Chat room (let's chat!) 💬 (Part 2)

While I know from personal experience that a cycle like this can be changed; you have my respect for being up front and honest about it.



We’ve all been there. We all get caught up in the moment. I am businessman also. You got a lot going on I already know that. Did you do me wrong Hell no!!! We all have good intentions sometimes those intentions or exactly what they meant to be. Intentions. I get a little upset sometimes but I hate to see us fighting over here. One Love

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The thing is we make up and carry-on. Life is getting too short for us.

I’ve seen you get a little hot I’ve also gotten hot I’ve also seen other people get a little hot. It is what it is everybody’s wanting something here for free I don’t I just like to be part of the community.

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I only give away, gather, grow and trade, call me anytime…here’s a dime.
I have 2 million seeds easy, not labeled, often fabled and mystery packs of grow em if your able… Frikkin Elitists make me concerned about how goes the OVERGROW!
Not so good if you have to be a neighbor, in the clic or a half wit, wait I qualify on that last one. Half my wit left the station, long time ago.


Well, but that implies I believe it is something that needs to be changed. Refined, sure, but nobody ever tells nice people that they’re the problem. Everyone tells assholes that they’re fucking up, even when the asshole is unequivocally right.

I firmly believe that happy, nice, good people are some of the worst people in the world. Don’t forget — serial killers are charming.


Ya know, one could make a case for weed just is not that good these days. I mean look how much it takes these newbs to get a buzz what with these 1 gram cones and such. :wink:

lol Oh now, c’mon cuz! I’ve been rolling 1gram+ joints for many decades!! :crazy_face: :wink: :+1:

The ‘party joints’ or 3-person joints are a bit larger…


…and I KNOW I’m not a ‘newb’ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: but 1g+ doobies for probably longer than you are old cuz lol

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I don thin’ so cuz. I’ll be 66 for the end of the year

Ok lol point taken, but I’m 72 and been smoking since 8, but didn’t start rolling joints until around 12-13 up to that point it was a deepbowl corncob pipe… :crazy_face: :+1:

73 in jan.


they didn’t even have 1-1/4 papers till about 75 iirc and it was tough to get a gram in one of those regulars gonna have to call bull on that one cause I was smoking summer of 72

I used corn shocks and also the old school papers glued together 2 of em lol also tobacco leaves

Top and bugler had glue papers by the time i was around 12-13

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that was a major thing for me …roll in as little paper as possible. One paper full to each end.

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Actually I’m wrong lol just googled it and Bugler has been out since 1932
I just didn’t use em until I was a teen lol


Good night folks.
Its a pleasure to say i can grow and do crosses in brazil now all this legalizated.
Every seed to do crosses is welcome.
Thanks og for all.
This is some seeds of you ogs i growing now.

Lets keep the world safe of drug dealers and violence , lets grow the future.
With ogood fellas


I win a process that allow me to grow weed to my medicinal problem.

I dont recognize every another brazilian breeder right now.
Just bamf and another hand of growers and hash makers.

It’s legal there now man?


Then he should have no problem finding seeds. This BERZERK guy won’t stay away from me.