Bog Seeds Availability Info

Ah, I see, so it’s not just me, cool. Not very familiar with IG. Only joined it for a buddy.

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I guess we’re not getting that show now with Jr on it


I wouldn’t say that, James bean may try and get him on an episode of Dude Grows Show or something, I’ve heard him on there a few times in the past. His account should get unbanned soon, I’d imagine.

Since it looks like that account went down just as I was responding to you @Tonygreen you were correct, I did have a branchy pheno in my Sour Bubble grow tucked in the back left :slight_smile:


The eyes don’t lie. Wish I saw your thread when it was going on. Much love for what you do Doug! Real canna people :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2: I remember every sour bubble I seen, they don’t understand I’ve spent a third of my life playing in that field exclusively.

There is a reason my icmag tag was “known bubblehead” before ha!

You’ll notice it was the hungriest too, higher energy demands in those.

In b4 he says I got his page took down. He told his captive audience I only came around after bog died. I been around longer than him. Thankfully I decided to make gorilla bubble the only strain development thread documented every single step of the way, maybe the only one to that extent. Love the internet.

OGs aren’t his market anyway, it’s new growers who google “bog seeds USA”


Thanks man, I appreciate that. I still got 5 or 6 big vials of the pollen stored if you ever want to play with some. I know you got your own stuff but you know, as an aside, lol. Drop by my new thread anytime, its BOG Blue Kush :slight_smile: Things in there should start to get interesting soon. Blue Kush seeds and pollen for all.



Please do sour grape, I’m only doing this sour bubble project to save the line since it’s my specialty. I don’t have near the experience with all the others. Red wine pheno is in my all time top 5.


I did hit a few BOG Grape Punch with some of the Sour Bubble pollen and made around 1600 F1 seeds. Been handing them out to folks and am watching a few grows with them. Since I had Grape Punch and didn’t have Sour Grape I figured this was my best bet.


I’ll try to find you some :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:
If I get to the party in the sky before you make gorilla bubble for me before the scammers hit. Save this for posterity!


What’s the best way for a Canadian to get in on your Valentines day BOG spree? I want some Sour Bubble, one of the crosses and damned if I don’t want the Black Sour Bubble pheno bonus seeds @Tonygreen


Glg with a A little extra for discreet packaging and I think they still go, one of the 5 banks will for sure. You know how I do, the black will be isolated in its own tube in the box set. I’ll find out for sure and announce when the time comes.


Are you the one that was telling me f2s are homogenous? If so I’m blocking that immediately all day too fyi. That’s the exact example of the descriptor used. I been at these maths a third of my life so if you push bad math I’m not even gonna be in a circle with you. It’s blasphemy, and kids are watching. Next thing you know there is a whole generation listening to ignorant shit thinking it’s fact.


Ok thanks. GLG is a bit of a pain in the ass unfortunately. Shipping cash or blank money orders to another country is not my favorite idea, lol. I know they have a good rep but the postal system doesn’t. I suppose I may need to hit up one of our US members to middle for me :thinking:


No…I wasn’t that person. Guess that was someone else you blocked.

What’s this talk of black Sour Bubble?


You know where to find me. I’ll be picking a box up as well


All day every day

Only 2 out of 80, from Icmagfam 2005 beans.
You can dig up the posts, she’s been found a few times on the mag, not often at all.

I’ll divide the lot among my cases and put a tube in each so no clue how many per yet.


Show us some p1 James bean. :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:
You defenders are buying that shit sight unseen hand over fist but won’t acknowledge that punnet square and the missing phenos so I’m not arguing with people that dense tbh.

They say it’s legit but can’t answer where the phenos are? That punnet square explains it better than I can, and so eloquently nobodies feelings will be hurt unless they can’t read it I guess. Men lie, math don’t.

You don’t even have to take my word or understand the math, you can take bogs word on it.


Hahahaha I was just looking back a few post and saw the bubble gum. Brother monk who is on breedbay, is one of the keepers of the original bubble gum. Not to long ago I auctioned off a older pack from the early 2000’s. Thseeds (Adam) has something they made through a cross that is not related to the Indiana that brother monk (sowgoodseeds) has, just so folks know it’s two complete separate lines with completely different genetics.