breeding than the mom is. The TK breeds really wide in my experience, lot of phenotype and leaf variation unless you’re (in)breeding her to another OG.

I would think an STS test would be an easy way to tell if it’s the S1 or not too. The real deal does not reverse easily. That’s not just my opinion, that’s the opinion I’ve read of or heard from most anyone I’ve ever seen with the real deal that has ever tried to reverse her and talked about it. Soak down with STS every other day for 3-5 weeks, and when she does finally reverse, she will not put out balls that drop pollen, she will put out balls you have to pick off and sift pollen from. Can stop spraying and she will immediately go back to flowering sensimilla. And she won’t make many if any seeds with that pollen when you do get it, assuming any of it is viable to begin with. I’ve gotten zero seeds from any STS spray reversed plant of her despite being covered in balls. And I’ve gotten zero seeds from the pollen I did manage to get that I used on a pristine clone of her. I’ve only ever had her put out 2 nanners around ~5 weeks of flower in all the times I’ve grown her, stressed to shit, completely rootbound, 4ft tall plant in a 4inch plastic pot, and never got any seeds from it. Sterile. So if the cut you have reverses with Sebring’s standard STS recipe pretty easily, and she gets easily seeded off said pollen, I’d think it likely it’s an S1 or a cross.


Right me too :joy: I’m currently on the fence if it’s the same one I’ve had or a different one

:thinking: Unsure at the moment but it is damn similar looking. Please don’t mind the tent :mask:

Hopefully will get my original TK cut back eventually here and can compare the two side by side if I don’t already figure it out before then. Will try and up-pot one of them tonight and stick it in flower and see what happens.


But weren’t you saying it’s apparent by stem rub aroma? (not a “gotcha” attempt) I’ll have to be more thorough with documenting the cut I was gifted when it comes to leaf count and shape throughout the grow cycle now.

You’d think there would be more TK S1s floating around if it did reverse easily when you look at the CSI price-tag.


takes a breath, jumps in

Finally, a chance to catch up easily.

Anybody bring up calcium chloride spray yet?