BushyOldGrower Memorial “OverGrow the world with love”, BOG

Do you have something you would like to say to the BOG Seeds family? Would you like to tell Mrs. BOG how much you love growing BOG seeds. BOG jr. Is keeping the dream alive, everyone want’s to see success for the Family. Support from the OverGrow community has been outstanding, families are gathering for the holidaze. Let OverGrow know how you feel with a personal message from your heart to the BOG seeds family. Leave a memorial, tell a story about you and meeting BOG, what ever you want.

Are you growing BOG Seeds? Link it here please. Show the world.
Have you grown BOG seeds and have bud shots? Please share.
Got a BOG seed collection that boggles the mind? Give us a look and tell your BOG story.

When we reach 100 post’s, I will attempt to contact the Dunn show and request, those in the know to see if a request for a call in interview to show from BOG jr. would be possible. This request will be for a update on how the BOG seeds family is doing and a offer stop by OverGrow and see how OG’s are doing. I’m nobody special, I’ve got no clout to make this happen… I’m willing to try, I can’t do it alone, I need your help.

There is no closing date, this is not a contest, on December 25th 2021, I will select 1 OG from the posts to receive 1 pack of BOG SBT seeds (6 reg), one BOG Seeds shirt (XL) and a spiral bound garden journal with BOG Seeds logo as a Christmas present.

Do you want to be Santa BOG? This is the very best way to celebrate the holidaze with friends and family, remembering BOG, giving from the heart.


Yeah, BOG rocks!!! On OG 1.0 always looked forward to his posts!!! Boggle gum was a great plant I grew early 2000s, trying to extract photos from an old hard drive…
Also Sour Blutooth and LSD

Working on a Sour Bubble Seed Run now!


My little BOG collection…minus some Sourbubble heading to @DougDawson :wink:

And a very special pre release of Lifestar…almost 20 years old!! BOG and Jr made this a long time ago and kinda sat on it…at least that’s what BOG told me. :slight_smile:




BOG and Swampwolf were the only two OG I personally met. BOG was not who I expected and I thought I was being pranked. He was so nice, warm and truly a caretaker to all of us. Swamp knew him from ICmag and introduced me as the Nascar Guy, I had nothing to do with Nascar, but had once asked BOG on og1 if he ever got down to Florida and that I lived at the Home Of Racing, Daytona., He had responded… “I don’t get down that way and never understood the thrill of turning left for 500 miles.”
It stuck me as the Nascar Guy, I’m good with that. Thanks to BOG, Rez and Swampwolf for taking me in and treating me so good.


2004 BOG Blue Moon Rocks

I had so many others but through the years and having a brand new heart in stalled in me I was out for some time but now i’m in search for BOG Almighty genetics once again…


Fun fact: On the original overgrow, BOG was not an acronym for “BushyOldGrower”, it was an acronym for “BushyOlderGrower”. Years later, he would say that he dropped the “older” for “old” because, well - he was just old :grin:


I was not online with the original OG so never had the honor of meeting the gentlemen but I am grateful for the genetics he left behind. Here is some Sour Bubble and Grape Punch currently growing.


never seen a better tribute tent


I worked in daytona like 4 years ago! I was living in ormond beach, right by the ocean.

god I miss florida


I have not eaten there, next time I shall


Oh, yeah!!!
Honestly, I have run B.O.G. once a few years ago. It was all guerilla style grow here up until just a few years ago.
Anyways, to BOG jr and Mrs. BOG, the contributions of B.O.G. to the Cannabis Community is beyond compare. Here is to your continued success in the business. Many thanks to all three of you. Any Merry Christmas.


@Heliosphear :smirk: Dunno if the Dunn Deal can handle us… I would loooooove a discord chat session to torment him & make him choke on a dab or two. :laughing: But we can’t have his douchier co-horts… just Adam & a BPG-family representative… could almost be separate shows. Dunn touches on the old forum days in his Potcast interview w/Heavy Dayze. :man_shrugging:

Dear B.O.G. family, friends, & associated earth people,

The Bushy Old Grower gave us the gift of love via the plant we all revere and it resonated far & beyond. May you continue to see a big smile up above us forever. :v:

One of the many & lucky Overgrow members,



Thank you for sharing your BOG Memorial…

BOG = Best Of Growers

To Me Mr. BOG was more then a kind hearted person, He has been a leading factor since we were blessed enough to have him here among our community and for that I thank You Mr. BOG you will be sorely missed…


Back in 2003 there was a huge light fight! OG’s we’re going at it tooth and gardeners hand over what fluorescents could and could not grow. Days of arguing turned to weeks, hundreds of pictures posted and you know BOG is a nice guy so he tried to explain a tremendous amount of growth could be had by upping the nitrogen to get darker leaves. Nah sayers be damned, the bushy old grower thread went nuclear for 2 days, posts for and against were posted by the minute… as it cooled off, BOG was silent. Then he posted… a single picture of a open closet door with a duel 48 inch fluorescent hortilux about 4-8 inches over two of the most Jurassic boggle gum plants anyone had ever seen. 12 inch fan water leaves with meaty centers and hairy edges, semi tight node spacing, a hush fell over all of OverGrow as the server crashed for over an hour from 100’s of simultaneous responses, happening all at once.


I used to avoid involvement in the fights having always suffered a bit with anxiety so Bog was one of the few people I bothered for advice , he was always accomodating despite me nearly always asking about stuff outside his interests with me running hydro and him being a organic soil guy .


BOGglegum, my first experience with BOG’s work.

@Heliosphear this is amazing tribute you are putting together! I can tell BOG touched you and had a huge positive impact on your life! You are the torchbearer keeping the spirit of BOG alive and well. Thank you from us all!

@Alaskagrown thats a nice collection! You are the first person I know who has the original BOGbubble!


I remembered BOG’s threads from back in the early 2000s and was super-excited to see he was still around when I started buying seeds again a couple years ago. Ended up buying some packs off him, such nice people. Grew a couple Sour Boggle outdoors last year which turned out amazing. Truly one of the great people in this community. Sad that he passed.



Yup Bogbubble BOG’s first strain…I plan to do a preservation for OG this coming year and aim to separate the pink and grape bubblegum phenotypes for future in breeding…I’d like to separate the Pink/Grape into two completely different lines!

Gonna fun!

Stay tuned



Do It!

I have the BOGglegum in the Bubblegumball5000. Did not realize the diff between BOGglegum and BOGbubble at first (I do now).
Judging by the uniformity of the BOGglegum I can only guess that they will rock! Those are special beans!


Yup, both great strains!

Bogbubble is his pure Bubblegum
Bogglegum is Bubblegum x NL5

The last time a grew Bogglegum was almost 20 years ago…had a amazing earthiness thing going on and a taste that lasted all the way through to the ash…amazing!