Canada law - more than 4 plants

Hey all, according to the chart here:

“Producing cannabis beyond personal cultivation limits or with combustible solvents” carries penalties of “tickets for small amounts, "
up to 14 years in jail”

Is there a definition for ‘small amounts’? I can’t seem to find any actual numbers anywhere.

For the record, I don’t plan on ever having more than 4 plants, I’m merely asking out of curiosity!


I’m guessing if you had an extra plant or two you’d get a ticket/fine, and if you have 20-30 “extra” plants, you’d get jail time.

It’s all up to the judge.

Based on this, I didn’t feel paranoid at all about keeping a male (#5) around to collect pollen from before throwing him in the compost pile.

I also don’t feel paranoid about starting 6-8 plants and weeding down to 4 or 5. In the end, I will grow and harvest 4 females, which is the point of the law anyway. I think a judge would find this reasonable and be lenient if I was caught with a couple/few extra very young plants. Especially here in BC.


There should be some numbers in the legislation though. Judges can have sentencing discretion, but there still needs to be a tangible law on the books somewhere…


grrrrrr…plant counts suck! Let’s count how many glasses of wine and booze these politicians drink every night and see how they like it…plant your seeds!

“In a civilised society, it is the duty of all citizens to obey just laws. But at the same time it is the duty of all citizens to disobey unjust laws.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

“I was not designed to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.”

Henry David Thoreau


I agree with cogitech, the interpretation what constitutes ‘small amounts’ from ‘you’re going away for a l-o-o-o-n-n-g time’ is left up the the judge.


14 years for weed…nice “legalization”. Shit is more illegal than ever now.


I’ve heard that if you live in Nunavut, Manitoba or Quebec, legal plants = ZERO
Everywhere else in Canada, it’s 4 per household and more restrictions may be placed on the grower, depending on where you are.

AB - landlords and condo boards can place restrictions;

BC - as long as the house is not also used for a daycare, Landlords and strata councils are able to place restrictions or prohibit home cultivation;

SK - landlords and condo boards may be able to restrict growing;

NB - plants must be in a locked enclosure;

NWT - rental agreements and condominium bylaws can restrict cultivation;

Yukon - plants must be out of public view.


Been a while since I have check up on the Cannabis Legalization.
First thing I am celebrating, Cannabis is no longer a Schedule II prohibited product. That means the entire machinery of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act no longer applies to natural Cannabis.

That brings us to the Cannabis Act

So, must be flowered in a non public space and must not exceed the 4 plant limit or …

So, cultivating 4 plants in private is not an offence.
Cultivation of 5 or 6 plants is a Ticketable offence with a fine of $200+
Cultivation of 7 plants, court will determine the consequences.


FWIW, and just my own opinion regarding the “legalization”…

I have to agree completely with @Scissor-Hanz on this…

14 years for weed…nice “legalization”. Shit is more illegal than ever now.

and with @Muleskinner on this…

grrrrrr…plant counts suck! Let’s count how many glasses of wine and booze these politicians drink every night and see how they like it…plant your seeds!

I would however, not be too inclined to leave a decision of guilt or innocence, or even a fine, left to the discretion of a Judge if it is Cannabis related. Get the wrong Judge on the wrong day and you will quickly understand how discriminatory Canadian Law is. Better yet, get a Judge who is retiring the very next day after sentencing (Don’t ask me how I know, I just know lol)

Best advice I could give anyone, is that the laws are out there, and if you choose to break the laws as stated(as it is going to be interpreted as a prosecutor would) be as discreet about it as possible. I know we all post things that would land many of us in jail (myself included) but I trust the community here on OG (if I didn’t I wouldn’t have posted any pictures, etc), and figured if I am going to get caught for anything stupid that I do, it won’t even be Cannabis related.

I can honestly see this becoming a problem in the Canadian court system. Instead of the possession charges for carrying a few grams, you’re gonna see “home gardeners” getting busted and fined or jailed for growing a “legal LOL” plant…



Thanks for this, those are the details I was unable to find. Great info!


It is critical that we know where we stand. This is a new Act, the previous sentence guidelines no longer apply. The courts will work out that mess…

This is a little more problematic, there are no legit seed sources. All growing Cannabis is illicit.


Ya it’s pretty much unenforceable though. Lucky for me all my seeds were found in buds purchased from legal providers!


Seeds are long gone, but I keep the package for old times sake.


Yea, I am sure LEO will take that into consideration… :joy:


The burden of proof would lie on them. I doubt we’ll ever see any prosecutions on that particular aspect of the law, it’s far too ambiguous. If anything it will be one of those charges they tack on with other stuff to try and make something stick.

@Stoner how were those genetics?


I beg to differ. All my seeds are legit. :smirk:


Hell ya, I’m puffing on some of dat bakerstreet right now! :drooling_face:


Back when the first LPs got up and running I had a card with Tweed and Mettrum - both were pretty good. I liked Baker Street, Hindu Kush isn’t it?

I’ve tried a few different vendors of the current recreational offering and I have to say it’s been pretty hit and miss…


Yup and I liked it too for bedtime. Too bad they have gone downhill in quality.


65 bucks for 4 seeds at nova cannabis